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The easiest way to invest in securities is through a broker. However, choosing a reliable and experienced broker for online trading is not an easy task. The market is very crowded with scammers. Every second offer hides a fraudster. Swindlers gladly take any opportunity to cheat their clients out of money. International online market has millions of brokers, who are daily caught in a network of lies and deception. Clients from all over the world, who were just planning to invest in exchange operations, lose hundreds, thousands of dollars, and plans end up disappointed in the field of trading and in their own abilities too. 

For example, it is hard to believe that behind the attractive website of the company called ExBrokerc or, for short - EXCBC, there is a typical risky forex swindler.

At first glance the ExBrokerc brokerage company looks presentable. A resource at ru.ex-cbc.com is even presented in two languages - Russian and English. But behind an attractive tinsel is hiding a financial swindler. The proof is enough of the characteristics that are described in this objective detailed review of EXCBC. Extremely doubtful is the information provided in different sections on the official website of the company. The verification of the legitimacy of the work of this strange broker has collected facts not in favor of ExBrokerc, and the reviews of real clients have completely dispelled the last hopes and faith in the "honest name" of ExBrokerc.

It is definitely not worth entrusting money to such a company, especially since several sites are used for a project with such a name, which are probably created to clear their reputation and expand opportunities while deceiving a wider range of clients. 

ExBrokerc scam broker review review

The "About Us" section is as laconic and informative as possible: no history, no story about the top people - just a couple of sentences about how ExBrokerc is pleased to provide traders with services of the highest standard and other, unimportant words.

When you see such a presentation of the international broker, everything becomes clear, and the belief in the objectivity of unflattering reviews about the ExBrokerc project is strengthened after a cursory visual analysis of the service. Legitimate brokers with a good reputation will not present themselves on an openly unprofessional and uninformative site, which is full of errors and lies. Moreover, it takes up to 5-10 seconds for each page to load, which in the 21st century is simply unacceptable, especially for a financial company, which offers its platform for trading operations with a lot of money.

An in-depth inspection only confirmed the first negative impression.

Now in order with the details and facts.

Types of trading accounts offered ExBrokerc

ExBrokerc offers five types of trading accounts - MICRO, SIMPLE, STANDART, PRO and VIP. Which, as the broker promises, can satisfy all needs and goals of traders - the only important thing is to choose the appropriate trading account plan.

ExBrokerc scam broker review news

Also Exbrokerc offers the right to create a demo account, which does not require a minimum deposit or any money transfers.

Accounts provide different conditions and costs to enter trading through ExBrokerc, as well as different spreads, bonuses, and account currencies. The suggested table shows the main indicators.

For example, MICRO account holders have access only to work with currency pairs. For those clients, who chose the SIMPLE plan, they may still consider metals. The STANDART trading account offers trading in metals and raw materials. An unlimited set of instruments is waiting for those who paid for the PRO and VIP plans - all assets are available here.

But there is a discrepancy in the submitted information, even within one section. In the description of the section the broker says that the size of the minimum deposit starts from $250, while in the table below we are talking about the amount from $200. Significant difference, as for those traders who are just beginning to learn the field of trading.

By the way, at reputable brokers the minimum entry amount is half as much - $100-150. This fact suggests that ExBrokerc has chosen the typical way of swindlers - using hidden intermediaries for money transfers, paying for their services at the expense of a higher minimum deposit.

An experienced trader will notice how high the leverage is - 1:500 and 1:1000. For comparison, the reputable brokers do not put more than 1:100, reducing the risks of their clients.

These all conditions and facts are a threat to the financial well-being of the trader on this platform.

ExBrokerc Trading conditions.

On the pages of its official website, dubious dealing project ExBrokerc promises safe and reliable cooperation, access to instant exchange and prompt round-the-clock professional support, work through a mobile application and a cryptocurrency wallet. 

ExBrokerc CFD broker advertises such benefits on the main page. About the clearly overstated minimum entry threshold of $ 250-200 we have already mentioned above, the trader learns here too. The broker is also trying to attract attention with 10% cashback, 100% bonus on the first deposit, 1:2000 margin, 2 points spread, 200% stop-out.

It all looks nice on the screen, but the rosy picture pales before the enormous risks and the lack of details from ExBrokerc. Like any fraudulent online broker, the hero of our review just actively throws a bright but uninformative description of the company's advantages, calls to invest in their trading platform and resorts to a variety of advertising tricks. For example, the level of annual return of 51% on cryptocurrency, 81% on currency pairs and 78% on the stock exchange. Each of these indicators does not confirm the reliability of the company. 

The broker talks about the possibility of diversification of investments, when trading assets from different categories - currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. 

By the way, as stated in the description of trading accounts, access to asset categories - currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, is not open to all users.

Traders are offered the following trading platforms - