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The market of stock brokers is rapidly changing, developing and transforming. Projects that offer traders brokerage services appear and disappear every day. Most of these companies, alas, are run by scammers. Often such companies even operate illegally, without a single document. The main purpose of such projects is to attract attention, gain trust and rob their clients. At first glance, these companies are hard to suspect of fraud - they hide behind attractive sites and bright advertising. On closer inspection, however, it appears to be a typical trap for investment-ready users. To keep the capitals safe, it is not necessary to give up the desire to participate in stock exchange operations. The main thing is to choose a reliable broker.

Reviews of real exchange traders, information on thematic forums, as well as understanding of tendencies and peculiarities of the trading sphere will help you to make the right choice. We offer full-authentic reviews of modern brokers to help not only for beginners but also to save the time for experienced traders. Up-to-date information, in-depth analysis of the main indicators is an important stage before the final decision to choose a broker, whose platform will become the main one for trading

operations.  It's not only availability of capital, experience and desire to become a successful investor and get profit. Possession of information, or more precisely study of cautions, recommendations and only facts - is the basis of successful and safe trading. 

For example, getting acquainted with the dealing center INVFX.EU may turn out to be a financial disappointment for a trader.  Though the broker itself positions itself as the reliable partner in exchange operations with long-term experience and enormous support of its clients.

A typical scam broker INVFX.EU review review

Reasons to refuse cooperation with this so-called brokerage company are sufficient. About everything there is to know about INVFX.EU in detail in our detailed review.

Types of trading accounts offered by INVFX.EU

Either the official site of the dubious brokerage project INVFX.EU is considerably underdeveloped or the totally uninformative sections are designed that way on purpose, but it's a fact: a potential trader doesn't know on what conditions the broker offers cooperation.

Of course, there are advertising banners, but details about trading accounts are missing.

A typical scam broker INVFX.EU review news

The point is that there is no description of trading account types. There is not even any information about the minimum amount of the initial deposit. This topic has been repeatedly discussed on the Internet. For example, a few months ago, users who wanted to invest on trading platforms were surprised at such an approach on thematic forums. However, as you can see, the situation has not changed.

There are several options here. Probably, there are swindlers behind the site who are not interested in the fate of their project and do not intend to delve into the subject of trading at all. Or the scammers have chosen this tactic: bet on the curiosity of potential investors. In other words: providing more complete data after registration. 

In any case, the lack of basic information gives the official website of the so-called international brokerage company an incomplete look. And as for the organization itself, this approach significantly lowers its rating and indicates the incompetence of its managers.  In other words, INVFX.EU is still far away from the position of a serious financial project in the sphere of online trading. 

It is not excluded that each client of INVFX.EU receives individual offers to enter the trading platform.

Overall, now without key information, important for investors, INVFX.EU site is more like a billboard with typical pictures and promises that have no good reason to trust in time and capital of traders.

INVFX.EU Trading conditions

Let's see, maybe the section on trading conditions at invfx.eu will tell us more than the trading accounts.

But this section also contains as little information as possible. It is only known that the broker INVFX.EU offers its clients the terminal Meta Trading 5, popular in the field of online trading.

An investor can download and install it directly from the broker's website.  There are no questions about the terminal - during the period of work with it, traders highly appreciate its capabilities.

Many questions to the platform, which offers to use its functionality. The lack of information, the low-quality website and the unwillingness to increase the comfort of cooperation for their clients make us more and more convinced that we are dealing with a fraudulent brokerage project.  And not only the safety of invested or already earned capital, but also the success of every single trading session depends on the honesty and reliability of the intermediary. 

The terminal is on the site INVFX.EU the managers of which have full access to the data. Practice shows that in such fraudulent projects there is a practice of manual data management, indicators substitution and similar financial machinations.

Besides the terminal, this dubious broker emphasizes a number of trading instruments, tells about the access to analytics and other advantages of cooperation with it.

