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Review of scam online brokerage project
CryptoFX is the representative of the online trading sphere which presents itself as a super company, with the helpof which even a beginner can quickly and easily multiply his starting capital.  Perhaps such advertising, aimed at inexperienced investors who are just making their first steps on the trading floors, will have an effect. As for…
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Detailed objective review of Coin Market Solutions online broker
The Internet is literally overflowing with offers of online brokers, the advertisements of which are brighter than each other.  In order to understand which of the intermediaries in the field of trading is a fraud, and which can be confidently included in the white list, it is necessary to check the broker in accordance with…
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The Deal Trade scam online trading project Review
 Deal Trade presents itself as an international trading company that operates on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This online investment project with perpetual marketing offers everyone who wants to earn and receive high percent returns on the cryptocurrency exchange without experience, largedeposits and special skills. It sounds nice, but in fact it is a typical international offshore…
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Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange requires a lot of knowledge and experience, so it is not suitable for everyone. Those who want to make money on transactions with digital coins should consider looking for a financial agent. The crypto broker will accompany the user at all stages of trading, from opening an account on the platform and ending with the execution of a deal for the purchase or sale of coins. Reliable financial agents provide not only the comfort of trading, but also provide high-quality support, analytical services, training materials.

On BROKER NEWS you will find expert reviews of crypto brokers and comments from real clients. Our specialists use a multi-factor approach – information is collected from various sources (independent sites, reviewers, specialized services). We will help you not to fall into the trap of scammers and find an intelligent crypto broker!

How to understand that the crypto broker cheats

Not only honest traders, but also scammers want to make money on the cryptocurrency hype. Fraudsters use:

  • fake reviews, where the “crypto broker” is touted for non-existent advantages;
  • artificially twisted age. Scammers buy old domains and say that they have been providing services for many years;
  • fake legal documents (registration certificates, licenses, etc.);
  • “favorable” terms of cooperation – low entry threshold, high leverage, variety of accounts.

Despite the fact that most scammers use the classic scheme of deception, it works. Newbie traders lose thousands of dollars. BROKER NEWS helps users avoid cooperation with unscrupulous companies and save their money.

What should you look for when choosing a crypto broker?

Our experts check the quality of content, website design. Honest companies that are focused on long-term partnerships provide prospective clients with comprehensive information on trading opportunities, regulations and licenses.

Also analyzed:

  • trading conditions. We will tell you about the variety of coins that the crypto broker offers to trade. Also estimate the size of the deposit, leverage, spreads, availability of swaps;
  • loyalty to users. For example, the presence of a demo. This account allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the platform’s functionality without risks;
  • a variety of payment methods (except for crypto wallets, it can be a bank transfer, electronic payment systems, etc.);
  • additional opportunities for earning. This includes the bonus and referral program, tournaments and contests.

All reviews on BROKER NEWS are for informational purposes only, and are not recommendations for action. We want to help you make the right decision!