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Successful results in investing in online trading platforms are not only a matter of luck and basic knowledge. Of course, these indicators are important, but you also need the support of a proven company, a reliable broker. In order not to make a mistake with your partner in upcoming financial operations where not only the desired profit is at stake, but also your own start-up capital, you must conduct a thorough check and choose a worthy broker.

In other words, before making a final decision, it is important to pay attention to the presence and shade of reviews from real users. It is also important to check the company for legitimacy, the availability of the necessary package of documents. Moreover, be aware that licenses can be different: a certificate issued offshore and a document from a regulator with a good reputation are not the same thing. At a good broker the promised benefits and trading conditions will correspond to reality. Only in this case transactions will bring real success. For example, with the Forex TB company you won't have to wait for positive results. 

As a result of preparing an objective and detailed review of the so-called online broker Forex TB, it was found out that behind the mask of an honest company are the real swindlers. Fraudsters promise traders promising deals on their trading platform, and they deftly and quickly write off their clients' savings.

A real scam broker Forex TB review review

Do not even hurry to think about cooperating with the Forex TB brokerage project until you familiarize yourself with the details of its activity. Our review, which has already saved many investors from financial losses, will help you. 

Types of trading accounts offered by Forex TB

The website of a typical fraud brokerage project Forex TB offers four types of trading accounts.

A real scam broker Forex TB review news

The leaders of Forex TB do not differ from their "colleagues" from similar scam companies: they generously use any description of their services so that the client can visualize the benefits of working with them as clearly as possible.  Swindlers repeatedly emphasize that the profit depends directly on the size of the initial capital and the upcoming replenishments.

As for the minimum deposit, the amount is different for each type of account. For example, traders interested in the Basic minimum package will have to deposit a minimum of $250. The next tariff package (Gold) is increased 100-fold and starts from $25,000. For even larger investors, the offer to purchase a tariff plan is $100,000.

At the same time, the scammers talk about how profitable it is to open any trading account and what profit awaits in the final trading sessions.

Only beginners can believe the fairy tales, which are specially prepared for them by Forex TB broker on its official website.

In reality, traders who contact this brokerage platform should not expect to make any profit. The cheaters have no intention of sharing with their clients. On the whole, the site is fake, there are no real trades here, and even the money invested is very rarely returned to the traders.

However, the swindlers do not stop there and deceive their clients even more skillfully, offering to become a privileged client of Professional level. It is an offer for registered users of the site, to become a Professional-client. 

If the trader accepts the invitation and applies, he finds himself in a strange situation: no one guarantees a breakeven trades, as well as no problems when he wants to apply for withdrawal.

Tempting "bonuses" from swindlers in reality turn out to be a rotten scam. Just say no, pass by the proposal to become a Professional client on the Forex TB website - such a status is definitely not going to be profitable. The experience of making reviews and studying the activities of dozens of such companies suggests that all these privileged statuses are no more than the "dust in the eyes" for the beginners. So cheaters are trying to give their company more significance, to make their official website attractive. As for deceived traders' expectations, the dubious broker does not care much, because the client is already registered, his personal data is in the database, he is investing in the platform, or rather in the pockets of its creators.

The status of a real Professional-client, with the receipt of various benefits in such dubious scam organizations, will not be obtained under any circumstances.

Forex TB Trading conditions

At first sight of the site one becomes convinced of its unattractiveness and lack of information. Moreover, the pages are loaded for a long time and "hang". These are small, but very clear facts of incompetence, which is typical for most mozhennikov in the field of online trading.

The official website of the Forex TB brokerage project is offered in several languages. 

The services of this dubious company can be used by traders from the European Union, Switzerland and Belgium.

So far, everything seems to be usual, but the fact that the registration, the password is offered to the clients by the platform itself is alarming. That means that the fraudsters not only have traders' personal data which is not protected by any encryption or other means and is at the disposal of Forex TB, but also have full control over their accounts. Only a very risky investor would agree to such a move.

