A FinTradeGlobal review – an absolute truth about a scam broker

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FinTradeGlobal is presenting itself as a globally popular and successful trading company. However, from the first minutes of acquaintance, there is a feeling that this is a dubious project, a swindler who is not worth doing business with. 

The honest review of the broker FinTradeGlobal, which does not include any advertising or praise custom reviews, consists of a study of the facts, which make it clear that the doubts are absolutely unfounded. On the main page of its official website, the so-called broker promises that his experience is able to deprive the trader of the gift of speech. 

A FinTradeGlobal review – an absolute truth about a scam broker review

This is probably the only truthful information from the fraudulent project FinTradeGlobal.

Types of trading accounts offered by FinTradeGlobal

The site is designed exclusively for English-speaking users. The company offers six business packages. In fact, the company does not provide any detailed information on the trading accounts. There is only a banner.

A FinTradeGlobal review – an absolute truth about a scam broker news

From the available data, it can be seen that the minimum deposit amount is $100, designed for a maximum of 100 weeks with a promise of 5% profit. The largest minimum payment is fixed at 10 000 dollars, calculated for 57 weeks and promises 10%. 

It is hard to believe in the reality of implementation of the promise. In the Forex market any guarantee of success, especially with a fixed percentage is a deception. 

FinTradeGlobal Trading conditions

Promises of high profits, flexibility, security and other bonuses are more like advertising than real trading conditions.

In general, the website FinTradeGlobal is made according to the template of hundreds of similar pseudo companies - the information is kind of there, but it does not reveal the essence, does not give explanations. The menu and the presentation of information blocks are all covered in a blur, so it may be of interest only to inexperienced, novice traders. Moreover, the important information is placed in the form of banners. Otherwise, the site is filled with too much advertising water, which bears no semantic load. 

For example, for the beginning trader such information does not say anything at all:

In other words, the pseudo broker's message is as follows: register, provide your personal information, make a bet and start increasing your profit quickly. There is no information about the risks, as well as the peculiarities of working on the particular trading platforms offered.

From the data on the website it is clear that the intermediary offers its services in the field of stock trading, "foreign exchange" market and trading in cryptocurrencies.  It remains unclear whether the site is incomplete and impossible to disclose the details of the conditions, or whether the so-called FinTradeGlobal broker intends to limit itself to empty slogans. All this is a clear indication of the cheapness and dishonesty of the representatives of this project.

FinTradeGlobal Licenses

When checking the legality of the brokers, we are not limited to the data provided by the company on its official website, we are interested in the history of the domain, the most accessible check of the specified actual address, etc.  By the way, FinTradeGlobal never mentions a single word about the documents on the basis of which the broker provides financial and advisory services around the world. In other words, there is no data from the broker itself about the legal documentation.  We are not even offered anything to download, link or anything like that. 

Let's start a deep check with the domain of the official website. According to WhoIs - service for checking domains and selecting site names, we were able to find out the following:

The IP is located in the United States, in the state of Arizona, in the city of Scottsdale.

The domain is not even a year old yet. The name was registered in August 2020.

Let's move on to the review of contact information, which indicates the broker himself.   The actual address is in India. 

If you look at Google Maps, the location indicates an area of residential high-rise development, some simple roadside cafes, and concrete high-rise unfinished buildings. In fact, it means that you won't be able to contact anyone. What an office for a world-famous company, which offers itself as a reliable financial partner, an intermediary in trading operations with rates over 100 dollars. 

In fact, it means you can't contact anyone.

So, what can the financial regulators tell us? Since FinTradeGlobal does not show any screenshots or link to any documents, we will check whether they have certificates and licenses based on the following information:

  • the office address listed on the company's website;
  • the registration address of the domain that we managed to find out through a free service of checking IP addresses, etc. 

As we were informed by the check on the site of The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), that is a private American corporation that acts as a SRO which regulates brokerage and exchange markets - d America does not have such a broker registered.

Everything is clear here. Now let's go to the Indian financial regulator for answers. 

And here the answer is not in favor of FinTradeGlobal. 

According to the answers of the regulators, the company is a fraud, it operates completely illegally, i.e. without any permits (licenses, certificates, etc.).

Presenting itself as an international broker, which is a guide for traders to the world of millionaires, in fact, is a cheap scammer who has no license and not even a normal actual address. 

So it's safe to say that FinTradeGlobal cheats its clients in everything. And if they do it even on the site, the financial relationship with such an intermediary is at risk, because the scammers are not pursuing legitimate goals.

FinTradeGlobal Reviews online

Apart from the poorly designed official website with well-earned and obviously ordered reviews, there is no proof that FinTradeGlobal is a real company. There are also accounts in social networks, but they only confirm that FinTradeGlobal is a scammer. Let's explain why. 

The website has the following information

It looks like all the numbers are made up - there is no way to verify the data. It is absolutely unclear how an unknown organization could be singled out in any nomination (unless it is the swindler of the year!). Why several dozen awards were received - also remains a mystery. We also checked social networking sites. When you go to the official FinTradeGlobal page on Facebook, you can see that the company, which advertises itself as a world-renowned and popular broker - only 65 followers!

Moreover, the first publications appeared at the end of January. All information is of an advertising nature, there are no comments under the posts, in general, as well as reviews in the account as well.

Safety and security of funds with FinTradeGlobal

The site promises potential customers safety, reliability and no risk. 

All these are just the usual promises of swindlers who use financial trading platforms for their scams.

Any trader understands that investing in Forex, especially when the asset is a cryptocurrency, is a risky enough investment. There is no guarantee that the funds you invested in this absolute scam will come back to you. 

It is possible that all investors' money Most likely, they will settle in the bottomless pockets of the owners of the company, for which this fraudulent project was created. We strongly recommend you not to contact a pseudo broker FinTrade LTD in order to avoid loss of money!

There is no Terms and Conditions section on the website and there is no text of the user agreement. 

However, when filling out the online registration form, the scammer requires the client to confirm their agreement with all the terms and conditions adhered to by FinTradeGlobal in the so-called work with traders.

There are only 3 options to contact an advisor: 

  1. via the feedback form on the website;
  2. via email;
  3. at a personal meeting somewhere in India.

There is, of course, if the option to use messengers listed in the footer.

Truth be told, after checking all the more or less available data about the strange FinTradeGlobal project, it is likely that none of the specified communication channels work. The broker is lying, embellishing, and making itself look good without backing up any of its advertising slogans with proof.

If, although, in this particular case it is more accurate to say when, in the process of trading operations, traders will face financial losses, the office will simply withdraw from any obligations. All the problems will be personal to the client. As with most similar scams, the same scenario is ready when there are problems with the internet, the program, etc. No matter what troubles accompany the trader, he will always suffer losses, and the broker, on the contrary, will always be at fault and with profits.

The reason is simple: this is always the case when brokerage services are offered not by a financier, but by a real charlatan in the mask of an experienced financial broker.

With such an intermediary there is no way to talk about the safety of investor's capital.



Everything about FinTradeGlobal points to a typical online trading scam. Such a pseudo-investment site not only won't let its clients make money, but it will also take away their deposits. In other words, it will do exactly the same as many other pyramid investment schemes. The appearance of the resource looks unrepresentative, primitive and tasteless, in the style of low-grade Indian banner ads.  If you do not care about the fate of your capital, do not want to be robbed by scams, we recommend you not to contact the project called FinTradeGlobal - you will be faced with a guaranteed scammer here.

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