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The Internet is literally overflowing with offers of online brokers, the advertisements of which are brighter than each other.  In order to understand which of the intermediaries in the field of trading is a fraud, and which can be confidently included in the white list, it is necessary to check the broker in accordance with a number of parameters and criteria. It is very important for the review to be objective and honest, not an advertisement or compiled at the request of competitors. Exactly the kind we have prepared about the online tokenized assets exchange, which we offer to read below.

Coin Market Solutions - is a broker, whose trading platform can be called a promising direction for traders. 

The interface is simple, comfortable enough for investors.  

Types of trading accounts offered by Coin Market Solutions

Coin Market Solutions describes itself as a secure and licensed trading exchange, where participants deal with tokenized assets. The main objective of the platform is to popularize and increase accessibility as well as development and implementation of blockchain technology into everyday life, an opportunity for investors to earn securely from cryptocurrency trading.

The platform offers 6 types of accounts: Silver, Gold

Detailed objective review of Coin Market Solutions online broker review

Platinum and VIP

Detailed objective review of Coin Market Solutions online broker news

VIP + and Dragon.

The size of the minimum deposit is 500 USDT. 

Access to trading when selecting a demo account is open only for those users who have created an account.

Coin Market Solutions Trading conditions

The official website of the company looks modern and maximally informative with a convenient functional with the left side menu made as a separate tab. There are four corresponding sections with trading news, information about Coin Market Solutions, instruments and services. 

The separate pages are filled with the FAQ section as well as the trading conditions overview and information on the training programs for the newbies. 

Access to the platform is prepared for Russian- and English-speaking users. It is also possible to switch to the optimal language version in the main menu.

The official website of the company presents attractive conditions for trading tokenized assets.  There is also detailed information about a wide range of trading instruments, including a mobile version, i.e. an application available for participation in trading via smartphone.

The organization informs that the process of closing/opening orders takes 0.054 seconds (on average). 

The official website provides a video review of the trading platform. However, do not count on the video alone to fully understand how all of the platform's features work. A detailed study of the platform's functionality will become clearer after authorization.

About the registration procedure

Register at the official website of the company, i.e. create a personal account as a trader, simply and quickly (a few minutes), by filling out a brief questionnaire-form. The questionnaire has two parts:

  1. Filling personal information about you (name, email and password);
  2. Contact information (country, phone number, desired base currency).

About currency

According to the terms of Coin Market Solutions, there is no support for fiat money on the platform. Only cryptocurrency is available in two variants: Bitcoin and Tether. That is, when depositing with fiat money or Ethereum, the system by default converts the deposit to the currency that will be considered the base currency for the trader's profile. 

The platform works with the exchange rate current at the time of the transaction.

The same scheme is applied to withdrawal of funds. When conducting transactions, delays are not excluded, which is associated with the processing of all transactions in the blockchain system.

About available assets

The platform allows you to work with the following types of assets: 

  • securities;
  • commodities;
  • precious metals;
  • energy resources;
  • cryptocurrencies.

The company offers traders to trade using tokenized assets.

That is, the trader acquires digital tokens, then confirms the rights to the real asset. The quotations of the tokens are equal to the quotations of the corresponding trading instrument.

Investors have access to a personal trading terminal, where there are 3 options for entry:

  • online access (via a browser);
  • through the operating system Windows, Linux, Mac (on PC);
  • via smartphone based on Android and iOS.

The trading terminal can be customized according to the trader's preferences, selecting the desired parameters. 

The charts show the quotes for each trading instrument presented. 

About balance management

The trader of the Coin Market Solutions site can deposit/withdraw funds by various methods, which are the most convenient for him/her. For example, using:

  • bank card of any payment system (Visa, MasterCard);
  • electronic payment system (SEPA, Vload);
  • any type of cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT).

Coin Market Solutions Licenses

If desired, users can read a summary of statistical information. Thus, Coin Market Solutions reports that 31,214 users from 45 countries were registered on the official website and more than 90 million transactions were conducted. 

It's hard to suspect the company of bragging, because these are average figures for an exchange that has been operating for two years.

The official website states that Coin Market Solutions is a project with Estonian roots, which is owned by QYT OÜ.

It is indicated that the main office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Information about the exact legal address is published in the section "About company". There is also information about the managers and founders, whose names and photos are publicly available.

As the company itself indicates, its activities are regulated and licensed by the European Union and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. 

The registers indicate that the company has been registered since 2019.

Coin Market Solutions has all the necessary documents for trading in tokenized assets (permission to conduct exchange operations with digital currency, and the creation of e-wallets in the EU).

Checking the domain name of using the free WhoIs service showed that the parent company registered the Coin Market Solutions site a year ago, in May 2020.

A roadmap, i.e., the history of emergence and development, can be seen in the timeline, which is also available on the site. 

Coin Market Solutions Reviews online

In general, the entire period of the site's existence can be tracked in parallel through reviews that traders leave on third-party sites and thematic forums dedicated to cryptocurrency trading.

The overwhelming percentage of reviews about the experience with CoinMarketSolutions exchange, as well as about the site itself, are left in a positive way.

Traders talk about the profits gained, which became possible thanks to the help of the qualified support team as a whole, as well as thanks to the friendly, patient and experienced managers in particular.

Users note that many people look for brokers based on their reviews and in the case of Coin Market Solutions their hopes were fully justified. Investors give high marks to the site's functionality and simplicity, which in combination with the fulfillment of the stated conditions only motivate active trading operations. 

Even experienced investors write in their reviews that Coin Market Solutions' commission fees are relatively lower than those of similar companies.  Traders emphasize that when working with this broker, they do not encounter problems when making deposits or with the withdrawal of funds.

Reviews on the network can be found in two languages - Russian and English, because these languages are available for users of the official website of Coin Market Solutions.

Safety and security of funds with Coin Market Solutions

Coin Market Solutions broker is based on blockchain. This means the possibility of additional protection. I.e. allows traders not to worry about unauthorized intrusions from third parties.

In other words, the data on all transactions is stored in the system, where it cannot be modified (corrected, faked, deleted).

Coin Market Solutions guarantees its users reliable privacy and protection from hackers' attacks and cracking. It is possible due to proxy-servers and uninterruptible systems used by the exchange. 

And the received security certificate from Comodo has a special meaning - it is an authoritative organization in the field of protection in the network.

Moreover, the company is under the control of the main financial regulator, which monitors the legitimacy and security of financial transactions.

Also Coin Market Solutions takes special care in verification of user data. European regulators require it for anti-money laundering purposes (Anti Money Laundering policy).



Coin Market Solutions is a tokenized assets exchange based in Estonia, the activity of which is controlled by the main financial regulator. In other words, the exchange has a license. Moreover, traders are offered favorable trading conditions and reliable protection during trading operations.

All this significantly minimizes the risk of fraud. There are a lot of positive reviews of traders who have had experience working on this platform, which serves as the best advertisement for the broker, characterizing it as the best option for work. 

As a result of our review, we have not found only positive aspects of the company, however, the decision to cooperate should be made by each trader personally, listening to their feelings and expectations.

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