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When requesting the services of exchange intermediaries for trading operations on the Internet, there is an abundance of proposals. The main task for a trader with or without any experience is to choose the right company, which will help to increase profit from investments in trading platforms. Every day new names of companies that offer intermediary services to investors appear in the network. It becomes more and more difficult to detect a worthy candidate among a variety of offers and to avoid meeting with a fraudster. Our detailed review of the Capital Holdings project will show traders what kind of brokers they should not deal with and why, so as to save their nerves, time and money.

CapitalHoldings Broker is a relatively new player in the online trading market. At first glance at the attractive website, the company, which confidently touts its global recognition, seems trustworthy and professional. 

Capital Holdings scam broker review review

The platform offers high-quality brokerage services and benefits to its clients. On the homepage of the official site, investors at Capital Holdings are promised a high level of security, a positive experience and comfort: the ability to trade from anywhere in the world.  

Capital Holdings scam broker review news

What is the reality? Does the information on the site correspond to reality?

Let's start with the fact that this so-called globally popular site is presented exclusively in German. It's strange, because not many people can boast the knowledge of German. Of course, today technology allows you to use an automatic translator of web-resources and get the site in the right language. However, this is a definite inconvenience for users. There is a feeling that the creators of the project Capital Holdings have not taken care of their customers, though they are planning to make good money on them.

The second point - it is the quality of the loading of the resource as a whole and its individual pages in particular. The site is either working, or not loaded at all, and Google and Yahoo say that the page was either removed or moved to another address.

Moreover, it happens that the site is not available for a day, and then loads only the home page. As for switching between sections, this option is still inactive at the time of writing on 09/30/2021, although a couple of days ago the sections were accessible. 

It is unclear how it is possible to invest in a trading platform and work with such a broker, if the resource operates in such a mode. Moreover, as noted in the Terms and Conditions, any technical failures are the problem of the trader. 

Types of trading accounts offered by Capital Holdings offers investors a choice of four types of real accounts, as well as Islamic and demo accounts. The list of real plans includes trading accounts with the following names - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

The minimum deposit for traders to enter the Capital Holdings platform is $250. Interestingly, the site is offered exclusively in German, in other words, mainly for investors from Germany, but the billing is not in the usual currency for this region - the euro, but in U.S. dollars.

Moreover, such a minimum fee is quite high - twice as high as that offered by most reputable brokerage companies. As a rule, this is the way the swindlers pay for the services of their financial assistants. They are secret intermediaries, hidden from clients (their quantity can be different), with the help of which swindlers make the ways of money flows movement more complicated. If the trader has any problems, this practice reduces all attempts to trace and prove the facts of money transfers, start-up fees and any deposits to the accounts to almost zero. 

Capital Holdings has a very wide range of minimum deposits for its trading plans. For all other trading accounts the starting deposits are from $2,000, from $10,000 and from $50,000.

For each trading plan, there is a single leverage of 1:300 with scalping. This is a very high risk ratio. For example, legal brokers with a high reputation who follow the recommendations of their regulators do not set this ratio higher than 1:100. The average value is 1:30 or 1:40. As we can see, the norms allowed in many countries on the Capital Holdings platform are exceeded tenfold. If a beginner can skip this indicator and not give it importance, for an experienced investor this is a serious reason to think about the legal status of the company that offers to pay for its financial services. It is also another, so-called Red Flag, a warning about the risks of cooperation with this project. 

The rest of the basic conditions for all accounts are practically the same. As the broker Capital Holdings itself explains, they do not want traders with more modest contributions to think that they are getting worse service or trading conditions. But the situation has two sides, then the more generous investor who contributes $10,000 rather than $250 is entitled to expect a more attractive and profitable trading policy.

Capital Holdings Trading conditions

A more detailed acquaintance with the project Capital Holdings shows that the project is primarily interested in traders who have no experience in the field of trading operations. 

Such types of investors are a welcomed audience for swindlers. Swindlers easily "play" on the ambitions of gullible clients who can not yet distinguish cheating, empty advertising, from the real prospects and profitable offers.

It seems to be all nice and clear, but in fact, it's just words, without evidence and facts.

Capital Holdings pays special attention to the web platform MT4. As you know, it is quite an effective and convenient tool for traders. 

However, if it is used on a reliable platform. If the offer comes from a scammer, trading will be unprofitable. Scammers practice falsification of indicators and results. As practice shows, or rather customer reviews, which we will also focus on in our review, Capital Holdings is no exception. says that their clients are exempt from additional commissions, except for spreads, and there are no hidden fees to worry about.  However, commissions are the main source of income for online brokers. Capital Holdings prefers not to emphasize the sources of its profits. The reason is that withdrawing money from this platform is a definite quest that very rarely anyone can cope with.

And before the trader decides to apply for withdrawal, he or she will be "promoted" to make additional contributions and increase the deposit level.

Capital Holdings Licenses

The website of Capital Holdings has no reference to any proof of legitimacy. The footer of the site only mentions that belongs to a certain organization SNT Agensy World Ltd, which is registered in the Marshall Islands. 

By the way, some information in contacts is given in German and some in English, and that with mistakes. Usually such lapses are typical for fraudulent projects which do not care about their reputation because their main goal is to steal more clients and quickly reborn in a similar project but under a new name.

Judging by the technical glitches on the site of Capital Holdings, it's possible that we are witnessing this very process.

Perhaps the so-called parent company is registered offshore - it's impossible to check this because the site of the dubious regulator of the said territory has no such option. However, the Capital Holdings website has no documentary evidence of a legitimate connection between Capital Holdings and SNT Agensy World Ltd. There is only unconfirmed word of mouth, which is not credible.

Let's see what the regulator in Germany, to which the project belongs in German and on the .de domain - Capital Holdings - will tell us.

The BaFin regulator has no idea about such a project either.

Let's also see when the domain was registered and the site was launched.

It turns out that all the information is completely hidden. It is known that just the other day there was an update (and problems with loading pages of the resource).

Capital Holdings Reviews online

The project has probably been on the market for more than a year, since some reviews are dated 2020. But as long as there are problems on the site and all information about the domain is hidden, there is no way to find out for sure.

By the way, Capital Holdings even posts custom praise reviews, which are easy to recognize against the feedback from real clients.

As for defrauded traders, there are quite a few of them. For example, one client wrote about his horrible experience with Capital Holdings, where he was cheated. Fortunately, he managed to return the money through a special broker, but he spent more money, time, and nerves.

People talk about the lack of any payments and outright fraud. And if one manages to wrest a small sum from the clutches of swindlers, the procedure takes more than a month. But more often the request for withdrawal is rejected. For example, "Dear Client, we have received the request to withdraw funds from your trading account. We want to inform you that the process requires a verbal agreement with the responsible analyst. We regret that we have to deny you this, as it would violate the terms and conditions you agreed to regarding risk management."  By the way, the terms and conditions, which are publicly available on the Capital Holdings website, do not have this information. Anyone can check it out.

Deceived traders urge you not to trust scammers. For example, the trust of this trader cost him 59,600 euros.

Safety and security of funds with Capital Holdings 

As we see, the project, which appears to be a broker on the website, is in fact a typical scam with no documents, no history and, in principle, no normal website. 

One should not hope for the safety of capitals and personal information here.

We believe that the recommendations not to work with Capital Holdings are unnecessary. Everything is clear from the review.


Capital Holdings, which pretends to be a global broker and offers services on, is a scam. The project works without documents, cannot offer a normally working website and hides information about itself, including the date of its foundation.

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