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The field of finance always attracts investors who want to multiply their capitals and scammers who plan to steal money fraudulently. The higher the stakes, the more skilled swindlers are on the way. Threats and risks are especially great in online trading. Hiding behind computer monitors and smartphone screens, shrewd swindlers cheat their victims en masse and empty their bank accounts.

It is not refusal of online trading, but attentiveness, vigilance and possessing the up-to-date accurate information that will help to escape such a financial plague. Timely read review of the company, which is presenting itself as a broker and which you are considering as a reliable exchange intermediary, will help to remove your glasses, will show the real picture, which can save you from financial losses. 

Professionally prepared detailed objective reviews allow to expose cheaters in the sphere of online trading and make the right choice of the broker for traders. That is the only way to detect fraud, because at first sight all brokerage sites look alike, generously promising profitable trading, swear of safe cooperation, and some even refer to license documents. Alas, but only a few of the offered companies turn out to be really reliable exchange intermediaries. The vast majority is simply stealing from their customers - taking money, time and nerves of trusting users. 

You can protect yourself only by checking. You can check the data you specified, or you can use ready-made reviews of real clients of the selected projects, as well as professionally prepared reviews, such as this one.

An example of an online financial project called Brokeragea Ltd will show what companies are definitely not worth dealing with, let alone investing in their trading platforms.

From the very first glance at the presentation on the Internet the bright slogans that greet the users with the main page of the official site are alarming.

Brokeragea Ltd scam broker review review

So there is a feeling that Brokeragea Ltd is a suspicious broker.

Apparently Brokeragea Ltd believes that this is not enough and it is necessary to enhance the effect by adding more empty boilerplate phrases.

Brokeragea Ltd scam broker review news

If such tricks do not work for experienced investors, the inexperienced traders often take the bait of fraudsters. But this is just the beginning - the general phrases, but further, in other sections, we see that the deception only gets deeper.

Types of trading accounts offered by Brokeragea Ltd

On the site in the section devoted to the plans, we see that potential traders are offered a choice of six types of trading accounts, which are called - Starter, Classic, Intermediate, Advanced, Ultimate, and VIP Policy.

However, if you carefully examine the official website of the project Brokeragea Ltd, the user can learn about the offer of another type of trading account number seven. It is an Islamic account. 

Strangely enough, but information about it is published in the Frequent Questions section.

The minimum deposit amounts are in American currency. The minimum deposit amount on the trading platform of Brokeragea Ltd is $1000.

It should be noted that this is too high a starting money bar. As a rule, licensed brokerage companies with a positive reputation set the minimum deposit 8-10 times lower than Brokeragea Ltd. It may seem to a beginner that in such a way the broker gives a chance to earn more, but in reality such figures show that this is an outright swindler. As practice shows, the user loses this money in the first minutes of trading operations on the platform of swindlers, who immediately actively recommend to invest more, to choose other types of trading accounts, promising that they are more profitable. But the result, more often than not, is exactly the same sad.

Brokeragea Ltd has shown its greed by demanding $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, and $100,000 deposits for other account types respectively.

As for the next important information for traders - the size of the leverage, Brokeragea Ltd specifies up to 1:400.

These are also very high ratios and besides the probability of good profits, they conceal the threat of serious losses for investors. For example, well-known regulators in Europe and the U.S. require that the companies that have their licenses do not put the leverage ratios above 1:40-50. This is a significant difference and may be another indication that the project Brokeragea Ltd is operated by shrewd crooks who are trying to look like a broker, with whom it is safe and profitable to trade on the stock exchanges. 

Brokeragea Ltd Trading conditions

The footer of Brokeragea Ltd official website states that the platform is not available for traders who would like to enter the platform from countries such as Japan, Iran, North Korea, and the USA. 

It is strange that, using the dollar, the platform does not allow investors from America. However, this once again confirms that the scammers are afraid of legal consequences and prefer not to contact the countries where there is a tight monitoring of such resources.

The site is translated into several languages. 

If it is confirmed that the site Brokeragea Ltd is completely anonymous and unregulated, then it is impossible to earn money here from any region. 

Although, judging by the information from the site, Brokeragea Ltd is a godsend for traders.

It offers more than 1,200 trading instruments, 24/7 multilingual support, free training materials and many other different advantages. However, what exactly the project offers is unknown. The user can only see the advertising headlines. There are no explanations. The list of more than 1200 trading tools is not attached by the swindlers of Brokeragea Ltd. But they promise professionalism and other such wonderful bonuses from cooperation with their company.

As for trading platforms, according to Brokeragea Ltd, they offer some kind of web platform. In fact, it was impossible to check it, because access to this option turned out to be closed, and the registration page - not working. 

Without providing normal conditions for their customers, Brokeragea Ltd offers a whole list of payment options: VISA, MasterCard and bitcoins. 

Despite the fact that all companies give the opportunity to work on trading platforms through different types of software and computers, Brokeragea Ltd counts itself as an advantage.

Usually poor-quality, blatantly promotional functionality is what makes fraudulent online brokerage companies stand out, and it's best to stay away from them.

A poorly functioning website, no access platform, and high deposit requirements are clearly negative characteristics of a company that wants to appear to be a reliable broker.

Brokeragea Ltd Licenses

In the Contact Information section, the company lists its actual address, phone number and email address allegedly. 

The address is virtually impossible to check, since it is St. Lucia, an island state in the eastern Caribbean. 

Brokeragea Ltd assures that it is a licensed broker and even refers to the license number issued by the regulator of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The problem is that this is an offshore zone. Moreover, this regulator has an extremely low credibility rating with financial investors and in the online trading industry in general.

However, another problem is that on the website of even such a regulator, the information listed by Brokeragea Ltd was not confirmed.

Moreover, on the site of the regulator there is no information about the company itself or the specified number of the so-called license.

It turns out that the users are faced with a typical absolute fraudster who cheats and tries to create the appearance of an honest broker.

The description in the About section is quite scanty and does not disclose any data about the company itself - it does not specify the date of creation, the names of managers and top managers. Let's try to find out when the site was registered using the service that checks domain names and IP addresses WhoIs.

It becomes clear that the site was registered on June 12, 2020. However, April 5, 2021 has already been marked for renewal. It is possible that it is the last date that should be considered the start of the company.

This is exactly what fraudulent projects do - they buy a site to show some period of presence in the market, and then update it for a particular project. After a few months, the procedure is repeated again. And so around the circle an infinite number of times. The main task is to catch new victims in their nets and seize their money.

In any case, the lack of a license, lies on every page, poorly designed and uninformative website, which looks more like a billboard than a reliable trading platform, is not worth the attention of traders. Otherwise, it will not be possible to return the money and prove the guilt of Brokeragea Ltd - legally they do not exist, and to look for them on islands in the Caribbean Sea is unlikely for anyone. It is exactly what almost all swindlers count on and Brokeragea Ltd is no exception.

Brokeragea Ltd Reviews online

On their website Brokeragea Ltd gives an example of positive, even enthusiastic customer reviews. Their tone is more like custom articles. Moreover, it's obvious they wouldn't publish negative texts on the main page of their official site.

However, there is a lot of negative information on broker reviews. Although the company seems to be working for several months and the website is offered in different languages, there are not many mentions of Brokeragea Ltd on the Internet. I managed to find it only in French.

A disappointed client writes that the beginning was great, but in the end he is glad he only managed to get away with small financial losses once he felt he had fallen for the scammers.

Judging by the second review the user didn't manage to avoid a sad fate and lost a lot of money.

Safety and security of funds with Brokeragea Ltd

This dubious broker tries to convince me that it is safe and profitable but in reality it is not.

By the way, if you carefully reread the long texts in the Legacy section you will be surprised to know that Brokeragea Ltd fines its clients in accordance with its own criteria. For example, for inactive trading. Clients may also be forcibly billed for repayment of annual and daily interest. This is a common practice of scammers.

An inactive client will pay penalties, and an active one who is raising profits will simply not be withdrawn.


Brokeragea Ltd is a fraudulent broker who has no documents, no normal website. The trading conditions are incomprehensible and the fictitious penalties are so high that in any scenario the trader will lose.

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