As explained in this situation on the pages of their website, the scammers help to withdraw money from their clients without any problems. True, do not specify on whose account. Looking ahead, we note that judging by responses from the traders, the money does not come to them.

If traders ask "uncomfortable" questions, the scammers ignore requests, explaining that they are too busy to answer.

The Forex TB broker is trying to convince as many customers as possible to take out a loan, which they themselves are willing to provide on the most favorable terms. However, this seemingly generous offer is financial servitude for the client, because the broker demands to pay back every cent as soon as possible and with interest.

Forex TB is positioning itself as a premium platform, although in reality almost nothing works.

By the way, leverage at a ratio of 1:300 is too high a risk for customers in the field of trading. You can "raise" your profits, or you can lose everything in an instant. The respected regulators do not allow their controlled brokers to set the leverage at more than 1:40. Companies that are subject to offshore regulation or have no license at all. Beginners should definitely know about it. 

Forex TB Licenses

If a broker is a dishonest intermediary, he prefers either to act illegally or to refer to offshore regulators. In this way it is possible to develop its machinations with impunity, to hide from law enforcement agencies and disgruntled clients. 

The Forex TB project is no exception - the choice of its regulator leaves no doubt that it is a fake company.

On its official website, Forex TB offers not a copy of the license, but only the registration number. Such a trick is practiced by many fraudulent brokers. Let's check on the site of the mentioned regulator the reality of the registration number.

The presence of a license from the Susec regulator does not add credibility to the company. The so-called regulators located offshore are not on the side of the law and do not act in the interests of traders. They pretend not to notice the scams of their wards. Therefore, there is no trust in such regulators and companies to which they hand out questionable licenses, and their ratings in the field of trading are at a low level.

Forex TB prefers to keep silent about its leaders. All we know is that forextb.com is run by Forex TB Limited.

As for the site itself, according to WhoIs domain name verification service, its registration took place in 2012. The owner changed in 2019. 

This is yet another indictment of Forex TB fraud. Most online financial scammers prefer to buy domains "with a history" to make it easier to scam traders and show how long they've been in the trading industry.

This information convinces you once again that it's very dangerous to trust such projects with your money, and you'd better not do it.

As for the documentation section of the site, the data is provided only in English, although other pages can be read by traders in six other languages, as we mentioned above.

Registering on the site is an absolute agreement of the client with the rules of the user agreement, most of which are not in favor of traders. Since not all citizens of Spain, the Netherlands, etc., for whom the scammers created the site, know English, they have no idea what they sign.

The broker reserves the right to change the rules at any time, close the account of the client, drain the deposit and shift all the problems and risks to the client.

The trader who agrees to cooperate with the Forex TB must be aware that, if the money is stolen from the platform of this dubious broker, it is impossible to prove anything, and to return the capital, much less. 

Forex TB Reviews online

The network is full of negative reviews in different languages about the brokerage project Forex TB.

Traders have complained that in the case of problems the broker evaporates and does not respond to requests. They also blame the company for not withdrawing the money.

At the same time, if swindlers see the financial potential in their victim, they become obsessive, calling and writing to users at any time of the day, trying to gain the trust to steal and throw away later.

Scammers pay for the most popular sites by ordering laudatory articles or reviews about themselves to boost their ratings in front of new users.

All this once again confirms that it is impossible to work honestly and reliably with a scammer.

Safety and security of funds with Forex TB

Since the Forex TB brokerage project is managed from an offshore company, does not solve the problems of its users, which it creates for them on its platform, the capital of traders is in great danger. 

The broker will not take care of them, or rather he will do it to his benefit, and to the detriment of the trader.


Forex TB is a typical scam company. To save your money and time you should not agree to cooperate with them. All the important information on the website is in English. In all other translated versions offered there is no specifics. ForexTB company works under the management of swindlers.

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