An Objective review of scam brokerage activities of Capital EU company

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License: no Regulator: no

Capital EU is a fake brokerage project, created by swindlers with the main goal - to take their clients' money by deception. The company is not interested in its own development and reputation, and does not care about the prosperity of its clients. The system of Liebroker is designed as a trap for gullible and inexperienced traders.

Types of trading accounts offered by Capital EU

On the official website of the company traders are offered five types of trading accounts. Four of them (Silver, Gold, VIP, Diamond) are considered as premium package offers.

An Objective review of scam brokerage activities of Capital EU company review

The amounts of the minimum initial deposits for the tariff plans are specified in the amount of $250,000 - $100,000. 

It seems to be a simple task for the broker: to indicate the types of trading accounts clearly and honestly, so that the client can determine the optimal variant for him/herself beforehand. However, even at this stage of the acquaintance with the low-grade company we can see the deception. 

In fact, it's not dollars but euros to start trading. In other words, the trader's deposit is accepted in Euros, though this fact is not mentioned on the website. This is a significant difference, especially for those traders who have to deal with currency exchange.

It's also important to pay more attention to the amounts of minimum deposits. Probably a beginner will not suspect a catch, but according to the experience of preparing the reviews and studying the peculiarities of the online brokers services it should be noted that the minimum deposit amount defined for the Basic trading account shows that Capital EU uses intermediary services when executing financial operations. I.e., as a broker, acting as an intermediary, the company, in turn, attracts third parties/companies for money "transactions". This is how scammers usually operate, deliberately hiding their activities, receipts and transfers. It would seem, what difference does it make to the client? In part it does. Traders will not even know about it until they have problems - even if they sign an agreement with a broker, they will not be able to prove the fact of money transfer to that very company - the name of the broker they sign an agreement with will not be present in any financial document, payment slip, etc.

Capital EU Trading conditions

Capital EU describes itself as a leading broker in the field of Forex and CFD trading.

An Objective review of scam brokerage activities of Capital EU company news

The site is in four languages English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Capital EU announces the access to the wide range of trading instruments (more than 200). It also invites you to join crypto coin trading.

The scammer actively advertises low spreads, zero commissions, transactions with leverage up to 1:40, five types of trading accounts, generous bonuses for traders, support of special account managers. And of course, it's calling to take advantage of the industry standard MetaTrader4.

The information is bright and tempting, but it reveals almost no details of cooperation. Or rather, only experienced traders can read the real picture between the lines. In fact, all of these offers, like a carbon copy, duplicate all the fraudulent organizations. 

CapitalEU's offer to join the MetaTarder4 platform, which is well known among traders. The platform is provided by a third party company - Pay Tech Solution Ltd. There is no information (unbiased, not advertising) about this provider. As a rule brokers use such platforms to "drain" their clients' money and transfer it to their offshore accounts, not for the trader's benefit. 

CapitalEU says that there are several ways for clients to make payments (VISA, MasterCard, bank transfers, electronic purses).

In fact, when registering a trading account and trying to make a payment, the system transfers directly to, where it was proposed to buy bitcoins to fund the trading account. 

Capital EU Licenses

All suggestions would seem less suspicious if the broker CapitalEU was a legal company, whose activities are controlled by the Main Financial Regulator of the country in which it offers services. In Capital EU's case, the UK regulator.

As in-depth verification and real client (already former) feedback showed us, alas, Capital EU broker is a false broker with no official permits to operate in the field of trading.

We suggest you read the results of the deep inspection of Capital EU broker, so every trader has an idea about it and decide if it's worth trusting his capital to CapitalEU or not to have any relations with it.

There is no mention in the presentation, i.e. on Capital EU's official website, that the company operates legally. There are also no scans or photos of licenses-not a single line about regulation. This is the way of scammers who have nothing to offer but advertising. They just don't have the documents.

In fact every broker who offers financial services in the UK market or in the EU must obtain a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, i.e. to become an authorized regulator. A license can also be obtained from one of the official financial regulators of any EU member state.

A check on the official FCA website showed that CapitalEU does not have a license. 

Moreover, the project was blacklisted by the UK Financial Conduct Authority on March 4, 2021.

The negative reputation was obtained because Capital EU tried to hide behind documents of another company with a similar name, which, unlike the hero of our review, works legally and has a license from the regulator.

Despite the fact that this information is more than enough to form an opinion about the broker and never cooperate with him, we do not stop checking here. Let's see what the domain registration will tell us.

We got the data from a service of checking domains and registering IP names WhoIs.

According to the results we got, the domain name was registered on April 8, 2021.

The dates don't add up somehow. According to feedback from former clients of Capital EU, they dealt with the company much earlier than that period. It was impossible to find out the data about the site owners - the owner of the site used the settings of the software to hide his personal data, i.e. the information is hidden by the right holder.

The said server hosts other sites, which arouse serious suspicion. The official Capital EU website itself is not optimized for search engine robots at the end of April 2021.

Moreover, the FCA had blacklisted this broker a month earlier. 

The conclusion is inescapable: the fraudsters decided to "zero out" their previous "merits", to cover their tracks.

The result is what we are dealing with: the site can be called anonymous, the company Capital EU - an unregulated broker, a con artist without a license.

The data provided in the Contact Us section is limited to the phone number with a UK code and the email address of the support representatives. There is also a feedback form on the site.

This is clearly not enough for a company that positions itself as a serious successful broker and offers to invest large sums of money on its platform.

Capital EU Reviews online

Capital EU has a very negative credibility, not only from the regulator, but also from the real traders who have experience working with this company.

There are quite a lot of deceived clients. Mostly people complain that they were willing to 

to invest large sums, believed in the broker's honesty, but after making large investments they were cynically deceived and lost large sums.

Clients share their experiences saying that scammers deprived them not only of money but also of something more valuable: their health. For example, a trader from Australia says he was actually saved by Active Refunds, he managed to recover a certain amount of capital.

However, not everyone is so lucky. Many defrauded investors are left with empty pockets.

In some thematic forums traders try to warn each other and make their own lists of fraudulent brokerage companies that manage to defraud and steal from trusting investors all over the world.

Before investing in this or that online platform, it is extremely important to read objective honest reviews and testimonials from real clients. You can also check everything on your own, so as not to trust the money to the impostors, who cleverly hide behind the mask of international reliable brokers.

Safety and security of funds with Capital EU

Alas, but you can't make money with CapitalEU. Capitals, deposited to the accounts, provided by unregulated company under the direction of swindlers are in serious danger.

Scammers professionally gain the trust and "trick" the traders for money, but do not allow to withdraw a single coin back. 

Often, apart from a minimum deposit, under the guise of "reward" or "bonus", the scammer credits the client's account with the money, but promises to withdraw it if the account is refilled by the client with an equal amount of money. 

The trick is that the broker credits virtual money, and the client contributes real money. As a result, he does not get a single bill back. The scammers have enough pretexts to nullify and block the account of the client and they actively use their impunity. 

The text of the client agreement is typical, where the trader has many duties but no rights except for active investing.



Capital EU is a typical anonymous pseudo broker who is blacklisted by the FCA in the UK. It is not known exactly how long the company is present in the sphere of online trading, all the dates do not add up. One thing is clear, the company already has a huge trail of deceived investors.

If you want to save your nerves and capital, we categorically do not recommend dealing with a scammer Capital EU.

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