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Choosing the optimal platform for online trading and planning to opt for the company Acceptrade? Before you take the step to cooperate with this financially failed project, read an unbiased about the broker and its, alas, fraudulent activities. We have conducted an in-depth and honest review of Acceptrade broker. Based on the analysis of data from the company's official website, the regulators and traders evaluation, we made a conclusion not in favor of the specified company, which, unfortunately, turned out to be a pseudo-broker, a typical financial fraudster on the Internet.

So, we share our observations about the fake project AccepTrade, which in reality robs its clients.

Types of trading accounts offered AccepTrade

The broker offers a choice of 6 types of trading accounts, namely:

Demo (free version), Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, Islamic.

AccepTrade broker scam review review

The minimum deposit amount at the broker is $250 (on which a bonus of $50 is automatically credited). 

The conditions for each type of account are different, the same only for Silver and Islamic.

In fact, training on reputable trading platforms is free, but some scammers manage to take money for it, or, like AccepTrade specify as a bonus offer.

In order to find information about trading accounts, you have to try and spend time. It is not in the top line, but presented as a subsection in the Support section. Strange and inconvenient solution for the informative organization of the site. 

The impression is that the scammers do not want to focus on such little things as the terms of access to their platform. The important thing is that clients invest and regularly raise the amount of their deposits. 

This is one of the many alarming "signs" to refuse to cooperate with such an intermediary.

AccepTrade Trading conditions 

Talking about the tools and trading methods on the platform, the broker gets off with general rambling phrases.

AccepTrade broker scam review news

In addition, they advertise a demo account on their website, which is almost impossible to understand and to understand how to set it up. It begs the question: was this done deliberately so that customers would go straight to accounts where they are required to deposit real money, or is AccepTrade simply incompetent.

What AccepTrade offers to work with

The information is provided superficially. For example, when studying the conditions offered for each type of trading account, it was not possible to find out what leverage the broker provides. Swindlers preferred to keep silent about it not only in the relevant section, but also on the other pages of their website. 

Also AccepTrade offers its traders to use the web trading platform, which is virtually identical to the standard accepted in the trading industry - Metatrader 5. Moreover, the broker cooperates with web-resources, which supply "software for automated trading". Such sites have a bad reputation because they are involved in illegal financial schemes. In fact, it's another sign that this is a scammer, not a reliable broker.

Broker AccepTrade accepts deposits in several ways:

  • credit cards, 
  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency;
  • Paystruct (an unknown e-wallet).

When paying in Bitcoins, it is important to know that any transactions are irreversible. When settling with traditional payment cards, the sender has the right to apply for a refund within 540 days of the transaction. Despite the fact that any deposit to the AccepTrade project is an idea that definitely should not be pursued, information about the possibility of a refund transfer is an essential and important emphasis when dealing with dishonest service providers. 

As for the withdrawal of funds, the experience of many traders who have had experience with the broker AccepTrade shows that very rarely, but it is still possible to do it at the start-up stage, when the amount in the trader's account is not high enough.

In other words, if you have already "fallen into" the adventure of cooperation with AccepTrade, the best solution is to rush to submit a withdrawal request. Every second counts, because at the broker, which is accused of lying at every step, the clients' funds are definitely not safe. 

Problems between the client and the broker begin, as a rule, at the moment of requesting the withdrawal of funds. And it is not important whether the trader has managed to increase his profit or there is only the sum equal to the minimum deposit: swindlers will invent various reasons just to postpone and delay the procedure of clients' funds withdrawal for months. 

This is done purposely, moreover, the delay of six months means for the client the missed terms during which it is possible to make claims, i.e. the trader will not receive his money, they remain with the broker. 

If the client signs a Managed Account Agreement or MAA, it means that he transfers all the authority to manage the account to the broker who can do with the funds as he sees fit. In practice the following happens: the broker loses all the money, i.e. "drains" the deposit, leaving the trader with nothing. Moreover, the client doesn't even have anything to demand since the account balance is zero.

AccepTrade Licenses

To answer the question of whether AccepTrade is a legitimate broker, we searched the websites of regulators and through domain name and IP address verification services.

Even a cursory glance at the official site of AccepTrade confirms the fears that we are facing scammers who provide services illegally, i.e. not under the control of a single financial regulator.

A search of the website, which was extremely complicated by inconvenient navigation, did not yield any copies or links to official documents on the site. Only the address is listed in the footer (not the fact that the company's office is really located there).

The deeper we check the AccepTrade project, the easier it is to believe how far from legitimate this company is. The location in Dominica directly indicates that the company is offshore, and similar projects in the world have a very bad reputation for Forex trading because of liberal regulation. In practice, the island regulator ignores the process of controlling the activity of brokers, which suits con artists and swindlers, whose goal is to fraudulently seize the money of their clients.

When checking on the website of the main financial regulator of Great Britain it turned out that AccepTrade was given a warning.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) warns that the company is operating illegally.  There is no doubt that it is the main protagonist of our review, because the regulator indicates not only the name but also the address of the company's website and other contact details.

Most likely the disgraced broker was caught in illegal actions towards British citizens, and it deserved special attention from the FCA.

As for checking the domain name of the site, it is known that the web page was registered in March 2020, but the details about the owner are hidden by the right holder.

In other words, we have an official confirmation that AcceptTrade - unregulated Forex broker, which arouses the suspicion of the regulator, and this, in turn, indicates the absolute insecurity of the clients of this broker. 

AccepTrade Reviews online

In thematic forums and third-party sites, the project AccepTrade has a low trust rating

As a rule, unregulated Forex brokers act according to the scheme: they call potential customers, advertise the company and embellish the conditions, emphasizing the ease of work and undeniable benefits. This is done for the sake of the initial, at least a minimum deposit. Then they start to lead their trader to the idea of the need to increase/double the minimum payment.

If the client believes the result is usually sad: they are already being "worked on" by another scammer whose job is to "hold on" and lure more money.

This is what numerous defrauded AccepTrade traders are always talking about, as well as about money disappearing from their accounts.

Traders note that at the beginning of cooperation there are usually no problems. The picture changes dramatically when the client stops investing and declares the desire to withdraw the money.

Also, traders complain about the support service, which responds only after several days or ignores the appeal at all.

When remote access to their clients' computers, the scammer zeroes the account and does everything possible to make the trader have problems with the bank at the same time. 

Judging by the negative customer reviews, AccepTrade is masterfully manipulating, devising schemes and deftly swindling money from the accounts of traders who have trusted the platform.

Safety and security of funds with AccepTrade 

You can't make money with a broker AccepTrade from Dominica. Capitals that are entrusted to this project are at risk.

Even if by some miracle, the broker will allow withdrawal of funds, the amount he will impose high additional fees, while demanding the full reimbursement of the amount equivalent to the amount of granted and accepted bonuses divided by two standard lots (the equivalent of the standard lot - 100,000 currency units). For example, the platform has granted the trader a bonus of $25 and the trader must return the trading volume in the amount of $2,500,000. Only then the platform will allow claiming a withdrawal.

However, even in this case, the probability of withdrawal is virtually zero.

In addition to such absurd requirements, the platform has many similar "surprises" in stock, which are not mentioned in the user agreement.

Responsibility for any financial risks AccepTrade shifts on the client.



AccepTrade is a devious swindler who, despite having no license, no normal trading platform, and a good website, has been deceiving traders for over a year, depriving them of their money. Be careful and keep away from AccepTrade to avoid joining the ranks of his deceived clients.

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