In reality, INVFX.EU is a scam project, which conducts dubious activities as a participant of the OTC forex trading platform.  Based on the information we got, or rather on the lack of it, we could already put a period in the preparation of the review and exactly recommend to avoid such brokers by the side. However, for a full-fledged verification of INVFX.EU it is important to study the legitimate side of the issue. Maybe this brokerage project is all right with the documents and they are just unlucky with the developers of the official site or they are really in a long stage of filling it.

INVFX.EU Licenses

As stated in the footer of the site, a fraudulent online service INVFX.EU is owned by a legal entity Invesco Limited, located on an offshore territory and belongs to the regulator of the island group of Fiji.

The scammers even mention the license number. We check it on the regulator's website. But the site is only introductory and does not allow you to check the existence of a document of a particular organization.

But the site of INVFX.EU has an active link to the license of its so called parent organization.

As a matter of fact even availability of the license does not add credibility to INVFX.EU. Firstly, this regulator has a low reputation in the financial environment, so traders who work in its so-called jurisdiction are at risk. Secondly, the close connection and interaction between the project INVFX.EU and the company Invesco Limited users have to believe "by word of mouth": no documents confirming this fact are not presented on the official website.

Most likely this parent company has dozens or even hundreds of similar projects which replace each other at the post of financial scams and frauds.

On the main page of the site is still indicated about the presence of some incomprehensible two first-class licenses and two regulators. 

The information is incomprehensible, as no links, explanations, copies or numbers are offered by the scammers anymore. Such a publicity stunt, aimed at increasing its importance in the eyes of traders, can be spectacular for newcomers, and it is doubtful. 

It is indicated that the project was launched almost 11 years ago - in 2010. Then it's not clear why the site is still being filled. 

Check the information about the domain of the site INVFX.EU

To form a positive image, the scammers even spent money on the domain of the European Union. Only the registration was not in 2010, as they say, but on June 16, 2021.

The server type is cloudflare, and the rest of the information is hidden by the rightsholder for money.

If you look further, it's even more confusing. See for yourself.

The site is presented in three languages - Russian, English and German. 

The project belongs to a certain organization with a license on the offshore islands of Fiji.

The office of the project INVFX.EU itself, if we believe the information on the official site, is located on the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an offshore state in the southern Caribbean.

Phone numbers in Moscow (Russian Federation) are indicated for contacts.

If the broker was really with a normal license and with a true history, he would have put the data in a prominent place or in a separate section, instead of hiding it in the footer and choosing the fine print.

Not a word about the executives of the company. Not to mention photos or any data.

By the way, it was possible to find out that earlier this project was called InvescoFX, but it was time to rebirth, because the reputation was already below zero. A typical scheme of financial swindlers. 

Inspection only confirmed the fears that INVFX.EU is another typical scam project, run by incompetent swindlers who can't even fill the official website properly. And what's more, they seem to change their addresses often, as if "resetting" the history of their frauds.

INVFX.EU Reviews online

Reviews are found in many different languages. There are so many of them and most of them tell their sad stories of working with INVFX.EU.

What the former clients of INVFX.EU from different countries have in common is their disappointment about the broker, anger about their scams and complaints about accounts being blocked and impossibility to withdraw money.

INVFX.EU is a suspicious organization and definitely not a reliable broker. It seems that swindlers actively try to clean up the negative information about themselves in the net, but they probably don't succeed in it.

Safety and security of funds with INVFX.EU

It is clearly stated in the client agreement that any risks starting from the server operation and ending with personal mistakes of INVFX.EU are passed on traders' shoulders.

Swindlers blame the payment system, internet service provider, lack of trader's experience but not themselves for the problems of traders.

Since the broker is illegal and is not a company at all, but only a project, we cannot speak about the safety of investors' capital.

There is no guarantee of safety of personal data and finances when working with INVFX.EU.


INVFX.EU is a typical scam broker, not the international broker it pretends to be. The company confuses the data, offers unclear conditions, little informative official website, and deceives its clients in everything. To work with the project INVFX.EU and even more so to entrust money is absolutely not recommended.

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