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The Internet is literally filled with offers of different brokerage projects to join their trading platforms. Each new advertisement is better than the previous one: users are enticed by bright websites, promising slogans, inviting to plunge quickly into the atmosphere of high earnings, increasing profits, instant withdrawals and a wide variety of tempting financial bonuses.

One of these virtual resources is a so-called AUU Global Limited brokerage project. This virtual company, which calls itself a broker, does not lag behind similar offices and praises itself as well as others.

AUU Global Limited scam broker review review

Unfortunately, the advertising of the vast majority of such companies should not be trusted. Most often it turns out that by misrepresenting themselves as the best, they are outright swindlers who just steal the money of their trusting clients who were careless enough to believe the swindlers. 

In this review we are going to prove that not every broker which claims to be an honestly working international company with hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients is such. Exactly the example of a dubious online brokerage project AUU Global Limited will expose the typical fraud. Our choice is not random: the project turned out to be rotten and deceitful.

An in-depth fact check, analysis of the official website and the study of reviews of real customers who, alas, were deceived, proves that AUU Global Limited - is not a reliable intermediary in financial investments, but another typical fraudulent online brokerage project. From the pages of their official website, the swindlers are proclaiming their own superiority, sweetly humming about honesty in their work, unity with their clients and mutual trust. 

AUU Global Limited scam broker review news

What does this strange broker narrate about, because they are meaningless phrases, which will be ridiculed by every experienced investor.  

Attributing to itself benefits, advantages and merits which simply don't exist in reality, this pseudo-broker company, lies even at the description of the trading conditions, refuses to take out money from clients, continuing to increase the list of the defrauded investors.

We hope that the information from our review will save many novice and trusting traders from the fatal mistake of cooperating with scammers under the guise of AUU Global Limited, which you should avoid as soon as you meet them.

Types of trading accounts offered by AUU Global Limited

On the main page of its official website, AUU Global Limited claims that its proposals to investors consist of several types of accounts from which each trader can choose for themselves the best option.

The corresponding section is extremely uninformative.

In fact, traders can only use two accounts: real and demo.

As AUU Global Limited promises, more useful information can be obtained only by the trader, who registered a real account, opened an account. 

Investors are given the right to apply for a demo account in the MT4 client, in order to get a chance to try the real trading experience.

In other words, you want to be an investor on the AUU Global Limited trading platform - take the "cat in a sack" and that's it. This is a common practice of scammers - the minimum information, conditions and the size of the minimum deposit are encrypted and replaced by promises of big profits.

And of course the more clients, the more profitable to this dubious broker. Especially if the clients themselves will bring new potential traders willing to invest.

Very dubious prospects, which the company AUU Global Limited builds solely on promises, without providing specifics.

AUU Global Limited trading conditions

The description of the trading conditions of the company is as brief as the data on the trading accounts.

On first contact with the official website of the so-called AUU Global Limited, there is information for those who understand English and Chinese (Simplified). 

But the information here is only general.

AUU Global Limited says that, as intermediaries in trading operations, they provide the best service for global traders.

They promise cashback after depositing on their site. They say that traders have the opportunity to use more than 250 effective tools. However, they don't list which ones, mentioning them in passing on their main page.

The home page talks about offering several account types to choose from, but, as we have checked, this information is not true.

The broker's offerings include high quality tutorials with the ability to learn trading through a demo account.

Users are tried to seduce the MT4 platform and the trading terminal of the company itself, where there are no requotes, but there is an opportunity to automate transactions, can also be used;

They also promise all-round consultant support and assure that the company provides market execution of transactions, so trading is available at any time and at any place.

All of this is fake, deliberately false information. 

AUU Global Limited does not take its clients to the real marketplaces, and the quality of training is impossible to check immediately. These are just pretty phrases, which serve to attract attention and lull the vigilance of newcomers in the field of trading.

Also AUU Global Limited claims to be the leader among the competitors. And as proof of this, it even mentions the existence of numerous awards and incentives.

It is not clear who issued these distinctions. When checking the names listed on the so-called certificates, the Internet is not aware of such organizations at all. So all this is just another lie.

Clients are assured of full financial security with the right to replenish deposit accounts for free. Investors are promised that the withdrawal of funds from the site is fast and comfortable.

Attractive promises, lack of specifics and details about trading accounts and other data that are key for traders.

There is no desire to entrust your money to such a broker, because even from such a description of trading conditions it is clear that Auu Global Limited is a fraudulent project, the owners of which are not going to pay customers money.

This is confirmed by many real facts.

This dubious broker comes up with a real quest before the client realizes that he doesn't get any money. For example, they will ask to pay some exaggerated fees and commissions, which will be so high that few clients will do it and refuse to withdraw their money. Even if the client decides to pay the broker his demands, he will not see any money from his trading accounts anyway - the broker will find many reasons to reject the transaction. In fact this is how the swindlers disguise their theft.

AUU Global Limited Licenses

The official website of AUU Global Limited says that they are a licensed

company with global regulation.

That's all the company says about its status. There is no documentary evidence of this. No license number, no screenshot of copies of certificates. All is secrecy and deceit.

Although there is a mention on the site about the regulation of the activity.

Judging by the picture with awards, AUU Global Limited was already working in 2011. However, another fact of deception is the made-up statistics. We should not believe it categorically.

Since the broker conducts its activities online, we turn to the domain check service WhoIs and clarify the details of the project site AUU Global Limited, which is located at

Contrary to the dates on the fake awards and in the text of the official website, the website office registered 10 years later than the declared saimi broker, to be exact, in November 2020. In other words, AUU Global Limited has been on the market for less than 12 months.

Data about the owner of the site, as well as detailed contacts are hidden. And this is done consciously, because the procedure is paid.

In the section "Contact us'' there is only an email address. There is not even data on the location of the real office of the company, not to mention the license from the prestigious regulator. 

Since AUU Global Limited assures that it works in the U.S., let's check the registration on the site of the appropriate regulator. In America it is FINRA.

As you might expect, AUU Global Limited was not licensed by this regulator.

The brokerage company is working absolutely illegally. And not only that, it steals from its customers.

It means that cooperation with them will bring only frustration.

AUU Global Limited Reviews online

Despite its young age, there is a lot of negativity about the company on the web. The popularity of AUU Global Limited is at an extremely low level.

By the way, another proof that this brokerage project has not been working for 10 years, but only for a few months is proved by the feedback of clients, which began to appear quite recently.

Traders talk about the total deception and refusal of the broker to withdraw money.

AUU Global Limited project is definitely not what it tries to pretend to be. Behind the beautifully invented fairy tale are banal financial scammers. Scam artists provide non-existent statistics, attribute numerous benefits to themselves, but their main goal is to swindle money out of clients.

They are very charming, flattering and deceptive: they do everything they can to keep an investor as long as they feel there is financial potential in him or her. 

The conditions are set up in such a way that the trader cannot cope on his own, without the help of an advisor. This is the main trap - the scammers direct the trader so that he gets even more confused and ends up with no money.

Deceived users are strongly advised to avoid this company.

Safety and security of funds with AUU Global Limited

The website describes everything very nicely.

However, traders who decided to cooperate with this dubious broker should not relax yet. Promising complete security of funds and anonymity of personal data, AUU Global Limited does not do either.


AUU Global Limited is just another unprincipled financial swindler who cleverly creates the illusion of honest, profitable and transparent work in the field of online trading. In fact, the swindlers simply siphon money from their clients, so they are not worthy of cooperation and positive assessment.

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