Does the technological effectiveness and interactivity of online trading attract prospects and opportunities? So it means it's high time to retrain from an observer to a direct participant in Internet trading. When opening for yourself access to trading sphere on the virtual platforms of any exchange - currency, stock or commodity exchange, it is important to remember about the large number of scammers who are waiting in the network for gullible and, most importantly, solvent users. Be careful in choosing partners and resources, check the reputation of financial market participants who offer high profits on the terms of the most mutually beneficial cooperation.

What is the purpose of creating the site

When joining the ranks of online traders, you want to work not only interesting and profitable, but also safe? This requires the following:

  • to possess up-to-date information from stock exchanges;
  • to know which companies are found to be playing the "unfair game" and bypass them;
  • to learn in time about the appearance of fraudsters and fake trading platforms in the network.

Just this and the other, no less useful information is prepared and provided to its guests by our website every day. By reading our comprehensive reviews, releases and news, you'll immediately be aware of the hottest data from the world of online trading.  Just the most valuable information about cryptocurrency exchanges and Forex brokers. Due to acquaintance with analytical thematic materials and real traders' reviews about their experience with fraud SCAM-projects, you will protect yourself from false promises, deliberately failed platforms and cunning schemes of swindlers.  

The development of modern technologies has become not only a boon for humanity, but also a new opportunity for scammers. The web is the easiest place to prey on gullible users, particularly on beginner traders, because both cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers are available for everyone. While a beginner is trying to understand the peculiarities of trading platforms and learn the nuances of trading, he is an attractive target for fraudsters. The scheme is absolutely simple: the promise of easy and fast earnings. The better a virtual trading floor is presented, for example, by easy-to-use terminals, full analytical data, generous bonus offers, variety of financial instruments and assets, simple authorization procedure and accessible deposit system, the more attractive it is for potential clients. 

The beginners among traders can seldom suspect a catch in time.

While the "green" trader is already in captivity of bright prospects, he continues to be "processed" by a kaleidoscope of advantages and numerous profitable offers. Newcomers are told how their first trades will bring them good profit. And this doesn't require experience, knowledge, or the presence of an office. The main thing is to have a smartphone or computer and a reliable Internet connection.  It seems that everything, at first glance, looks good, right? But how is it in reality? What do many CFD and Forex brokers hide? What does a trader need to learn to read between the lines?

Firstly, it should be understood that the rosier the hopes, the more likely it is that they are false. For example, the promise of an instant withdrawal is not true. If it were easy to make money on trading, everybody would do it, wouldn't they?

Secondly, the scammers are interested only in one thing - your capital. The more actively the broker "processes", the more attentive the client must be.

Only you are who can protect yourself from fatal and expensive mistakes. 

One of the most effective tools to protect participants in online trading is information. 

Regularly read - timely information about numerous scams and fraud schemes at online trading will be a reliable shield from the negative influence of cryptocurrency exchanges, Forex brokers, CFD brokers. 

In our articles and reviews you will learn about the quality of this or that website, devoted to online trading, about the presence/absence of a license of a resource or an individual broker, as well as about the dynamics of the financial market in general.

Read, study and analyze the peculiarities of the Internet trading, in order not to give swindlers a single chance to get hold of your capital.