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 Deal Trade presents itself as an international trading company that operates on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This online investment project with perpetual marketing offers everyone who wants to earn and receive high percent returns on the cryptocurrency exchange without experience, largedeposits and special skills. It sounds nice, but in fact it is a typical international offshore broker with a confident reputation of a scammer. If you are a trader and you have just started to learn the basics of this type of investing, you should carefully read about the "activities" of Deal Trade, which is located at, in order not to get into the nets, cleverly set up by swindlers and not to lose your money.

Types of trading accounts offered by Deal Trade

The lower limit of the deposit, which is required to start trading on DealTrade, is a minimal and most likely symbolic one. DealTrade accepts deposits from 10 to 50 000 USD. Just a scammer uses a psychological trick by offering an obvious scam, with such micro-accounts they lure everyone who is "not sorry" to lose such an insignificant amount. In fact, the trader is usually charged with excitement, adds funds to the account, trusting bright promises of quick and easy profits, but ends up losing much more money.

There are no traditional broker package offers on the platform. You can choose levels.

The Deal Trade scam online trading project Review review

If you give DealTrade full control over the management of your trades and entrust it with taking care of your money, the broker will get all the levers to dispose of your capital in the wrong way, or rather unprofitable for you and profitable for him. In such a conflict of interest, as a rule, the broker's side wins. In this case, alas, the result is the same: the loss of your capital. 

Deal Trade Trading conditions

Examining the activities and facts related to Deal Trade, it can be stated with increasing certainty that it is not possible to make money with such swindlers at DealTrade.  If a company that offers to invest in unregulated assets is not regulated, you can lose your capital in an instant without waiting for the promises made on the website to come true.

DealTrade promises its clients a reliable and stable source of passive income at the rate of 5% daily profit 7 days a week. 

The Deal Trade scam online trading project Review news

It should be noted that the offers are getting more tempting: just a few weeks ago the broker was offering just 3% with 90% monthly progression. 

The DealTrade broker's website has no information on what leverage traders can expect on their platform. 

DealTrade broker accepts payments of different types of crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) and also works with Perfect Money, Payeer and VISA systems.

It seems that DealTrade is not interested in working with experienced traders. The scammer decided to facilitate his work and "process" inexperienced beginners, assuring that access to earned funds in the cryptocurrency market is open even for those who have no experience or special skills. The scammer expects to put traders' vigilance to sleep by the lack of requirements for high starting deposits. The main thing is that as many users as possible joined the platform and deposited, albeit small, but still money in favor of DealTrade. It seems to be everything clear and simple.

If you "read between the lines", then for an experienced trader the risks are quite obvious. 

Any financial market in general, and the crypto market in particular, is characterized by high volatility, so a potential profit cannot be guaranteed. Only swindlers promise daily profits.

In other words, even participants of legal trading platforms, who trade with licensed brokers, are not insured against the risk of financial losses - these are the peculiarities of trading. It is easy to check the percentage of money losses on the websites of legal brokers in the EU and UK, as by law they are obliged to publish data on the exact losses of traders on their platforms.

Moreover, DealTrade promises to take care of your trades. That is, all a trader has to do is open and replenish their deposit account, watching their profits grow.

Sounds tempting, of course. However, the reality is that DealTrade, like most brokers, is a market maker, i.e. its earnings depend on traders' losses. The more traders "in deficit", the more profit of the broker.  

You do not find these arguments convincing and you still have not got rid of the temptation to earn money with DealTrade? Then be sure to read our review to the end. And, of course, don't miss the information about checking documents.

Deal Trade Licenses

DealTrade displays a certificate of registration from the UK on its website, presenting the documents as proof of a legal license. 

Even assuming that the company's certificate of incorporation is genuine, it is not enough: such a document cannot replace a legal Forex license. 

If the company DealTrade (Deal Trade Inc Ltd) wanted to offer any kind of financial services on the British market legally, it was obliged to register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in Great Britain. However, contrary to the claims of the broker itself, checking this information on the website of the relevant regulator, we received data to the contrary: DealTrade is not a regulated broker.

It turns out that the company deliberately provides false information, counting on the credulity of traders. 

Moreover, an in-depth check revealed that the site is blacklisted by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) in Spain.

The conclusion is one: the company is illegal because it is not regulated and, even worse, it appears on the current list of regulatory warnings in Spain for the year 2021. This means that all transactions processed through DealTrade are bogus. The company simply expects to seize investors' money by not keeping its promises and deceiving gullible users.

The fact that financial regulators not only failed to register, but also blacklist this company, eloquently indicates that DealTrade is a typical scammer.

Checking the registration on the websites of other regulators, which could confirm its legal activity in any EU country (because DealTrade offers several languages on its website), showed that this broker is simply not regulated anywhere. 

DealTrade Reviews online

It is a new broker which is not working for several months (according to the registration of the domain), but it is on the black list of the European regulator and has already had the opportunity to receive negative reviews.

Loyalty to DealTrade from users is minimal. 

People complain that the broker just stole their money

There are mentions of "payments hanging in wait" for several days. 

There are complaints about customer service. There are either no consultants at all, or they simply ignore messages and are not interested in solving the problems faced by clients. This, you must agree, is what only crooks do.

As the broker is represented only in Telegram among all existing messengers and social networks, the traders address their problems to this communication channel, but do not receive the answer there as well: the chat does not respond. 

Many traders simply give up, leaving their money to the scammer. These are typical representatives of invisible companies that are elusive to justice. People complain about every stage of the broker's work - from the initial preparation to the overall quality of the project execution.

Most people regret that they did not take care of their financial security in advance, did not check documents, and did not search for reviews online. Only after losing money users become convinced that they believed in fake advertisements and actually dealt with a swindler and a scammer.

Safety and security of funds with DealTrade

Beautiful statistics, attractive promises and high profits are presented on the website.

In reality, a trader who decides to invest in a project like this will have to face crooks. The company not only has no license to work in the field of trading, but the website also makes no mention of the safety of personal information and protection of their clients' finances. 

The company is a typical scammer, presenting its "services" mainly to inexperienced users.

The goal of the project is obvious - mass attraction of credulous clients to a pretty picture and capturing their money. In this case, the real motives are hidden behind promises of high returns on investment. 

As soon as the client invests a more or less large amount, the broker instantly "drains" him: the trader faces blocking of the account, rejection of applications for withdrawal of money. All this is confirmed by the reviews of real clients.

Experienced traders recommend, if you have already found yourself on such a platform, it is better to cancel all payments using cryptocurrencies. Payments with cryptocurrency are absolutely irreversible, i.e. once the payment is created, it cannot be returned. Often unscrupulous online brokers use this most common way of fraud. It is better to use traditional payment methods. For example, when paying by VISA (the site has an opportunity to pay by this card), the trader has the option to apply for a refund within 540 days. This often works, and victims of internet scams get a chance to get their money back.



Deal Trade is a dubious offshore broker. It works without licenses. Blacklisted by the Spanish regulator. Do you want to save your capital? Then bypass the fraudster Deal Trade. Do not make deals with him, because otherwise the safety of your capital is at serious risk. 

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