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The field of finance, regardless of its direction, has always been a real loadstone for scammers. The more technologies and financial activities are developing, the more shrewd and sophisticated the swindlers become, whose only aim is to steal as much money as possible from their credulous clients. The Forex market with its available online trading platforms is a real boon for dexterous swindlers. The emergence of a huge number of online brokers is a vivid confirmation of this.

For example, a young project AssetShot, which its creators present as an international brokerage company that invites clients from all over the world. On first acquaintance with the official website of the company, an inexperienced trader has all chances to be cheated by slick swindlers: AssetShot generously promises high profits, telling about favorable conditions, reliability and safety, luring investors with such fabrications in their deceptive net.

An insidious online scam broker AssetShot review review

According to AssetShot, they have deep knowledge of the market, do serious research on transactions, protect client data securely, and generally provide the best conditions for online exchange transactions. Only at a more detailed acquaintance with the project AssetShot new details and negative features of cooperation with the company are opened.

It turns out that not all users can become a member of the trading platform AssetShot at The lucky ones who can avoid the so-called cooperation with this dubious office are investors from the United States, Israel and France. These countries often appear in the lists of such fraudulent projects. The reason is simple - the high requirements for financial institutions and very serious consequences for those projects that dare to violate the rules and conditions of business.

Truthful information obtained in different ways can save you from meeting with fraudsters. It can be a careful examination of information about a potential broker, getting acquainted with "blacklists", made by financial rating regulators and offered by thematic sites in detailed reviews, checking availability of licenses and other legitimacy indicators.

In a detailed review about the dubious broker AssetShot we offer the maximum facts, which are the best proof that it is better to reject this company than to become their client.

Types of trading accounts offered by AssetShot

Based on the data on the official website of the so-called brokerage company AssetShot, note that traders are offered four types of trading accounts to enter the platform and start trading with the typical names for such projects - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

An insidious online scam broker AssetShot review news

The main currency of the platform is American dollars. The minimum deposit amount is $250. At first glance, nothing unusual, but in reality there are negative nuances. Although the initial investment does not seem too large, an experienced investor will never so thoughtlessly spend money investing in AssetShot - the deposit will "burn out" in the first minutes of the trading session. For comparison, the minimum rate of the rating brokerage companies is $100-150. And scammers, as a rule, set the minimum rate 100 higher. It is the payment for the services of the hidden intermediaries through which the scammers conduct the money transfers in order to confuse the way of money into their pockets in a better way. This is a common practice known to most experts in the field of stock investments.

Another point that is important to focus on. This is the first line of the Bronze plan: the 2.8 pips spread. For those "in the know," it's obvious that these figures are much better than most similar offerings on the market. This looks more like an advertising gimmick aimed at novice investors.

Trading account Silver is not very different from the Bronze one. The main difference is the initial deposit: here, you will need to make almost 10 times more - $2,000. As for the Platinum account, it offers a 0.1 point spread. This sounds promising since the trader will not have to pay for the company's services. However, this is subject to an initial deposit of $50,000. 

You should not believe such bright prospects. Practice shows that the brighter are future benefits, the higher are the risks in the present, when the money is deposited to the account of fraudsters.

By the way, one of the significant characteristics of the typical fraud brokers is the absence of commissions. AssetShot, on the other hand, does not take a commission on each of the offered accounts. An inexperienced trader would take this fact for generosity of the broker, his desire to simplify and make the trading process for the clients more profitable. In fact the commission is a pure profit of the normal brokers. If he refuses it, this means that he has other, hidden sources of earning on investors. Most often it is "draining" of traders' deposits.

With regard to the procedure of opening any of the accounts, i.e. the registration process, unlike other companies, AssetShot does not provide enough personal data of the clients. You need a high quality scan of copies of their main documents, which is required to send to the email company AssetShot . 

This is a very serious cause for concern.

AssetShot Trading conditions.

AssetShot promises access to advanced technologies, a safe and secure trading environment, no hidden "nuances" and no unexpected costs. 

The broker talks about the well-known Metatrader4 platform, mentioning the browser-based platform as well. The trick is that the version offered on AssetShot's site is provided by a third party, some company called Express Mission Ltd. AssetShot also describes attractive trading conditions, the variety of tools and features.

In reality, however, these are just empty promises, which will not be realized. But the investor will find out about it only when his personal data ends up in the database of swindlers, and his money will fill the pockets of fraudsters. AssetShot just deftly steals the money and time of its customers, giving only words in return, not backed up by action.

By the way, AssetShot's bonus policy creates all the conditions to make it almost impossible for clients to withdraw their money.

If you look closely at the advertised leverage, AssetShot has indicators up to 1:400. It is known that trading at levels higher than 1:100 substantially increases the risks for investors. The respected regulators do not allow their licensed brokers to set the leverage more than 1:40. The background of this information raises the question of the legitimacy of AssetShot.

AssetShot Licenses

As stated in the footer of each page of the official AssetShot website, the broker is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. 

To be precise, AssetShot is not mentioned at all. It says that this site belongs to Jess Group LLC, which is licensed offshore. It turns out that traders deal with a project, but not with a full-fledged company. Tomorrow the scammers will change the terms and the name of the project and along with it any mention of some AssetShot will be erased. 

In any case, let's check the specified license number on the site of the relevant regulator.

The information about the existence of the license of Jess Group LLC was confirmed. It is known that the document was issued on March 16, 2021. And the website talks about experience and international recognition. In financial circles, a few months, or rather less than half a year, is too short a period for the advertisement to be true.

By the way, having a license from a certain third-party company is little consolation for investors, because if they cooperate, they are not dealing with them, but with AssetShot. Moreover, this regulator has a low reputation among traders around the world as an unreliable ally to protect investors' rights.

The latter, on the other hand, has no credentials at all. 

Domain name checking service WhoIs told us that was registered on March 04, 2021. This means that the scammers were offering traders to deposit $250-50,000, weeks before even the site's owner was licensed.

The site does not include the names of top management representatives, and there are no copies of documents. As a result of the check it was found out that AssetShot is not even another offshore broker, but in general it is unclear what kind of organization - a dubious illegal one-day fraudulent project, nothing more. 

You definitely should not trust them with your money.

AssetShot Reviews online

The reviews for the so-called broker AssetShot are on their official website, as well as on several questionable resources on the Internet. All of them, of course, are of an advertising nature. 

The fact that all of them are of the same type, regardless of where they were found, makes us doubt that they belong to the real users.

The practice of ordering reviews from supposedly real customers is actively used by swindlers, who carefully track negative information on the network and delete it, or simply do not have customers at all. Such reviews are characterized by positivity, more like a recommendation to join a platform. Sometimes they may contain dissatisfaction with some minor point, which does not "blacken" the broker, but on the contrary, shows leniency for minor shortcomings of their intermediary from an allegedly grateful client.

Fraudulent shady brokerage projects are a great risk to investors' capital.

Safety and security of funds with AssetShot

Despite numerous assurances of high levels of financial and information security, AssetShot clients are at risk. The so-called broker removes any responsibility for the safety of investors' capital.

This is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions. The client must agree with it at the moment of registration on the platform.


AssetShot is a very suspicious brokerage project, profiteers with dexterous fraud schemes are behind it. Taking into account all the disadvantages that were discovered while preparing the review - illegal activities, too risky conditions, providing false information, lack of experience and real reviews, we would advise to choose another, more promising and reliable platform for stock investments.


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