A true review: Why is Premium Financials Swiss Bank considered to be a Scam

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Before you entrust any financial institution with your capital, you need to understand what the chosen organization is. Actually, this is the most important thing you need to know about an investment company before using it as a money preservation and growth tool. It is important not only to carefully read the information on the site - because there may only be advertising, which has nothing to do with the truth. It is recommended to look for reviews on independent, third-party resources on the Internet, which will help answer the key question: whether the company or bank has a license and how honest is its activity in relation to clients.
In this review we will look for answers to all these questions with regard to the project Premium Financials Swiss Bank.

Types of trading accounts offered by Premium Financials Swiss Bank

This financial company describes itself as a leader in the field of banking services. 

A true review: Why is Premium Financials Swiss Bank considered to be a Scam review

General catchphrases, no specifics. 

As the bank itself notes, it offers services to investors and credit borrowers. It is known that the bank will take care of its clients, will provide money quickly and will not even require any documents.

A true review: Why is Premium Financials Swiss Bank considered to be a Scam news

Under the main talking points on the main page there is also a "Q&A" section, which has some information about the accounts. The bank informs about the notification methods that are available to the clients. 

Also, there is an answer to a question about the remittance procedure. But here, too, only general phrases. The explanations do not give a complete picture of working with such a bank.

As for the timing of opening an online customer account, as noted by Premium Financials Swiss Bank itself, there is no clear timetable: the account can be activated on the day of application, within the next ducks or even in 2 working days.

That's some information for the official website of one of the largest representatives of the Swiss banking sector (in his own words), isn't it? Such data is clearly not enough for a customer of a reliable bank.

The information on the site is even hard for people who have no experience with banks. Most likely, the swindlers of Premium Financials Swiss Bank are counting on their so-called trump card - the emphasis on the company's affiliation with Switzerland, a country with a reputation for having the most reliable banking system in the world.

However, this is where all the information ends. If you want to know more, you will not be able to. Links are not active. There is no transition to the selected categories. Not only from the main page, but also in the subject headings at the bottom. When you click just change color and dot.

Perhaps the secrets are disclosed only to authorized users. This is strange, because the client has the right to know about the rate, interest, terms, etc. Perhaps he will not fit the terms and conditions, and full information will save time. As a rule, this mode of secrecy is practiced by swindlers, who are not set up for long-term cooperation and partnership. Often the key task of swindlers is to lure as many users as possible, collect personal data and, of course, entice them into the financial trap.

Premium Financials Swiss Bank Trading conditions

The main language of the site is English but each user may choose the language which will be more convenient to get acquainted with the offered conditions. But! Offered languages in the list are not listed alphabetically, some are written with a capital letter, and others - with upper case, most of the words are misspelled. By the way, there is no English language in the list, that is, if you select any other language, you can return to the English version only by clicking on the icon of the British flag next to the list. It should be noted that there is also an icon of the French flag, although the French language is also listed.

You can change the language in the footer of the home page. Of course, it would be more convenient if this function were set in the upper part.

Go to "Services and Offers", "Solutions", and "Our Loans".

Premium Financials Swiss Bank offers the following list of services.

However, it is not possible to find out more about each item here as all the links are inactive.

In general, Premium Financials Swiss Bank site seems to be incomplete, unthought-out or under revision, and the translation into other languages is done not by a professional, but by a robot or a virtual internet translator. Going to the sections to find out about loans or investments in detail, alas, do not wait - the options do not work. 

But the active pop-up window with a persistent recommendation to go to the chat room, where you can get an answer within two hours, looks annoying. Moreover, it appears with every click on any line or page of the site.

Such a careless attitude to their virtual office makes you wonder about the seriousness of the bank and, at the very least, about the company's informational honesty.

Premium Financials Swiss Bank Licenses

Premium Financials Swiss Bank positions itself as an online investment company. About the owner as well as the management on the site is silent. 

However, as well as on the Internet in general. It is only known (only from the information on the site, of course) that it is located at Zurich, Switzerland. 

Although, as noted by the scammer himself: Premium Financials Swiss Bank - this is the bank number 1 in Switzerland, which in 2021 marks 37 years of banking!

Let's check if this bank is legal. And whether there are official documents that give the company the right to engage in financial activities.

Let's turn to the website of the financial regulator, the country to which Premium Financials Swiss Bank refers.

It is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The organization offers a list of companies as well as individuals who were found guilty of illegal activities, including working without a license. Also, the companies and individuals will be removed from the list once FINMA has completed its investigations and taken any appropriate measures.  

Virtually every representative of the country's financial sector who offers services to customers has to be authorized by FINMA.

So what do we see?

As the financial regulator confirms, Premium Financials Swiss Bank is not the #1 reliable bank it claims to be but a common swindler which offers its services to clients completely illegally! 

In other words, this investment firm is completely unregulated. And it is listed on the Blacklist of the country's regulator.

These are the points that categorically should not be ignored, if you are going to arrange credit and financial relations, plan passive investing or participation in trading. Otherwise, scammers will simply trick you into taking your own money.

And what can the website Premium Financials Swiss Bank has to say? In addition to basic information that is visible to every user, a more in-depth verification is possible. 

According to an independent service WhoIs, which provides the ability to check registration information about the owners of domain names, IP-addresses and offline systems and will tell you about the fact of registration of the domain of the company, we see the following.

Premium Financials Swiss Bank talks about 37 years of market presence. At the same time, the domain is registered at the end of August 2020 and renewed just the other day, in April 2021.

The footer of the home page states that the creation of the site dates back to 2021. 

All this is a clear sign that we are dealing with a scammer. As practice shows, this is what a scammer does, which is either constantly updated online so as not to pull a trail of mentions of "dirty machinations" and not to scare away customers with a negative reputation.

Premium Financials Swiss Bank Reviews online

Even a brief check in the most sought-after social networks and thematic forums that the scammer looks more like a ghost than the leader of the Swiss banking sector.

The lack of mention of Premium Financials Swiss Bank, other than its official website and a link to the regulator, suggests that the information about years of experience is a fake, a hoax, knowingly false data.

With every new revelation about Premium Financials Swiss Bank, everything indicates that it is not a reliable investment firm. 

Safety and security of funds with Premium Financials Swiss Bank

With no legal basis for the activity in principle, the fraudster does not hesitate to convince potential clients to protect their capital and help them fulfill any goal.

As it is already clear and understandable, this is not worth counting on when working with this fraudulent organization.

As the practice of such companies shows, as soon as they get access to your personal data and capital, immediately the trap is slammed, and the positive tone with which they attract clients is changed to complete disregard, financial problems and stress for the client.

If the scammer, acts with hidden schemes, is blacklisted by the regulator, has no mentions (client reviews, links to third party sites, news, etc.) on the world's largest search engines Google and Yahoo, it's probably unlikely that such a company will be a reliable financial partner.



Premium Financials Swiss Bank is a scammer, a gang of swindlers who operate illegally. By offering potential customers a poorly designed website, incomprehensible conditions and cooperation without any legal obligations on its part, Premium Financials Swiss Bank is trying to count on the attention of investors. In order not to become another victim of swindlers, it is better not to get involved with such a dubious element, which hides behind a bright and presentable name its dark intentions: to seize the money of its clients.

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