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License: no Regulator: no

Richmond Super is presenting itself on its official site, as well as on third-party sites, where it advertises itself as a globally popular and reliable online broker, offering insistently to join the circle of select traders and investors.

A real scam broker Richmond Super review review

Unfortunately, the beautiful and flashy cover, the cover of the website itself and other kinds of presentation on the web is a carefully planned scam. In reality, traders have to face deception and financial problems. As defrauded investors themselves share their experiences, this company does not withdraw money. The only, albeit very remote, way out for a Richmond Super client who intends to get his capital back is to try to dispute a payment made to his bank credit card provider. If, according to the bank's rules and the right to get their money back in this way, time permits and no more than 60 days have passed.

If you want to save your nerves and money, do not even contact these scammers, because they are clever manipulators! Even if the trader has already had his portion of negative experience, the scammers who run the so-called brokerage project do not stop with the complaints over all available communication channels, they continue to actively "work through" their clients, as long as they feel that they can still talk him into making another deposit, i.e. "take care" of his money.

Traders who read our reviews in general, and this objective review of Richmond Super in particular, know how to protect themselves, their personal data and money from financial scammers in the network.

Types of trading accounts offered by Richmond Super 

Let's talk about trading plans, i.e. trading accounts, offered by the RichmondSuper brokerage project. 

A real scam broker Richmond Super review news

A customer can potentially choose between five trading accounts. Unlike competitors in the field of online trading who usually name their tariff packages by the name of precious metals, here they are designated unusually for this niche:

  • Trial;
  • Passive Income;
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Retirement;
  • Heritage.

The minimum deposit on the platform of the so-called Richmond Super broker is required in the amount of $250. If you want to join the next trading account, you will have to top up your balance for a more significant amount - $10,000. For example, for those interested in the fifth trading account called Heritage, then to start with this tariff package will have to pay $250,000. 

The first trading account, which, in comparison with the others, can be called a trial account, is a representative of the standard types of accounts. While experienced investors understand everything, novice traders will need an explanation. This is a clear indication that the account is designed exclusively for spreads. When replenishing the balance of this type of trading account, the client does not have to pay commissions, but the sums of trading costs are distributed exactly on the spreads of traders. 

This account can be chosen by investors who are interested in trading CFDs. In general, this type of trading account is suitable for investors who are at the initial stage of learning trading, because the range of its possibilities is clearly limited for experienced participants of trading platforms.

But the cost of the "admission ticket" in the amount of $250 makes you wary. As a rule, the brokers with a good reputation, working under the control of the regulators, do not set the minimum deposit higher than $100-150. In our case, it may be evidence of fraud and the presence of hidden "pads" - the so-called intermediaries through whom the money is spent to confuse the movement of finances in the case of "showdown", checks and other problems.

In a separate section of the site there are three more trading accounts, labeled VIP.

Here the sizes of the minimum deposits start from $250,000 to $1 million and more.

Of course, it is up to everyone to invest such large amounts if the trading platform seems dubious, looks low-informative and shows very low generosity to its customers - it is up to everyone, we, from our considerable experience in making reviews of modern online brokers, would definitely not recommend doing this.

Richmond Super Trading conditions

Getting acquainted with the company, a trader may think for a moment that he already "hit the jackpot"! That's how attractively Richmond Super describes itself.

In every phrase and slogan on its official site, Richmond Super literally shouts about elitism, exclusivity and superiority, which must be felt by every trader who accepts the invitation.

Let's see what this trading platform will offer to its potential customers that is so exceptional. 

As expected, not everything here is a VIP, as the creators of the brokerage project Richmond Super tell us. 

The site can only be used by traders who understand English and German.

However, the platform is closed to customers from the United States and is designed for European representatives, apparently.

Among the available payment methods, there is no popular payment service PayPal.

Let's talk about spreads.

RichmondSuper offers extended spreads when compared to what STP/ECN brokers offer. The site has access to a wide range of currency pairs (e.g. bitcoin, EUR/USD and BTC/USD, etc.).

Now we`ll talk about leverage

RichmondSuper has floating leverage values. This is explained by the fact that the company positions itself as a globally oriented agent, i.e. Forex leverage depends on the location of the client - where the client connection to RichmondSuper will be and which regulator controls the financial relations in his country.

Nevertheless, in the description of trading accounts values are specified from 1:100 to 1:400.

Experienced investors know that these are very high risk ratios, because most regulators allow a leverage ratio no higher than 1:40.

At such values a trader can lose his deposit in the first minutes of trading.

The difference between the allowed and offered values is striking, which makes the Richmond Super project suspected of fraud. 

Richmond Super Licenses

An important issue when choosing a broker is the confirmation of its legitimacy, the fact that it has a license issued by a recognized broker, but not by a dubious company hiding offshore.

In the section "Legal Documents" the broker offers the typical internal documentation. 

There are no links or scans of licenses and certificates. 

Usually brokers indicate information about their regulator at least in the footer of the site. But Richmond Super didn't even do that. It's not known who regulates this company.

Let's see in the Contacts section where at least hypothetically the office of this project may be located. 

As you can see, there is no indication of the actual address, but there are phone numbers with international codes of Australia and the UK.

In search of information about the license of this broker, we turn to the website of the UK regulator.

Richmond Super has no official right to provide financial services, i.e. to conduct brokerage activities on the territory of the UK, because it is prohibited to work here without a license. And the Richmond Super project does not have any documents.

Telling the visitors of their web-page about their colossal experience, the scammers who hide behind the address richmondsuper.com registered their site in November 2020, i.e. have been present in the trading market, at least in this form, for more than 12 months! 

Working absolutely illegally, hiding true information and hiding behind attractive advertising, this pseudo-broker offers investors to deposit hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars on its trading platforms.

We very much hope that traders who read our review and are aware of this will not invest a cent in this dubious fraudulent platform.

Richmond Super Reviews online

In addition to studying the information on the official website of the so-called broker, checking its documents (or rather their absence) and the history of the domain name, we were convinced that working with such an intermediary in the field of trading is categorically impossible. 

Our fears were confirmed by numerous negative feedbacks from real customers.

Investors are unanimous about the scams and fraud they faced when they believed in the broker's pure intentions.

Traders write that scammers brazenly ignore appeals, not only do not solve, but create problems for everyone who deals with them.

Traders are outraged at the cynicism with which the so-called broker stole their money.

Only a few have managed to stop this detrimental and financially failing partnership, where the only goal of the broker is to steal their clients' money.

If anyone still had illusions about the chosen and privileged cooperation with the broker Richmond Super at the beginning of reading our review, now, we hope that they are completely dispelled and our readers will be able to avoid meeting with Richmond Super scammers on the trading floors.

Safety and security of funds with Richmond Super 

Every investor and trader's funds are at risk as soon as they decide to work with Richmond Super.

The whole responsibility of financial security is entrusted by this company to its customers. Richmond Super offers no guarantee that their customers' personal information and money will be reliably protected.

Most likely it is a one-day project, working without a license, cheating and hiding its true intentions behind slogans and pretty advertising.


Richmond Super is a typical sneaky financial scam. This project speculates on traders' desire to get good trading conditions and intentionally sets the bar high to attract big money investors to its site.

There is no trading here. This is just a network cleverly set up by swindlers. Do not work with Richmond Super under any pretext, or you will not notice how you will be robbed.

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