Maternity leave is not a hindrance to work or some TOP-ways for young parents to earn money from home

The appearance of a child makes significant adjustments to the usual lifestyle of young parents. If there are no grandparents or an opportunity to hire a nanny, moms and dads have to adjust to the new schedule. In today's world, the right to take maternity leave to care for a child can be exercised by both the baby's mother and father. Since not everyone is willing to lose the source of income or give up development, some of the parents in any case, have to change the usual office or the so-called "traveling" business trips to more suitable ways to earn money. And then the question arises: what should it be and where can you pick up the most promising sectors of income for those who are on maternity leave? 

Let's start with the second part of the question. In the era of mass digitization, the answer is obvious: naturally, in the global network of the Internet.

Now it remains to consider the most suitable sources of income for men and women who want or need to combine taking care of a small child or children with earning money. Namely, let's select the best options for remote work, i.e. earning an income without having to leave home, for those who are on maternity leave.

The advantages of working on outsourcing for those who are on maternity leave

With the advent of the internet, maternity leave is no longer an excuse to give up work and income. Now every modern mom or dad has received a number of great opportunities not to fall out of the work process, and besides that:

  • to set their own work schedule, without sacrificing their parenting responsibilities; 
  • to plan weekends/vacations/decide current issues without "dropping out" of the work process; 
  • not to "put on pause" the process of self-development, career growth ; 
  • not to lose the communication skills, communicating only with a child or family members; 
  • to expand the range of their interests, and not just deal with the daily routine of taking care of the baby and the house.

The disadvantages of working as an outsourcer during maternity leave

Of course, there is no type of job that doesn't have some mysterious "buts..." Remote work, like any other job, also has certain negative aspects. For example, no one can completely rule out the possibility of meeting with swindlers, who, like mushrooms after the rain, daily attack users, looking for victims on the Internet, taking advantage of the inexperience and computer illiteracy of many users. 

In addition to the risk of getting a crook instead of an employer and wasting your time, energy, and possibly money, among the likely obstacles are the following: 

  • a cardinal change of a field of work, which implies intensive training in the peculiarities of the new direction; 
  • the need to accept a relatively low salary at the beginning of a new career for the sake of gaining experience and skills;
  • no guarantee of a stable income. As a rule, remote work on the Internet is associated with the implementation of projects designed for a certain period of time. To get a permanent job on outsourcing with a stable income - it's a good luck, especially for moms and dads on maternity leave; 
  • any disease or the other external factors. Although they are most often solvable - with power outages, no internet connection, etc. you can always go to the nearest cafe, for example, and force majeure, like problems at home, illness, etc. can catch even those who work in an office and leave for a while without income.

Top 7 "working" tips for earning an income for those on maternity leave

Of the many options to increase your income while on maternity leave, it's hard enough to choose the one that's best for dads or moms who stay home with the baby. In order to simplify the task of already being loaded with new worried parents, we decided to narrow it down considerably and offer 7 key ways through which you can not only earn, but also enjoy the development of your personality, staying at home, taking care of your heirs.


Maternity leave is not a hindrance to work or some TOP-ways for young parents to earn money from home review

As you have already noticed, a relatively new trend that is rapidly gaining popularity in the 21st century is blogging or keeping your own blog or vlog (web log), i.e. an Internet journal of the events in the life of the author. It is a site, an account on social networks or a YouTube channel, which looks like an online diary, on the pages of which the author shares the events from his life, or devotes to thematic publications, such as cooking, design, essays from his own travels, practical advice on child-rearing, etc. If a blog is interesting to the public, it acquires many subscribers and, accordingly, becomes interesting to advertisers who are willing to pay the site owner to place advertisements (ads, banners, etc.). The broader the blogger's audience and the number of visits/views on his page, the higher the amount of his earnings, because it determines the cost of advertising post placement on the blogger's channel/page. As of today, a blog can bring on average:

  • about $100/advertising post with an audience of 100k subscribers or more; 
  • about $ 150-300 dollars/advertising post, with an audience of 300 thousand subscribers;
  • up to $ 700 dollars from 500 thousand subscribers; 
  • up to several tens of thousands of dollars if your blog's audience reaches 1 million subscribers or more. 

