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Experience, professionalism, good reputation, demand among representatives of their target audience and an attractive cover - these are the main criteria that a stockbroker should have. Today, financial intermediaries actively offer their services online. This significantly increases risks for traders - it is easy to get caught by swindlers. There are a lot of mechanisms and tools on the Internet, which fraudsters use to create a desirable image for themselves. Every day the tricks of financial swindlers become more and more sophisticated.

Take, for example, a certain brokerage project Datum Finance Limited. Apparently, it is a new, little-known brokerage company. There are only a couple of mentions of this broker on the web, mostly links to the official website. The corporate page is the face of the brand. The company should be very attentive to its creation, especially if in addition to advertising functions the site serves as a trading platform in the field of online trading. Website Datum Finance Limited is offered to Russian- and English-speaking audiences, ready to invest in various trading instruments. Datum Finance Limited immediately on the main page starts handing out promises and describing the benefits of cooperation with them.

Datum Finance Limited scam broker review review

But what in fact Datum Finance Limited is, that manages this project and how profitable and safe it is to cooperate with such a broker, it is worth finding out in order to protect traders from losing money and time. A detailed review, which sets out the facts and analysis of the official website and the main aspects of the Internet platform Datum Finance Limited, which in the eyes of users wants to seem world-famous, reliable and profitable intermediary in online exchange transactions. As far as the reality coincides with the stories of Datum Finance Limited look in the review and do not miss the important information that will keep from financial risks of fraudulent scams. 

Types of trading accounts offered by Datum Finance Limited

One of the most important questions traders have to answer is the types of trading accounts. The information about any broker's tariff plans allows the potential investor to understand the basic conditions offered by the broker. Knowing the size of the minimum deposit, the level of leverage, the amount of commissions and other parameters of the entrance to the trading platform, the client of the brokerage company is easier to assess his chances and possible risks.

Unfortunately, Datum Finance Limited does not provide absolutely any information regarding its trading accounts. 

Datum Finance Limited scam broker review news

This is the only mention of Datum Finance Limited about the accounts of its clients. Despite the fact that the potential trader is not clear what he will have to work with, if his choice will stop at this company, Datum Finance Limited here in detail spells out the algorithm of actions for its clients.

In other words, whether Datum Finance Limited consciously omitted this important information, or just missed this section because of his inattention. Experienced traders know that this practice of presenting information is common to fraudsters who disclose details of cooperation only after the client has registered. Even if the trader is not satisfied with the terms, the fraudsters keep their personal data and contact information in the database. By the way, in order to register with Datum Finance Limited, an impressive list of documents is required from the user.

How exactly Datum Finance Limited uses the information obtained and whether the data of customers to third parties - is unknown. It is easy to find out - by annoying regular phone calls and emails, although it may take time. Often clients of fraudsters face attack on bank accounts, information about which is indicated on dubious sites.

In any case, information about trading accounts is not publicly available on the official website of this already very dubious broker Datum Finance Limited. 

Datum Finance Limited Trading conditions

The trading offers of the oddly conspiratorial broker Datum Finance Limited raise many questions. Although when you first look at the website everything seems clear.

Nevertheless there are only advertising slogans and there is absolutely no specifics. It should be noted that the owners of Datum Finance Limited have given too modest attention to this section as well. For example, there are no characteristics of the platform. Users are only told that it is modern and reliable. 

Traders are offered to check the technical capabilities of Datum Finance Limited in the way that will be most convenient for them - on a PC or on a smartphone. 

As for the availability of assets, there are only names and some figures, which are also not specified.

It is known that there is an opportunity to trade with the following assets, as currency pairs, U.S. stocks, 15 names of cryptocurrencies, global indices, precious metals - gold, silver, palladium, oil futures and others.

This is general information. It is not known exactly which cryptocurrencies can be used and which 15 American companies' stocks can be dealt with on the Datum Finance Limited trading platform.

The site provides more or less specific information about the ways to deposit accounts.

