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License: no Regulator: no

According to the company GlobalTrading26 itself on the pages of its official website, they are steadily taking a place among the largest leading global broker brands in the Forex marketplaces. Among th promises of this company are the use of only advanced technologies, the flexibility and benefit of balanced trading conditions, the availability of all kinds of tools and mechanisms that are necessary for trading regardless of the level of experience of the trader and his financial capabilities.

Bad scam broker Global Trading26 review review

Alas, the Global Trading26 project is a very dubious organization, and it's loud promises and seemingly attractive offers do not turn into crisp money bills for the client, but on the contrary, even the starting capital of traders disappears in the accounts of fraudulent organizers. This is a very real scam, conceived and launched in order to enrich its creators. Global Trading26 has nothing to do with honest trading, except its name.

By the way, residents of The United States, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria are well protected from Global Trading26 scams - the company refuses to provide services to them. By the way, traders from other jurisdictions may also be the lucky ones. It is not specified in the footer of the site where this information is written in small print.

Bad scam broker Global Trading26 review news

The site is low-informative and in general looks like it was made just to make a statement on the Internet. Uncomfortable for the perception of the font, boilerplate phrases and slogans, which are massively used by scam artists of all stripes for their online resources, we have already seen more than once on other sites. In addition, even the navigation is extremely inconvenient.

The site is monolingual and is presented only in English, but it seems that the text part of the site was created not by a native speaker or even a professional translator. The phrases look a bit muddled.

Overall, the site looks more like a test for a novice designer whose native language is not English.

Our objective review will help traders to avoid financial losses and fraud, refusing to cooperate with scammers of Global Trading26. It will be another reminder for experienced investors about the rapid growth and development of the online fraud sphere.

Types of trading accounts offered by Global Trading26

Among the benefits that Global Trading26 attributes to themselves, there are several trading plans that give the user the right to join trading on their platform.

A total of five trading accounts are indicated.

Global Trading26 gave its tariff plans the traditional names for most of its competitors: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP.

The swindlers, who call themselves representatives of global trading, decided not to be petty about the size of the minimum deposits. The amounts are in the single European currency. In order to join the simplest trading account, the balance of the trader must be deposited at least €10, 001. 

For this money the trader receives almost no benefits.

If an investor wants to potentially get more out of the platform, he will have to choose a VIP trading account, with a minimum deposit of €500,000. 

Telling about the withdrawal of funds within 1-7 days according to the chosen deposit, the Global Trading26 platform gives quite a high score for its innovative solutions to achieve high profits. 

It is unclear, of course, what exactly we are talking about here - profit for whom: for them or for their clients? 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of profitable trading activity on this site. Looking ahead, note that real users write just the opposite in their reviews.

Global Trading26 Trading conditions

As for the trading conditions from Global Trading26 on the whole, they should also be regarded as unfavorable. 

In addition to trading, the platform offers the opportunity to improve their skills, take advantage of educational materials. It is impossible to confirm or deny the quality of educational materials, but, as a rule, broker sites offer only introductory information for beginners. Nobody is going to share the secrets and "tricks" in the field of trading, especially since the broker, especially with such a dubious reputation, is interested in the financial losses of his clients.

If you look closely at the spreads, Global Trading26 indicates a value of 4 points (the currency pair EUR/USD). Investors, on the other hand, are required to pay a higher fee.

 If we talk about the average market spread, it is - 1.5. Most reputable brokerage companies have a narrow spread with values less than one point. 

For those who will dare to choose the VIP trading account type and deposit half a million Euro to the account of the fraudulent company, they will have to deal with the leverage ratio of 1:150. 

Only an inexperienced trader may consider this offer like a generous one. An experienced investor will immediately see the high risks. However, Global Trading26 only praises itself and assures that trading with such an intermediary as they are is profitable and safe.

As for payment instruments, Global Trading26 reports that it works with MasterCard, Maestro, as well as bank transfers. 

Also in other sections of the official website, they mention that they have several investment accounts. However, they are silent on the fact that the procedure for obtaining deposit requirements involves contacting customer service. 

Such manipulations only reduce the level of comfort for customers. 

As for commission fees, Global Trading26 charges its clients 1%. As soon as the trader makes a deposit, the scammers close the possibility of reimbursement, knowing that they are not going to return the money, and that there will be no other mechanisms to recover their capital. 

With such an attitude to clients, Global Trading26 has not only managed to lower the level of its reputation, but also cast a shadow on the field of trading as a whole.

Global Trading26 Licenses

Now let's pay attention to the legitimacy of the hero of our review.

In the footer of the site in small letters it is stated that the site is owned and managed by a certain company Formula Investment House B.O.S. Ltd, which has the actual address: Corner of Agiou Andreou & Venizelou Streets, Vashiotis Agiou Andreou Building, Second Floor, P.O.B 54216, Limassol, Cyprus.

Other than this note, we have no proof of any connection between the Global Trading26 project and the above-mentioned alleged parent organization.

We checked on the website of the regulator (Cyprus) to which the mentioned address belongs, but there is no information about the licensing of such a company.

Also in the “Licenses” section of Global Trading26's official website Global Trading even provides an allegedly scanned copy of the original license issued by the Virgin Islands regulator.

The question why it is not in Cyprus is still open. It says that the license was issued in 2010. 

Since modern technology allows you to draw anything, we turn to the website of the Virgin Islands regulator.

Yes, we received confirmation that such a company received a license, but only the date is different: December 15, 2020!

Let's see what else the domain where Global Trading26 is registered will tell us. By checking IP addresses and domain names with WhoIs we found out that was registered in September 2020.

Everything is very strange, there is some kind of scam with the documents, dates, relations between the companies, etc.

Most likely, swindlers are trying to cover their tracks and clear their reputations by closing and opening fly-by-night companies that care about stealing their clients' money rather than developing it.

Not only that, trusting an offshore company, a trader gets only negative results, not profitable trading. It is categorically not recommended to work with such scammers, especially in financial matters. Do not trust them with your money and you will sleep well with your capital.

Global Trading26 Reviews online

Fictitious brokerage project called Global Trading26 can not even provide full operation of their support service.

Traders are complaining en masse about the lack of feedback from the company in case of problems.

As for one of the key issues for investors about the withdrawal of funds, there are also many complaints about Global Trading26. Scammers simply take possession of the contents of their clients' accounts and block their accounts or simply leave the trading account emptied. 

The trader can do whatever he wants. After all, swindlers know there is no one to complain - the company is unregulated, has a questionable license and no proven connection with the so-called parent company.

This is what scammers do: they steal some people, and if they leave, they are succeeded by other credulous "wallets", ready to bring Global Trading26 tens and hundreds of thousands of euros.

Safety and security of funds with Global Trading26

As Global Trading26 is an offshore company, which most probably operates without any documents that would confirm their right to conduct financial operations, all capitals that clients entrust to this trading platform are guaranteed to be at risk.

So that online trading does not cause you additional anxiety, simply avoid such dubious projects, behind which there are swindlers.


Global Trading26 is a proven, dubious broker that offers its clients unfavorable trading conditions. The company has an unconfirmed legal status. Provides false information on their website and deliberately misleads users.

The Global Trading26 web platform is not real and the trader who trades with them will never get to the real market.

Run away from such an intermediary, do not even think about transferring money to them, they will hardly come back to you.

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