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Lyndon Finance Limited scam broker review
The modern situation dictates its rules and approaches to the world, offers trends and innovations. For the sake of financial success, mankind should adapt, change its opinion, leave stereotypes behind and move forward. The financial sector in general and trading in particular, as well as the majority of human activity spheres, for several years now…
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Forex brokers are companies that act as intermediaries between traders and the foreign exchange market. Without their assistance, a private investor cannot make transactions in Forex. Finding a reliable broker is not an easy task, because there are many companies that offer such services. You can also get caught up in financial scams. Scam projects are launched to deceive and rob newbie traders.

BROKER NEWS helps to choose a reliable forex broker with whom you will get a high chance of achieving financial success.

Expert reviews of Forex brokers

Reviews from our analysts contain only reliable information. Experts study in detail the license and regulation information, user agreement. Not only the official website of the Forex broker is evaluated, but also the reviews about it on other platforms.

Our reviews are about:

  • legal documents (certificate of incorporation, license). If the broker is registered in an offshore, for example, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or Belize, it makes sense to think about its honesty;
  • trading opportunities. Our experts analyze types of trading accounts, describe the main features (leverage, size of spreads, availability of swaps);
  • reputation of the Forex broker. Experts collect feedback – reviews of real customers, which were published on independent forums;
  • trading platform. Forex brokers can use popular terminals (for example, MT4, MT5) or proprietary platforms. An objective assessment of the speed of transactions, the functionality of the terminal is given;
  • deposit/withdrawal of funds. We talk about the variety of payment methods, the speed of withdrawal and compliance with the regulations.

BROKER NEWS monitors the market situation and tries to constantly update the information. New Forex broker reviews are added daily.

How to distinguish a Forex fraudster from an honest company?

Unscrupulous financial agents spread fake information about themselves. Attackers rely on the gullibility of traders. BROKER NEWS tells the truth! The main signs of a Forex scammer are:

  • lack of registration certificate and license or fake documents;
  • problems with profit withdrawal;
  • bad support;
  • anonymity, lack of information about management;
  • fake contacts (phone number, office address, etc.).

BROKER NEWS is your reliable assistant in choosing a Forex broker. We analyze in detail the used divorce schemes. Our experts will tell you which company you should trust. If you want to supplement the review and share your personal experience, leave a comment below the article.