Online store 

If trade (wholesale or retail) is engaged actively, developing its trading platform, choosing the best direction of trade for yourself. For example, clothing, children's goods, and food products. For young parents, these are close topics, so they can become quite successful. As a rule, online stores are created in messengers or social networks. It is more convenient to fill the group with goods and be in touch with potential customers. It is effective to start such groups for your area or city, gradually expanding the scope of business. As a rule, you can increase your income not only due to sales, but also through loyalty programs and bonuses from suppliers, as well as due to the same advertisers who will be interested in your trading platform, if it has high attendance.

IT sphere

Maternity leave is not a hindrance to work or some TOP-ways for young parents to earn money from home news


For men and women with a philological education, this option of working and earning income can be the best solution during maternity leave. Working with texts is not only profitable, but also interesting and informative: the choice of different topics allows you to expand your horizons and does not require excessive investment - a PC or netbook and a good Internet connection is enough. The level of income depends on your writing skills and the volume you are willing to take on. Knowing more than one language is a significant plus and allows you to raise your earnings by advertising yourself not only on domestic, but also on foreign job search sites.

Copywriter is a broad notion of profession that includes several directions. It can be either writing advertising slogans and sales articles, or texts of a descriptive nature, mailing lists, writing publications, maintaining accounts for social networks (often the work of a copywriter has something in common with the duties of an SMM-specialist). 

Customers can also be sought in different ways. For example, on their own, through an online exchange, of which there are many on the network, or place your resume on the thematic platforms and wait until the employer finds you. A great option - remote work for the 

SEO-agency or studio. 

Subsequently, your image will work for you and you will be offered a job by recommendation.

SEO Specialist

Maternity leave is a great period for gaining new knowledge, mastering new areas and changing your usual activities. Now every self-respecting business project has its own representation on the Internet, the development of which requires the attention of SEO-specialists. The work requires a certain knowledge and understanding of the process, but it is well paid. If you are interested in such a field of activity, it is time to master it.

Also in today's society, the professions of tagetologists, SMM specialists and other representatives of the IT sphere are in demand. Each of these professions allows you to manage your own working time and get good money. 

Web Designer

If you can draw well, have a good sense of style and are "on hand" with various modern programs, then the work of a website designer can definitely be a financial and moral outlet for you during your maternity leave. And you can work both with individual projects, and for a company with domestic or foreign capital. As a rule, this kind of work also pays well: the level of income depends on skill and employment.


If before your maternity leave your activity was related to the educational system or scientific activities, you may well pay attention to such type of earnings on outsourcing as writing academic papers. You can prepare essays and diplomas, write dissertations or perform control works, drawings to order.

Such services are always in demand among pupils, students or applicants for various academic degrees, and therefore are well paid and allow the author to adjust their own work schedule.

Online Tutor

Continuing with the academic theme, lucrative and popular is this type of outsourced employment. And you don't have to be a top-notch teacher in languages or exact sciences. It can be teaching the guitar, for example, as well as other creative areas in which you are a pro.

Investing . 

If the capital allows, you can learn such a direction as investing. In this case, you can become a passive investor, that is, invest money in securities, for example, and just receive dividends without making any effort. One can also become an active investor, i.e. invest money in a project or startup with the right to influence its development and promotion.

Careful preparation is important for an investor, because profit depends directly on the choice of asset.

It does not matter what direction or field of employment will be chosen in the end. There are common risks for all online job seekers. These are numerous scammers, because of which there is a high probability of getting into an online scam instead of a profitable job.

In order to protect yourself as much as possible, the main thing is to be careful and follow the simple rules of job searching online:

  • do not make money transfers. You go to earn, not to support the employer.
  • a test assignment is the norm, but if it is brief and one-time. Everything else is a scam: scammers often take advantage of the results of newcomers' labor for free.

In general, before you rush headlong into the work, find out about the company, read reviews about the project and listen to your own feelings. If something bothers you, it's better to refuse the offer. Perhaps this will save you from problems in the future.



Maternity leave is not a reason to give up financial independence and reduce your family budget. The main thing is to look carefully at the options to earn on outsourcing, assess your capabilities and prospects, and only then choose something that will bring not only money, but also contentment, while you combine employment and maternity leave.

Work with pleasure from home, because thanks to the Internet our contemporaries of the 21st century have unlimited possibilities! And who knows, maybe the profession or activity, started during the maternity leave will find its continuation for you in the future, providing you and your family with a decent income!

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