Broker Vlom: the another trading scam company review

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Due to a skillful approach internet-trading can be a source of high income. The main thing is not to meet scammers on the way to success. And if you encounter scammers, it is important to recognize them in time to protect your capital. 

The honest reviews of the online brokers, based on the analysis of facts and feedback of real traders, will keep the beginning financiers from disappointment and money losses when working in the trading industry . 

Online scammers are so confident that they are elusive, so most of them prefer to act according to the traditional schemes. As a rule, inexperienced traders are the main target of swindlers. Scammers masterfully disguise their deception by attractive advertisement of profitable conditions, advantages, bonuses and understandable rules. 

This review is devoted to the online broker company Vlom, whose actions made many trusting traders suffer . 

In order to prevent the scam  from further increasing the number of deceived users, let's elaborate on the peculiarities of the "working" schemes of the scammer. Let's also study his online reviews and sift out false advertising slogans. Let's check the information offered on the official website of Vlom and compare the facts. The review will help to draw conclusions and find the answer, who hides behind the Vlom brand: a swindler or an intermediary, who can be trusted with your capital in the process of trading?

Review of the official website of the broker Vlom

Information about the trading intermediary Vlom can be found on its official website at A visually comfortable palette of color shades has been chosen for the site, which evokes pleasant emotions from the first minutes. 

On the main page, the brand welcomes guests as follows:

Broker Vlom: the another trading scam company review review

The phrase that traders who work with Vlom "get the service they deserve" can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand the slogan sounds like a promise of excellent service, but on the other hand - if anything goes wrong, that's exactly what you deserve.

The site is informative and easy to navigate - the data is structured, there are sections of major categories, contacts are listed. Vividly painted the advantages and benefits of the conditions.

Broker Vlom: the another trading scam company review news

However, if you compare with sites of its competitors, it seems that all use the same template. This is the traditional way many companies use for PR, so you should not rely on this information when choosing a broker whom you are going to entrust your money.

By the way, the check of the indicator - 300 thousand traders all over the world, who use the broker's services, showed that only 902 users are subscribed to Vlom's Instagram account. 

The conclusions are obvious.

The legitimacy of Vlom brokerage review

Advertising of achievements and favorable conditions are air castles. Information is worthy of attention if it is supported by facts, documents.

The Vlom website has no pictures of licenses, certificates, names of founders and management, links to registries with registration or any other evidence that the broker operates within the legal framework. In other words, if there were documents, the broker would be sure to show them to users, as having certificates and licenses greatly increases the trust of traders. 

There is only this information:

While other sections of the site can be found in other languages, the content of this section is exclusively in English, which widens the circle for manipulation. Scammers often either do not offer a translation of the key information in the language of the country in which they provide services, or indicate it in the smallest font. This method is used in order to absolve oneself of any responsibility in case of transaction and justify the blocking of account or withdrawal of trader's funds. 

More detailed information was provided by checking the domain where the site is running - According to the data, the registration of the site is registered in South America, Panama (2001), but the first mention of the broker company with the name Vlom appeared on the Internet only 19 years later, in 2020. 

This is often done by swindlers: they register a domain and then, when they have a "crop" of defrauded traders, simply change the company name. It is possible that Vlom has the same story. This opinion is confirmed by the fact that Vlom's website was reregistered in 2020, when the first mentions of it appeared on the Internet. 

The actual address of the broker is not in Panama, where the site was registered, but offshore. 

There is also an interesting discrepancy here - the address and the contact phone number are geographically in different places: the office is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the phone number refers to North America (Canada). 

A check showed that the address Vlom refers to on its official website belongs to the Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina Ltd.

A review of the documentation and the history of the site are some of the evidence of the broker's scams.

Review of the registration process for traders on the Vlom website

To start cooperation, the fake broker offers potential traders to fill out an extended questionnaire (name, e-mail, phone number, date of birth, full residential address). The scammer explains his request for detailed information by his concern for financial and cyber security of every site user. In fact, it's just another marketing ploy by the scammer, which lulls your vigilance. 

Review of trading conditions from the Vlom broker

The site promises the traders:

  • thousands of trading instruments;
  • the most profitable sum of the minimum deposit;
  • availability of reliable leverage up to 1:400;
  • a wide range of opportunities for trading operations;
  • 7 types of accounts, where each successive package is more profitable than the previous one.

For example, the account "Platinum Pro" requires a deposit of $ 1 million, and for the account "VIP", the initial capital of the investor should be about $ 10 million.  

The real traders' reviews

The close monitoring of Vlom broker reviews that we managed to find on the Internet allowed us to weed out several custom texts from the feedback of real traders. Most users share their disappointment and accusations of Vlom's deception and financial fraud.

Vlom's "scam" scheme review

Traders who were "lucky" to work with the broker Vlom say the same things that the victims of criminal activity of other fraud brokers also accentuate, such as:

  • bright advertising, excellent statistics;
  • good offers of very profitable trading conditions;
  • manipulations based on the excitement and desire to earn more;
  • as a result - the refusal to withdraw money from the user, sinking of the deposit, the account blocking; 
  • complete ignoring of the users by the service support.

Conclusions of the Vlom broker`s review

Vlom broker is an ordinary online scammer. The close review revealed that attractive promises and statistics are nothing more than a scam designed to lure traders and steal their money. How does the trader find the best entry point into the trading market under such conditions? One must be careful and cautious, trusting only the facts and not the advertisements.

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