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Every day more and more people are interested in passive income tools and investing in particular. In turn, such trends are under the scrutiny of scammers and swindlers. If we talk about the popular and in-demand sphere of online trading today, then every second company, alas, operates illegally under the control of financial swindlers. 

The development of Internet technologies only helps such swindlers to hone and perfect their skills. They deftly rub in the trust of inexperienced clients and under the guise of promises of high income and favorable trading conditions, lure them to nonexistent fake trading platforms. As a result of such investment, traders are left with no money, because the scammers deceive their clients and "drain" all their invested money.

That is exactly what the ideological masterminds and leaders of the so-called FXActive brokerage project do. This is a fact that has plenty of evidence, both documentary and in the form of real customer reviews, posted online on thematic forums.

The swindlers extol themselves with bright standard phrases and slogans on their official website.

A bad scam broker FXActive Review review

To catch the scammers in a lie and save your money, you do not need to check, at the cost of your capital. 

If you have no experience, it is easy to believe the promises, because they look so tempting and attractive. And fake positive feedback is also enough, and sometimes it is not easy to distinguish them from the real.

A bad scam broker FXActive Review news

What should we do? Naturally, it is necessary to understand where to invest. Our reviews, which contain only relevant and truthful data about modern brokers, will help you informatively. 

Read this review and you'll understand why you should not invest in this scam office, with the loud and proud name of a brokerage project FXActiv.

Types of trading accounts offered by FXActive

Now let's analyze everything in order. In order to become a member of the trading platform from broker FXActive, you need to choose any of the trading accounts offered.

The website fxactiv.co has six financial plans.

The first three - Starting, Basic, Trader broker calls promising tools. Although the minimum deposit is $250, scammers are pushing users to choose a third trading account, under the terms of which the starting deposit must be at least $5,000. For this purpose, the label "popular" is left on the description label.

The remaining three tariff plans - Professional, Profit Maker, VIP, are presented by FXActive broker as offers for large and experienced investors.

Here we also suggest paying special attention to the third plan with the most expensive entrance ticket of $50 thousand.

Together with the tariff plans, traders are offered a low leverage. 

By the way, it is worth noting that the company has no demo account. The scammers are so greedy that they even offer their clients to make their first steps for a lot of money. Probably, they are guided by a good old proverb: "even a mangy sheep is good for a little wool".   

According to the greedy crooks, the personal manager is only for those clients who make a start-up fee of $50,000 or more. And, as stated on the official website, this service is available only on weekdays.

That's more than the greedy FXActive broker prepared for its customers.

FXActive Trading conditions

If you explore the sections of the official site FXActive, you can find that the platform offers a stable performance of the instruments, fast deposit and withdrawal terms, minimum spreads, etc.

The company encourages only lucky traders to cooperate. If you pay attention, they do not offer a platform where the atmosphere of luck reigns, and using a psychological trick, the scammers put pressure on the user's decision to become their client. 

Listening to the "red lines", the so-called alarm bells, will help you avoid meeting with scammers and definitely not trade your capital for their fraudulent skills. 

The main theme, the message of the FXActiv website is to promote and praise yourself as much as possible. All stories and slogans are typical for scammers who operate in this niche and steal from traders. 

Moreover, you can see that the swindlers praise to the utmost their terminal, which eventually serves to drain the deposits, but do not specify its name.

By the way, in general, the site works strangely, the navigation is not comfortable for perception. As for the information provided, it is sheer advertising, the belief in which does not bode well. Profitable trading is not worth waiting for here - there is no profit at all. 

FXActive Licenses

Everything is clear with the trading conditions. Let us check the licenses.

The site has no section on documentation, certificates and licenses, complete with photos of their copies.

Only in the footer of the site can you find some information that the management of FXActive considers unimportant if it is printed in the smallest font and hidden.

No, this is not information about the licensing or the regulator that controls a company called FXActive. This is information about the entity that owns the rights to the website fxactiv.co - some company called Lollygag Partners LTD.

The owners of the site have chosen to live offshore. This means that any question of fraud and an attempt to get the money back is knowingly a failure.

To check the data, let's turn to the Commonwealth of Dominica's regulator, Dominica Financial Services Unit, which is a division of the Commonwealth of Dominica's Ministry of Finance and regulates much of the offshore sector.

You can see the banks' data on the website. 

For the rest of the organizations, either there is no information, or the parent company of the hero of our review simply does not have a license.

The site of broker FXActive is presented in Russian, English, German, Czech and Spanish. However, the contact phone numbers are not listed for all clients.

As for addresses, there are none. Instead there is a photo of a map, which apparently offers customers to look for the office of questionable brokerage project FXActive.

Looking ahead, we note that traders complain that it is also impossible to get answers to emails.

By the way, the information about the owner is in the English and Czech version of the site, and the text is printed only in English. In the Russian, German, and Spanish versions there is no such information in the footer. 

In the English version of the site, as well as in the Czech version, there is only one email address, and in Russian, German and Spanish - two ones.

This, too, shows the unserious approach of a broker who wants his clients to bring him thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Cheaters do not need a license - they do not need users to check them. And who wants, can come - the location is indicated by a red badge on the map!

By the way, about the management, the names of top managers, the official website FXActive also does not say a word. 

As for the domain of the official company website, the verification of WhoIs service showed that the site is only a few months old. 

The registration took place in April 2021.

After such a disclosure about FXActive, it would be absolute insanity to trust fraudsters with your money.

FXActive Reviews online

Here's what you can find a lot of negative reviews from real traders who have had a negative experience with the project, which is located on the site fxactiv.co.

By the way, there are many sites with a similar name on the network, the only difference is the domain. Feedback on other sites fxactiv, which are also brokerage projects - negative, as in the case of the hero of our review. 

Most likely, all these projects are one-day projects of one fraudulent corporation, which is presented all over the world under different masks, in order to collect more money from deceived clients.

Traders urge not to get involved with fxactiv scammers and tell typical stories that everything goes fine, until the client decides to withdraw money from his deposit account.

Scammers automatically accrue credits, demanding refunds, etc.

Trading on this site is definitely risky, because the scammers not only do not withdraw their clients to the real markets, but also do not pay back a cent.

Safety and security of funds with FXActive

On the main page of the site, customers are promised full privacy and security of trading transactions. Absolute protection of personal data and financial benefits.

In fact, it's not like that.

Less pathos, in smaller print and in other sections, hidden from inexperienced clients, FXActive already tells that every financial problem of the trader is his personal area of responsibility.

We are talking about failures on the site, on the trading floor, etc. By the way, scammers deliberately disrupt their trading platforms in order to withdraw their clients' money from their accounts with impunity. 

If the user wants to withdraw money, FXActive will debit 10% of the deposit. The deduction is not a one-time fee, but a monthly one. 

If the trader starts to complain, the scammers just change the terms and conditions of the contract at any time, without informing their customers of the changes.


FXActive is a typical scammer who operates outside the law, with no license to operate and tax evasion.

This is a one-day project which aims to rob as many gullible investors as possible by simply debiting hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars from their traders' deposit accounts.

Trading here is definitely not and can not be. The information on the site is presented in different versions, depending on which language version you use.

Do not invest your money on the site of the scammer FXActive, which pretends to be a reliable broker.

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