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Capital Markets presents itself as a company - a guide to the world of profitable trading, which is crowded within one country. In fact, there are many good reasons to suspect this online broker of financial scams and fraud. Let's study the information that the company tells about itself on the website, check the regulators' data and the domain name registration record, and analyze the reviews of real customers, not custom-made dithyrambs.

Types of trading accounts offered by Capital Markets

Among the offers of Capital Markets, trade the following assets: fiat (77 tandems), CFD on shares of American companies (more than 3000), indices, precious metals (silver, gold, palladium and platinum), oil and gas. 

Capital Markets: a detailed review and reviews analysis of scam broker review

Traders can start trading with a minimum deposit of $300. The platform has set the leverage up to 1:30 and promises market execution of orders.

Margin call is fixed at 20% and Stop Out - 50%.

The broker sets a maximum deal volume of 100 lots with a commission of up to $7.5/lot. 

At Capital Markets, only the marketing offer is attractive. Implementation is much more complicated: no one will allow traders to make money. 

Only those who are looking for a quick and rather nerve-racking way to reduce their money capital will decide to cooperate with Capital Markets. The fake broker does not allow withdrawal of transactions to the market, his goal is to drain all deposits. As for the withdrawal of funds from this site, here it is fantastic.

Swindlers are really experts and pros at "draining" their clients' budgets. The broker practises the magic of instant disposal of money on its traders: one, two... and the clients' accounts are zeroed. 

Capital Markets Trading conditions

A fraudulent project Capital Markets offers investors the services of a financial intermediary on the Forex market, as well as on the CFD market. 

Inexperienced traders find such conditions tempting. 

Everything looks attractive at first glance: 

Capital Markets: a detailed review and reviews analysis of scam broker news
  • the best choice of instruments,
  • opportunity for successful trading,
  • the ability to access current market analysis, 
  • promises of professional support in the process of forming an investment portfolio,
  • the opportunity to participate in trading on the popular MetaTrader 5 terminal, using any device,
  • the right to use a demo account.

In fact, swindlers pull the wool over the users` eyes. In reality, the transactions from such sites are not displayed on the exchange. In other words, there is a professional pseudo-broker trade imitation. How can it be? They use a common terminal dummy, which gives absolutely no opportunity to make a profit. 

When a client trains to make trades in a demo version, he sees how easy it is to make high profits from trading. In fact, the program simply simulates the most attractive situation for the trader and is specially tuned to stimulate his interest, excitement and thirst for profit.

Everything changes dramatically when real "real" money is involved: the profit remains only in memories and dreams.

Only a naive, novice trader will expect honest cooperation from a basement "kitchen".

Capital Markets Licenses

Capital Markets is presenting itself as an ECN broker. But the characteristic "legal financial agent" does not suit the swindlers of this scam under any pretext. 

As it turned out during the deep inspection, Capital Markets is a pseudo-broker that operates without a license. A visitor of the official website of the company will not see any copies of authorization documents (for example, license) or at least a link to the financial regulator register that would control the so-called activities of the office. 

Instead, we are offered beautiful stories about the history of the establishment and the location of the head office in Hong Kong and a branch in New York. 

K. Varalen, who founded the project in 2015 (according to the website) is invisible to Google and Yahoo search engines. Only the Capital Markets website presents him. as "an industry veteran and owner of Varalen Trading Corp." (the broker's parent company). 

On the web you can find information from Capital Markets itself that all services are offered by VARALEN CAPITAL MARKETS LLC. Then there is information that Capital Markets is an offshore office of Varalen CM LTD, which is related to the Marshall Islands. There is also mention of Capital Markets as a British Varalen CM Limited. 

Check the license registration.

Many companies with such a name are registered in the U.S., but our broker is not among them. It is possible that Capital Markets, which we talk about in our review, does not belong to any of the stated offices.  

If we talk about the offshore in the Marshall Islands (UK), the register of the British regulator reports the following:

In fact, it is 100% impossible to know who is responsible for this broker's default. 

Scammers continue to operate outside the law, and in order to avoid showdowns with deceived customers deliberately confuse their traces, because in the case of trouble, the client will not know where to go for protection.

Moreover, VARALEN CAPITAL MARKETS LLC, which is usually referred to by swindlers, does not have a license for dealing.

As for the other two offices - they are not registered at all in the registers of legal entities at the place of domicile indicated on the site.

Capital Markets assures that it works closely only in China and its huge client base consists of traders from all over the world. It all looks more like a fairy tale, because even the official website of the swindlers can only be used by those who know only English or Chinese.

Among the ways to communicate with Capital Markets were found 

  • postal addresses (New York, Hong Kong);
  • telephone numbers (US and Hong Kong international codes);
  • email address;
  • feedback form;
  • social networks.

As for domain registration, the WhoIs verification service reports that the domain was registered in 2015.

I.e. Capital Markets are scammers with a track record.

By the way, there is information that the company provides training for traders in Moscow (Russian Federation), but I could not find a direct address or a link to the training center.

Capital Markets Reviews online

Not surprisingly, the fake forex broker has a huge baggage of negative reviews of real traders who had the misfortune to entrust him their money. Unfortunately, the flow of gullible beginners in the field of trading is not drying up yet, and investors keep getting "hooked" on false claims about a so called respectable international broker who makes beautiful promises about getting rich beyond their dreams with his help.

So we just have to show what people who came across the dubious project Capital Markets think in reality. 

Of course, swindlers spend enough to whitewash the lost reputation, they order praise reviews, but they are not able to block the inexhaustible stream of negativity.

Despite the fact that the site is presented only in English and Chinese, the forums are full of negative reviews of Russian-speaking traders who suffered from the "services" of Capital Markets. 

Mainly Capital Markets clients complain about losing capital, trades closing, impossibility to withdraw money.

Most of the victims of scams from the "kitchen" of Capital Markets recommend not to get involved with this fraudulent project. 

They emphasize the lack of support and cunning conditions that are impossible to learn about before making a deposit and starting trading.

They often manage to cheat experienced traders as well, not just beginners.

Scammers shamelessly cheat people who trusted them. Such a situation happened to a user named Poland, who lost her money as well as many other people.

Even if the trader understands that he made a mistake with the choice of the site, the return of the initial deposit turns out to be impossible.

The scammers practice losing deposits and do not withdraw money.

After giving his name and email address, the user can ask questions to the company's employees. However, if it's not about registration or making a deposit, there's no use waiting for an answer. In their feedback ex-clients write that the operators ignore requests concerning withdrawal of funds, problems with the terminal and other "disadvantageous" topics. It is impossible to reach Capital Markets by phone. We tried it and found out that there is no answer on the other end and the connection is one-way.

Safety and security of funds with Capital Markets

Before accessing the site, the user is required to agree to Capital Markets' requirements.

As for the guarantee of safety of traders' funds, Capital Markets is a complete failure. The dubious company offers to read the privacy policy, has prepared a client agreement, but all this does not matter.

They do not go any further than an electronic text of the promises.



Capital Markets is a scammer, after meeting with whom traders get not pleasure and profit, but monetary loss, resentment and disappointment. Based on the review, we categorically do not recommend contacting this project if you want to really make money on the financial markets. Judging by the real reviews, rather than commissioned articles, no one is able to make money with this intermediary. The task of the platform is to get a deposit of several hundred dollars from the client and to quickly drain the client's assets.

Swindlers are aimed solely at their own enrichment, rather than a mutually beneficial cooperation. Capital Markets deserves harsh criticism. With the hero of this review it is utopia.


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