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On the Internet, hundreds of companies are trying to appear as reliable modern stockbrokers, generously promising profitable trading safe for clients' capitals. Most of these sites are designed the same, often differing only in their logos and names.

The hero of this objective and detailed review is some dubious online project Axiance. When we first look at their official websie at, we see yet another company that offers us participation in the attractive world of trading, accessible and profitable - which is available to every user, all it takes is one click. Experienced investors know that such advertising phrases, which have nothing to do with reality, are typical for fraudsters. The Axiance project is just a vivid representative of such Internet resources, offering to make money easily and simply.

When viewing even the main page of the official site it is immediately visible that the project managers are trying to be as similar to the broker as possible. With such an approach you can only count on very trusting users who are just taking their first steps in trading and are poorly versed in the specifics of investing in the stock market, but have a great desire to trade. 

However, the site is of low quality - the owners obviously spared no expense on its creation and promotion. The whole typical standard advertising.

Axiance scam broker review review

From the pages of the Axiance website, we find out that they present themselves as a multi-asset brokerage firm offering Forex and CFD investment services. The company is said to be dedicated to ethical trading methods. Users are told that they are facing a broker with sustainability and CSR in their heart and soul, they seek to stand out. If an investor is forward-thinking, they will take advantage of the financial tools provided that "reflect their values in a smart, cost-effective and fully transparent and fair trading environment."

Let's agree that it's a fascinating start. However, in the financial sector it is dangerous to take your word for it, so we dedicate our review to thoroughly check the veracity of all statements on the official website, as well as to study the reviews of real customers and, of course, the existence of documents that allow the project Axiance to operate.

Types of trading accounts offered Axiance

Axiance offers three types of accounts for beginners and experienced traders: Standard, Premium and VIP.

Axiance scam broker review news

The minimum deposit amount is set at only $100.

On the one hand, such amounts for entry are practiced by the majority of respectable regulated brokers. However, Axiance does not have such a characteristic. On this site, such an amount of the minimum threshold is set for a reason!

Do not forget that the standard site, made according to the standard design of fraudulent schemes, is designed precisely for gullible users. A beginner investor does not seem to feel sorry for 100 euros to test himself in trading, let alone make money. 

Moreover, the 100 Euro is only the start-up capital that the swindlers ask for to begin with. Later, they will take out of their client's pocket many times more, using various tricks and slynesses. 

The offers are listed in fairly large increments. For example, a trader will have to pay a minimum of €5,000 and €30,000 respectively when choosing the following plans.

The section on the types of trading accounts and conditions that a trader will have to deal with during trading operations is not very informative. One can only guess about the leverage indicators.

It is known that minimal spreads are from 1.2, 0.8 to 0 pips.

Other points indicated in the trading account descriptions are not of much value for the investor.

At first glance - voluminous tables with a list of advantages of trading account types. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the fraudsters' offers are just pretty words and no more - they are of no value for an experienced trader. 

We recommend not to trust such swindlers and not to deposit a single euro in their platform. 

The scheme of deception is as old as the world, so the savings of trusting clients will instantly end up in the hands of scammers of this project.  After all, the information they provide is generalized, not unique to their site, so it does not reveal the essence of cooperation.

Axiance Trading conditions

When a user enters the Axiance site, he will find out that by agreeing to the terms of cooperation with the platform, they have an opportunity to start trading using global CFD instruments with the professional help of a reliable and regulated broker.

The company's offers are rather generous - more than 50 Forex pairs, over 20 stocks, the possibility to operate with 17 leading cryptocurrencies and over 300 instruments with low spreads. Moreover, Axiance guarantees high speed of all trading processes.

By the way, users of the English version of the Axiance project website can see such full-fledged offers. In other languages it is offered a low-quality translation, made partially.

In reality, there is only imitation trading going on here. Axiance does not take its clients to real marketplaces. Everything happens in a vacuum created by Axiance.

And if the trading process is bogus, the prospect of losing really big money is very real. And the swindlers will not stop at $100.

You won't be able to make any money on cooperation with Axiance. The reason lies in the most important issues, as well as their desire to realize the only goal, which is to steal from their clients. This can happen in the form of unexpected account blocking, rejection of the withdrawal application, declaration of bankruptcy, disappearance - the scammers regularly use any scenario, so that the traders do not get the invested and earned money.

Axiance Licenses

From the pages of its official site Axiance keeps repeating about the legitimacy of its activity. However, the Contact section omits the actual address of the company. Users are encouraged to submit complaints and share problems in several ways: use a feedback form, e-mail or turn to social networks.

It is known that none of the proposed methods guarantees that it is an effective two-way communication between company representatives and clients.

Nor are we given a contact phone number for such a vaunted, important company.

If we focus on the presence of documents that give the right to engage in financial matters in the field of online trading, here it allegedly is. Axiance does not get tired of reminding about it on the pages of the website. Users are told that the company is regulated by three commissions: European (CySEC), the Seychelles Authority (FSA), the Mauritius Commission (FSC). At the same time, the site notes that the broker has all three relevant licenses. Further we learn that the main office is located in Cyprus. And the fact that it is offshore does not inspire confidence.

In fact, the Documents section is the client agreement, the privacy policy, as well as the reporting for 2018, which is very doubtful. 

The domain of the Axiance broker website was created back in 2005, but it was probably launched at the end of 2020 - there is no direct information about this on the website.  

There may be dozens of similar projects on this domain that appear, close and then reappear under different names. It is not clear what the reporting for 2018 is for. It is possible that the scammers hoped to enhance the reputation of their company by adding documents. And it does not matter that they may have to do with a completely different resource. 

According to the broker, the project is registered in the Seychelles Republic of Mauritius. 

It is not clear whether Axiance has a license, because it lists some other companies and their license numbers.

This means that we are facing another offshore broker. This is a huge disadvantage for cooperation. Despite the mention of other regulators, such a broker has questionable regulation - in the case of financial fraud, it is unlikely to help the trader legally. And if there is no license, the access to real marketplaces is closed. 

By the way, no license in Axiance's name was found on the website of the relevant regulator. 

Moreover, all the declared regulators, or rather information about the availability of licenses from them for Axiance turned out to be false as well.

As for the main people of the project, Axiance decided not to present them on its official site. 

Axiance Reviews online

It seems that the project has long existed, the reviews even mention the emergence of negative reviews on the network about Axiance, but in reality we were able to find one in Russian.

Users accuse the project of the purpose of its work as a typical scammer - to collect more money. To withdraw anything from the platform is impossible.

The project has also been seen in active blocking of accounts without a valid reason.

The site is offered in many languages, but no real reviews about Axiance can be found anymore. It is possible that they monitor it and clean any mentions of themselves.

Safety and security of funds with Axiance

Like many other fraudulent unlicensed offices, Axiance refuses to take responsibility for the results of using its website, shifting it to traders. This refers to blocking the account, non-functional functionality and other troubles that the site owner himself sets up for his own interests.

However, it requires traders to accept this condition through a binding client agreement.


Axiance is a project run by scammers. They make every effort to seem like a full-fledged broker, constantly emphasizing their legitimacy. However, in reality they don't have any licenses, the website is poorly informative, there are a lot of questions about the functionality and the platform looks unreliable at all. In addition, Axiance completely abandons its responsibility to traders. Trusting such a dubious exchange intermediary is risky in terms of money loss.

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