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When deciding to invest in an asset, a person usually plans to invest a considerable amount of money in the project. This is the main reason why it is crucial for the investor to get the support of a reliable broker. And with this in the sphere of online trading, just the problem. The explanation is simple - the more profitable an activity is, the more attractive it is for fraudsters and swindlers, who prefer trivial theft of their clients' money to the effective development of a brokerage company. The desire for quick and easy money outweighs the scammers' scales. Reading to the end of our objective review of the so-called online broker Astra Horizon,it will become clear why we started by mentioning scammers and their scams. Looking ahead, we hasten to stress that we would definitely not recommend the company Astra Horizon as an online trading company - you can not make money here, only lose time and start-up capital.

The reasons for such a negative assessment can be found in the text of this review, which is prepared in order to protect traders, especially those who are just making their first steps in investment online activity from mistakes and disappointments. 

Astra Horizon review or exposing a scam broker review

The information, backed up by facts, will help dispel the illusion created by the creators of the fraudulent project Astra Horizon, presented, on their website, as a popular and reliable broker.

Types of trading accounts offered by Astra Horizon 

Like most online brokers, Astra Horizon offers its clients to become members of the trading platform, choosing any of the three trading accounts - Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Astra Horizon review or exposing a scam broker news

To put it mildly, the information we were able to read is definitely not enough to understand what exactly a trader will have to deal with. In other words, on what conditions the platform offers to become a member. 

The broker says only that it has the lowest commission.

However, this information is not enough for the client to estimate his chances for success and to predict the approximate amount of profit.

In fact, the presented rules and so-called conditions can be called completely inadequate for a legal and reliable Forex broker! In more detail, Astra Horizon has no explanation of many essential provisions: neither mentioning the leverage, nor the size of the minimum deposit. An experienced trader understands that in the absence of data on the minimum payments for each tariff package, it is not even worth mentioning a professional approach. For comparison - for the regulated brokers the standard value of the minimum deposit on the average is set at $100.

It means that the broker deliberately hides some important information for the trader so that potential client registers first of all, reveals his personal information and only then he will be told what he is offered to work with. Even if the investor is not satisfied with the conditions, he may, of course, not invest, but his contacts are already included in the database. This means regular spam, endless advertising, calls/texts with appeals to invest, etc.

In general, it seems that the official website of the company, which positions itself as an advanced and experienced broker, made by the cheapest template and its owners are simply not interested in the comfort of users, most of whom, by the way, do not mind to become customers and bring the site money. 

Moreover, if you pay attention to the information on the site, it is easy to accuse the company Astra Horizon of a large number of false statements! Read more about it in the relevant section on trading conditions.

Astra Horizon Trading conditions

Astra Horizon presents itself as a trading platform, which specializes in Crypto Currencies and Smart Investing Solution, which are popular among traders today through community operations. To be more specific, the broker offers a range of financial services and trading accounts for investors who are interested in earning income by investing in International Shares, Crypto, Forex and Commodities.

On the pages of the official website of the Astra Horizon company, it is stated that various methods of financial calculations are available for customers, including representatives of the key basket of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. An in-depth check showed that this is false information, which most likely serves to attract more potential "wallets".

In reality, the only funding method available is a bank transfer. This is a clear indication that the so-called Astra Horizon broker is a typical fraudulent project, which investors should definitely avoid getting acquainted with for the safety of their capitals. 

By the way, it is not unreasonable to remind traders that when making payments in Bitcoin and Wire, the payment transaction is not retroactive, i.e., the payment is final, and no refunds are provided. If we talk about a payment method that is safer for the trader, it is financing with the help of bank cards (credit/debit). Using this method, the payer can get his funds back within 540 days after the money transfer.

This pseudo-broker does not report the minimum requirements for the withdrawal procedure. There is also no data on the withdrawal fee, as well as information about the penalties for inactivity of the trader's account.

Attention! Among its advantages, Astra Horizon offers the possibility of a monthly subscription, which makes you more wary of the business model of this brokerage project as it is a questionable and very doubtful bonus. For example, this information can be interpreted as follows: this service is necessary for swindlers in order to refuse the clients to withdraw their money! 

Also, it is important to pay attention to the welcome bonus from Astra Horizon. When you open an account, a new trader gets at least 75% (Silver package) of the deposited amount when you open an account. It seems to be a nice and profitable gift. But it seems so only at first glance. In fact, it is just another alarming "bell" or "red line", because it is a typical trick of a swindler, who uses various trading incentives to lull the client's vigilance - it's all a deceptive benefit. 

As a rule, in order to withdraw the earned money later, the platform will ask the client to return the amount equivalent to the gifted bonus deposit. Have no illusions - a broker, and especially one with a negative reputation, never does anything for nothing, especially when it comes to financial matters.

Astra Horizon is a dishonest broker that says it specializes in cryptocurrency trading and does not even allow you to open a Bitcoin deposit on its own platform, and provides a lot of other untrue information on its website.

It is better to be extra vigilant, because there are enough signs of fraud on the site, but the information is well hidden between the lines and understandable only to experienced investors. To summarize all of the above and to put it in simple language, more understandable for beginners - on this platform, a refund is impossible! 

Astra Horizon Licenses

From the experience of reviewing a large number of online brokers and studying the website, there is a feeling that the company has no legal right to provide brokerage services, i.e. it simply operates illegally. And this is a serious statement and such information should be enough for a trader to refuse to invest with such an intermediary. So let's confirm our suspicions and statements with facts.

The platform works with sites that offer "software for automated trading" - this is another alarming signal, as such sites have earned a negative reputation due to their fraudulent schemes.

There is no mention of authorization documents on the site, nor are there any copies or license numbers.

It is also not easy to understand where the company is located.

The section "Company" states that the company's office is in Switzerland (Zurich).

But in the "Contacts" section, the so-called broker invites you to call them at a number with an English (London) area code.

Let's give Astra Horizon another chance and check for a license on the website of the British regulator according to the broker itself.

The regulator has not licensed such a company. In other words, Astra Horizon is just another unregulated forex broker that doesn't even have the right to offer brokerage services.

The site's footer states that the site is 2020, but has been operating since 2013. Let's see what else the Astra Horizon domain name information tells us. 

The WhoIs service indicates that the site is registered in August 2020 in Iceland. There are no mentions dating back to 2013. 

The obtained information is enough to say that the client of the company is not protected financially and legally. The trader has the risk of losing all the money invested, especially since the broker has no license, that is, there is no regulatory body to hold them responsible in case of non-compliance with the terms of trading and working with clients.

Astra Horizon Reviews online

Astra Horizon boasts a high rating on its website.

This project actually has a negative reputation online

People complain about the typical problems that are inherent in working with scammers. Namely: poor customer service, unwillingness to withdraw money, stealing money and blocking accounts for no reason, etc.

And it seems that Astra Horizon tries to respond even to negative comments from their customers on third-party sites, but the responses are formulaic and don't solve users' problems.

In general, users regret their experience with this company.

And, of course, do not recommend other traders to invest on the platforms of Astra Horizon.

Safety and security of funds with Astra Horizon

It was difficult to find out that Astra Horizon is actually owned and operated by a Polish company (Warsaw), but this information is not mentioned on the website. 

The broker does not have a license, so the clients' money is at risk.

The clients confirm it in their reviews.


Astra Horizon is a scammer, so it is better to avoid this project as far as possible. All financial transactions conducted on are a serious threat.

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