CapitalOneMarkets review – is it a financial scam or a reliable broker?

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If you're going to devote your time to trading, choose your trading platforms carefully. Be vigilant, do not fall for the "sweet" promises of such scams as the offshore broker CapitalOneMarkets! Otherwise your money is in serious danger. And now in order, why do we emphasize that CapitalOneMarkets is a scammer in the field of online trading.

Types of trading accounts offered by CapitalOneMarkets 

For investors, CapitalOneMarkets has prepared four types of accounts (Turbo, Bi-Turbo, Super Charger Rocket Power). 

CapitalOneMarkets review – is it a financial scam or a reliable broker? review

The tariff plans have strange names. The impression is that the owner of the platform is a schoolboy who is preparing for a frivolous game. In fact, the minimum price for bidding is $250.

Paying this amount, the trader with the minimum deposit is promised the support of a senior analyst when working with accounts, as well as two personalized trading sessions and leverage X2. 

As the deposit grows, the conditions are offered to become better. 

Each package additionally offers welcome bonuses to its investors of 10-25%, depending on the selected conditions.

It would seem that everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about, because the broker takes care and encourages his clients to be active. In fact, bonuses are often used by scammers to subsequently block the trader's withdrawal of funds.

To overcome this prohibition, the trader is required to deposit an amount equal to the bonus. In other words, the trader who wants to withdraw money, must additionally replenish the balance of his account in an amount not less than the "gift" bonus. In this case, it is not guaranteed that the trader will be able to withdraw the money - this is rarely a part of CapitalOneMarkets broker's plans and he makes up reasons not to let the procedure take place: he accuses the trader of violating the trading conditions, says that he does not have enough funds and sometimes simply blocks the account without explaining the reason.

CapitalOneMarkets Trading conditions

The CapitalOneMarkets platform puts five trading instruments at the trader's disposal.

CapitalOneMarkets review – is it a financial scam or a reliable broker? news

You can find more details in the corresponding section. On the main page there is only a listing, and the fields for a detailed description are empty: it looks like they were forgotten to be filled in with data.

This alleged EU subject, which claims that "the most popular and preferred trading platform among traders all over the world is CapitalOneMarkets Webtrader".

This statement by them can be called ridiculous and absurd.

Moreover, the company assures that it is based in Estonia, has branches in Germany and Britain (as we have already checked - this is a lie), but some of the offers listed on the website are prohibited in accordance with the regulations applicable in the EU.

This once again confirms the fear that CapitalOneMarkets is either a malicious deliberate violator of the law, or even a pure scammer without a license. 

Forex assets refer to major currency pairs. Indices from three territories - Canada, USA, Europe. There are eight types of coins for cryptocurrency trading.

CapitalOneMarkets states on its website that the maximum allowable leverage is 1:7. In fact, the actual leverage is 1:200. This is not just an inconsistency. It is a typical brazen lie that significantly lowers the rating of this shady broker. Moreover, it is uncorrectable, i.e. CapitalOneMarkets deliberately "drives" its clients into a high-risk environment. This is the ultimate scam.

Overall, CapitalOneMarkets has gained a reputation as a shady broker that offers its clients cooperation on rather strange trading conditions.

CapitalOneMarkets Licenses

It's hard to call the CapitalOneMarkets platform legitimate. Of course CapitalOneMarkets is the name of a legal entity, a company that claims the rights to own the brand.

The "Contacts" section lists only the telephone numbers of the so-called branch offices in Germany and the UK. The scammer prefers to keep silent about the actual addresses. 

According to the company that owns the platform, its location is Estonia. This information is mentioned on the official website of CapitalOneMarkets in the "Terms and Conditions" section. 

We will not take your word for it and check in the register of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSAEE) whether or not it is registered.

The result showed that there is no information about the company with that name. That is, CapitalOneMarkets operates in the field of trading illegally, without a license.

Since the website mentions Germany and the UK, let's try to check the registration of the company with the regulators of the mentioned states.

What was required to prove. CapitalOneMarkets is not under the supervision of any country's financial regulator. The platform operates without appropriate legal documents.

The site is anonymous, there is no full-fledged information about the management, the addresses are not listed, there is no mention of licenses.  The facts suggest that working with the scammer CapitalOneMarkets can bring a lot of trouble and not a dollar/euro profit.

This means that the scammer can do whatever he wants - block and zero out clients' accounts, for example, while remaining unpunished.

Let's go beyond checking for actual addresses and licenses. Let's analyze the digital data, i.e. let's study in detail the information about the domain of CapitalOneMarkets.

An independent service WhoIs, which allows you to check the registration data of domain name owners, IP addresses and autonomous systems provides interesting information about the domain registration of the company:

The date of registration - the beginning of November 2020 - attracts attention. When did the scammers, who offer unclear terms and, without a license, become the trading platform number 1, remains a mystery.

CapitalOneMarkets Reviews online

Let's move on to the reviews of real users. Unfortunately, I managed to find one comment of a trader who was "lucky" to face the scams of CapitalOneMarkets in his personal experience.

The trader tells about a typical scam scheme - he "fell for" a promising welcome bonus, believed bright promises, made a deposit and was no longer able to contact the platform, and subsequently his account was blocked altogether. It is noteworthy that during the proceedings, the fraudster claimed that such a trader did not exist at their trading platform, so there was nothing to sort out.

Frankly speaking, I am not surprised by the negative feedback due to the analysis of the company's website and documents.

It is strange that after almost six months there is no mention of the company by real traders. Moreover, the site is translated into almost all languages of the world. There are no comments either on thematic forums or on Google or Yahoo search engines. 

Support service comes into contact only when it sees the user as a potential "money-bag". As soon as questions and problems arise - the scammers evaporate. 

The contact information is fake. In the process of registration users leave their contacts and scammers do not hesitate to bother them with future annoying offers, without regard to time zones and time of day.

It is possible that CapitalOneMarkets is "cleaning up" its history. Or the company that owns CapitalOneMarkets simply changes the names of projects when they "turn negative" and do not attract new gullible investors.

Safety and security of funds with CapitalOneMarkets

On the online platform offered by CapitalOneMarkets, there is no need to talk about the safety of trading operations and the absence of risks to capital. 

Despite the fact that on its official website the scammer extols its platform, calling it the most popular among online traders from different countries, in reality everything is not so positive.

In fact, customers are not offered any trading advantages, but there are enough problems: the implementation of commands is slow and some tools are not available at all.

As for the safety of traders' capital, CapitalOneMarkets cannot guarantee it and moreover, provide it. The reason is still the same: its activities are illegitimate and it does not have a corresponding document from any financial regulator confirming this right. Accordingly, the broker does not make insurance payments to the appropriate regulatory authorities. This means that in case of any problems the trader has no one to turn to. 

As checks have shown, CapitalOneMarkets schemes are fraudulent, and the broker himself is trying to draw investors into an unsafe, shadowy and completely unregulated business. If you value your money and nerves, this experience should definitely be avoided.

CapitalOneMarkets remains invisible to the regulators, so it gives itself the right to deal unfairly with traders as it wishes.


CapitalOneMarkets is a 100% swindler who created a special website for anonymous online trading to rob gullible traders. Investors are not provided security, they have no rights on this platform, except one: to invest as much as possible. In addition to the fact that the scammer works illegally, hides his thieving intentions, so also the site is not created in the best way - the font and the harsh shade of the background are chosen extremely poorly. The browser-based platform is uncomfortably structured when you try to navigate.

Pay close attention to the conclusions made in this impartial and honest review, so that you do not have to face future financial problems, which are guaranteed in case of cooperation with the scammer CapitalOneMarkets.

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