Money is the priority of the dubious broker Datum Finance Limited. Here the swindlers spared no time and even made a table.

In the section Terms and Conditions Datum Finance Limited also tells about possible bonuses.

However getting a reward on this platform is a real quest. The procedure has many rules and restrictions. And in general, it would be cheaper and easier if the trader refuses bonus "gifts", because, in order to withdraw any gifted amount, you need to deposit no less to the accounts of Datum Finance Limited. Scammers never hurt themselves financially and always create such conditions to stay with the profits.

Here is where the really detailed description is for investment portfolios of world famous brands. 

Perhaps some traders due to lack of experience will not pay attention to the lack of information on the website of broker Datum Finance Limited. However, this approach will lead to the fact that in the process of trading, such investors will be unpleasantly surprised when they are obliged to pay fees, the existence of which was not mentioned a word on the pages of the official site. And in order to withdraw funds, it is necessary to know the procedure and fulfill a number of conditions, which are hidden on the remote pages, but not in the main sections. As a result, the trader becomes a prisoner of debt and from an investor turns into a debtor of fraudsters.

Datum Finance Limited Licenses

When checking the legitimacy of Datum Finance Limited, it turned out that there are no links to any documents on the website. Only the company number.

In the contacts section there is an address in London, two phone numbers, a contact form and email addresses. 

There is a business center on the specified coordinates with several dozens of floors. So it is not possible to check the reliability of the data remotely.

The "About Us" section does not contain information about the founders of the company and its current leaders or top managers of various areas. On the official website of Datum Finance Limited it says "we". Users only know that the project was launched in 2016.

It is surprising that a company that was established several years ago in the promising industry of online trading has not gained visibility on the Internet. 

Checking the domain name of datum-finance-limited.com using the WhoIs service showed that the doubts were unfounded. 

The site Datum Finance Limited, which is the base site of an online broker, was, it turns out, registered August 02, 2021. In other words, the company has been operating for a couple of months. This information is more in line with the truth and explains the lack of presence of Datum Finance Limited in search engines.

Lies about the real presence on the market are easily detected by deep inspection. It immediately becomes clear that we are not a reliable broker, but a one-day office, which intentionally inflates such an indicator for the sake of increasing its rating. But it's all a fake and Datum Finance Limited was no exception.

Most fraudulent projects have identical legends and even websites. 

Let's check if Datum Finance Limited really has a license. Let's use the Companies House registry from the UK Companies House.

As it turned out, there really is such a company with a full match of number and name. The trick is that it was registered in 2005, 11 years earlier than the hero of our review and at a different address. By the way, the specialization of the registered organization is also different: they provide loan financing and credit investment projects. Moreover, the company's website is different.

When we checked data about Datum Finance Limited in the registry of Financial Conduct, FCA which is the registrar on the territory of Great Britain it turned out that no such company has been issued a license.

Datum Finance Limited conducts illegal activities, violating the laws of Britain and other countries, as well as violating the rights of traders.

Datum Finance Limited Reviews online

Datum Finance Limited is a little-known broker, about which I could not find a single review of a real trader. It turns out that not only the start-up date, the talk about the registration number, but also the cooperation with reputable liquidity providers turned out to be a fairy tale.

The dubious fraudulent broker began by cheating and failed to raise its low starting rating in a couple of months of operation. It is possible that Datum Finance Limited monitors and removes negative reviews or really this company is not interesting to anyone.

Safety and security of funds with Datum Finance Limited

The deception of Datum Finance Limited lies already in the very way of presenting the information on its official website. 

Drawing beautiful figures, falsely favorable terms, the lack of specifics and details - all this increases the risk for investors' capitals. You should not trust the scammers of Datum Finance Limited with your money and cooperate with their trading platform.


Datum Finance Limited is a lying scammer who operates under a false name, has no registration, no experience and a quality informative website. The scammers follow a single goal - to get into the pockets of as many of their clients as possible. To connect with such a fake broker is categorically impossible and dangerous for money.

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