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License: no Regulator: no

Ingoinvest offers itself as a brokerage company. The official website of the project states that traders from all over the world world who are interested in stocks, currencies and indices can join trading on the financial market using any device

An honest review of the scam broker Ingoinvest review

That is, the project on the website promises that cooperation with them will allow the investor to trade anywhere in the world without large investments or special technical support. At first glance, everything seems fine, but how honest and real trading offers the company to potential investors? And what if it's just another scammer who wants to trick their gullible clients? Alas, in the case of Ingoinvest it is just like that. 

What else can they promise to swindlers, whose goal is to get at least a start-up deposit of their clients. By the way, if we talk about the first impression of the site's design and functionality, it looks more like a penny-pinching work of a person who is creating a website for the first time than a virtual presentation of an internationally successful project. Assuming to work with representatives from different countries, the broker informs about the refusal to work with clients from some countries.

An honest review of the scam broker Ingoinvest news

Moreover, the site cannot be downloaded completely from the phone - the mobile version is not adapted.

Our honest and unbiased review will help to understand this and find out how this pseudo online brokerage company works. 

Types of trading accounts offered Ingoinvest

The project offers three types of trading accounts to choose from at its brokerage platform.

The minimum initial deposit amount for each type of account is not specified. 

Only the information on leverage is specified. It is also known that traders who choose Silver and Gold packages should not count on any privileges. 

In general, it seems that Ingoinvest does not fully understand what basic information the potential trader needs or, which is also very likely, deliberately hides some of the characteristics until the registration, when the personal information is already entered and the account is opened.

This approach is typical of swindlers and makes you doubt the integrity of a financial broker.

As a rule, there is only one scenario of working with such projects. An imitation trade is shown to lull the trader into a false sense of security. At the same time the broker encourages and motivates the trader. The client is encouraged as he sees successful trades and makes a huge mistake: he replenishes his account to achieve even higher profits. 

As soon as the trader decides to withdraw his money, the broker immediately loses the deposit, explaining it by mistake or inattention of the trader, technical failure - in fact, there can be dozens of reasons. 

More brazen and unscrupulous scammers can start persuading to replenish the account, offering to increase the deposit amount. Give in, and this time the capital will be obtained by swindlers. Swindlers will siphon off your money as long as you allow them to do so. 

When the trader wakes up and complains, most often, the broker just stops communicating, disappearing into the Internet.

Ingoinvest Trading conditions

Ingoinvest praises and advertises its services, advantages and benefits for its clients. Judging by the information on the official website, the company guarantees its traders

  • excellent conditions, 
  • high profits;
  • transparency of dealings, etc.

Such promises are designed for naive, inexperienced investors and mean nothing, especially as they are repeated by every scammer.

At the brokerage platform Ingoinvest, traders are offered to participate in trading operations through the MetaTrader4 trading platform. In fact, the option is designed to cheat.

The option was created by the IT organization MetaQuotes, which has earned a reputation as a scammer for developing software for forex kitchens that actively trade in online financial markets and engage in stealing their clients' money.

In order to increase the reach of users, the MT4 software package is designed in different variations: as a WEB-terminal and under different OS.

As for the trading platforms, the broker Ingoinvest provides services for trading in financial markets, offering to take advantage of funds, stocks, investments, currencies. 

The broker itself recommends not limiting yourself to one account and creating several to avoid risks, according to them. Any experienced trader would find such a recommendation very strange, because trading in the financial markets is a risky business. The only thing a trader can do is to minimize his risks (which is an extremely costly action), because no one can reduce them to zero. 

Such recommendations can "work" only for inexperienced investors. But this variant will also be profitable for swindlers - the more users, the more deposits can be stolen.

Judging by the reviews, which we will elaborate on a little later in our review, swindlers are very successful using a simple scheme to cheat:

The user registers. He opens and deposits an account (the minimum amount is not indicated on the website, it will be dictated by phone or sent electronically by the so-called analyst of the company). The trader starts to trade. However, instead of real charts swindlers make a fraud and offer their artificially created graphical programs pictures (in fact they do not display any operation on real market places).

Withdrawal of funds is out of the question. Clients do not get their deposits or dividends. The best way out is to "skip" with minimal losses. It is not possible to part with the fraudsters without financial losses.

Ingoinvest Licenses

As stated by the Forex broker, the legal entity of the Ingoinvest project is Rapid Develop Group Ltd.

As a rule, crooks choose offshore zones for registering their businesses. Honest companies would not hide from customers and regulatory bodies, ensuring themselves absolute impunity. By the way, fraudsters often don't even have such a registration, and when checked, the information on the site turns out to be fictitious and not supported by facts.

In the Contact section, the fraudsters of the brokerage office offer different types of communication. 

However, they are not working, i.e. it is only possible to contact Ingoinvest unilaterally: when they "process" their victim.

Strangely enough, referring to their registration in the Marshall Islands, Ingoinvest lists a phone number with a UK area code, but their actual address is in Switzerland.

Such a discrepancy makes you think again.

Of course, the details are fake, and the letters sent remain unanswered. 

There is no information about the heads of Ingoinvest. The company and its top management are faceless. 

Regarding the availability of licenses to operate, the crooks on the website wrote that they work legally and are regulated by the government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Unfortunately, this is a lie.

There is no copy of the document not only on the website. The licenses and certificates issued by Ingoinvest do not exist in reality. 

The Marshall Islands pseudo-regulator's website is blocked.

Let's try to disclose the domain of

The domain was registered in September 2020. And on his site lzhebroker tells the legend of the two-year experience and the difficult start of the business project by a company of enthusiasts.

According to the service checks domains WhoIs, the location of the IP - the United States. Here, too, the scammers have tried to hide the data: information about the domain owner is hidden at the request of the right holder. 

Using the service, let's check the company's traffic. 

The conclusion is obvious: the brokerage site is not popular with traders at all.

Because the traffic of Ingoinvest trading platform is at such a low level that the portal services are not even able to analyze it, not enough data. 

Ingoinvest Reviews online

Despite the fact that the company has only been operating for a few months, there are enough reviews about Ingoinvest online in different languages, almost all of which are negative.

People are outraged by the blatant lies and the impudence of the swindlers. All traders are left without money and do not get answers to their questions. 

Ingoinvest remains deaf to the problems of its clients.

Although there are even a few responses that the swindlers have left under the reviews of their defrauded clients. And here the cynicism of the con artists is boundless: in response to customer accusations of fraud, Ingoinvest responds with an apology and assures that it does its best to keep customers happy.

Traders emphasize that the scammer first lures with promises, and then simply blocks the account and takes the money.

The list of such reviews that expose the scammer is quite long online. But you can already make a convincing portrait of Ingoinvest to call the company a scammer.

By the way, this cheap, anonymous scammer managed to squeeze a positive review on its website, which, most likely, wrote itself. By the way, the review is in the singular. The text was just stuffed in the middle of the main page. And there is only one review. 

Safety and security of funds with Ingoinvest

As stated by Ingoinvest in the "Customer Agreement", they do not take responsibility for the proper storage of personal client information, and are not responsible for the financial losses of traders.

Also, before registration, the client is forced to agree that he will not have a claim in case of any technical problems on the platform, including hacker attacks, disconnection of communication, etc.

The rules to the withdrawal procedure provides a number of requirements and conditions, most of which are simply absurd and impossible to implement.

Usually, such reasons and methods are used by online scammers to drain their clients' money.



Ingoinvest is a cheap illegal scam that looks more like an anonymous scam than a reputable thriving trading platform where investors can make money.

It is highly recommended not to get involved with Ingoinvest false brokerage.


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