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Online trading allows you to increase your capital, using the mechanisms of passive or active investing. In the first case, the investor entrusts the whole process of participation in trading operations to his trusted broker. In the second case, an exchange intermediary acts only as a guide to exchange floors, where stakes and strategies are left to the trader. 

At first glance, it seems that the mechanism is simple and understandable, especially for those who know at least a little bit about economics and finance. That's what many people think, that's why the number of defrauded investors is increasing every day, most of whom can't even understand where they went wrong and why their intention to multiply their money led to the opposite result - to lose it.

In fact, the key wrong step which programmed the negative scenario was made in the beginning - when choosing a broker, or rather a swindler who introduced himself as a reliable exchange intermediary. If a trader enters into cooperation with a fraudulent company, all his intermediate decisions are meaningless - there is no profit to be expected in such a financial alliance.

Financial swindlers, such as the hero of our review - DALEFOX LIMITED, act in relation to their clients traders in accordance with a variety of cunning schemes. The most widespread methods of deception are: falsification of quotations, which are specially adjusted to the broker or unusually profitable offers of cooperation.

DALEFOX LIMITED scam broker review review

Often swindlers offer too generous bonus programs only after the trader has made a large deposit to their account. Then the broker introduces a large number of conditions for withdrawal of the "gifted" amount, failure to comply with which all money, including the deposit is automatically transferred to the broker, and the trader may also receive additional penalty interest. Often this procedure ends up in blocking of the account and the final loss of any money on the account - invested, earned and "gifted". 

Often scammers simply change the names and addresses of their sites in order to hide their negative history and attract as many financial donors as possible, and not just new ones. 

Not everyone realizes that the same scammer is hiding behind the new name. Only a detailed review that presents only facts and conclusions, based on the results of verification of the conditions, legitimacy, and feedback from real users helps to detect old scammers.

Types of trading accounts offered by DALEFOX LIMITED  

The DALEFOX LIMITED project presents itself at dalefoxlimited.com. A strange design and page design in general was chosen for the demonstration site. For example, a user who is planning to invest his money in the trading platform wants, first of all, to learn about the terms of cooperation, study the types of trading accounts - the size of the minimum deposit, the ratio of leverage and other important information for the trader.

When you open the website, you see a video on the whole title page which has nothing to do with information value. For example, before the Christmas holidays this is a video about the Christmas tree, snow, Coca-Cola tracks etc.

But the important section on trading account types is not in the Top, the footer or the Home page. All around there are only laudatory slogans, which assure the user of the benefits of working with this platform. By the way, typical advertising phrases are not supported by facts. These are just words that can inspire only an inexperienced investor.

Only in the Consulting Department, the page which leads the complex path of several transitions, there is some information about the basic conditions.

DALEFOX LIMITED scam broker review news

As you can see, DALEFOX LIMITED prefers low-information content. The minimum deposit amount is not mentioned here. 

But there are percentage profit figures to within hundredths. This data is one of the indicators that we are dealing with a typical scammer. In trading it is impossible to guarantee the exact profit figures. It does not matter whether it is done in monetary units or percentages.

On the main page of the broker, whose competence is only doubtful, attached instructions with the algorithm of cooperation.

In the point #2, potential traders are offered to choose the type of trading account and method of deposit. But this dubious broker does not specify what to choose. There is no more detailed information.

Let's try to read the section Terms and Conditions: maybe there DALEFOX LIMITED has hidden information about the types of trading accounts. Alas, but there is nothing specific here as well. There are only general phrases about the accounts which do not add any important data.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to find out what types of trading accounts the DALEFOX LIMITED platform offers traders - this important information is not available on the official website of the project.

DALEFOX LIMITED Trading conditions

From what we have already seen on the DALEFOX LIMITED website, the broker looks unconvincing, and on the trading platforms of such exchange intermediaries and transactions are fake. 

Without providing important information, DALEFOX LIMITED still insists that you can trade comfortably with them.

The Terms and Conditions section states that the company does not cooperate with traders from the United States.

As is customary with almost all fraudulent brokerage companies, there is a bright table with the information about the trading conditions, or rather only impressive figures: 42 currency pairs, 35 USStocks - although traders from the United States of America are not allowed to enter the platform. Not a single explanation, explanation or clarification on the official website of the project.

As we have already noted, there is no information about leverage and other important data.

But traders are warned that the lack of activity for more than three months is not tolerated here - clients' accounts are transferred to the archive with a promise to save their money. 

However, it is not specified on what conditions the activity on the platform can be resumed and what penalties DALEFOX LIMITED will charge for this procedure. 

The broker boasts of new technologies and a modern approach to trading activity.

In fact, such lack of information and the abundance of general phrases suggests that there are typical crooks behind the management of the project, whose task is to deceive their customers and to swindle them out of as much money as possible.  This is what this cheap uninformative website is for. 

Swindlers just promise good conditions for "real" trading, and tell beautiful stories about good profits, enclose a history of its creation - all this is done to make it easier to lure novice traders who have no experience, but have money.

Don't trust false empty promises - the whole DALEFOX LIMITED project is a fake created to steal traders' capital.


On its official website DALEFOX LIMITED repeatedly in different sections emphasizes its legitimacy. The project indicates that their office is located in London.

When looking at a photo of the building at this address in the virtual maps, you can see that it is a low-rise office building, most likely for multiple offices. There are a few signs and advertisements outside, but there is no sign of DALEFOX LIMITED.

They provide a couple of contact numbers for contact. However, it is doubtful confirmation of their existence in England, because modern technology and IP telephony in particular allow you to specify any number of a particular country, but physically located in the next room.

The company assures that their start was in 2004. 

If they are in the heart of the UK officially, as they claim, they must have a license from the British regulator FCA.

However, a check showed that a project with a similar name was not licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

And this is where we caught the con artists in a lie. Therefore, the stories that we ourselves are registered and work exclusively with large legal partners looks cynical and deceitful.

Let's see what the history of the domain name dalefoxlimited.com tells us on the WhoIs verification service.

And here we see confirmation of yet another deception.

The scammers say that the company has been operating since 2004, but in fact the site was registered on September 28, 2021. If you believe the data, it turns out that the online project has been working without a site for more than 10 years? Or did they have another platform? Why does a successful and growing company need to move to a new site?

There are a lot of questions, and the answer is one - because this is a fake brokerage company, run by crooks. The practice of compiling more than 100 reviews of brokerage companies allows us to note that swindlers start projects for a few months, then simply change the name and the online site to reborn in a new guise and continue to profit from the trust and inexperience of traders.

DALEFOX LIMITED Reviews online

As for reviews, there are almost none on the Internet.

This is very strange, as for a company with many years of experience, as they claim about themselves. On the other hand, even a couple of months, as stated in the date of registration of the site, there could be some feedback from customers. 

In fact, I could only find a few reviews that look custom and written by one person.

Usually praise reviews are ordered by fraudulent projects, as they cannot get such information from real customers.

DALEFOX LIMITED is a complete fake and should be avoided for the safety of your money.

Safety and security of funds with DALEFOX LIMITED

There is no question about the safety of funds or personal information on the website of the project DALEFOX LIMITED. Take at least for example a paragraph in the section of Terms and Conditions which perfectly describes this project and speaks about the lack of safety for clients.


DALEFOX LIMITED is a scam company with an uninformative cheap website full of ads and false information. The company of swindlers works without a license. Cooperating with such a project is dangerous for traders' capitals.

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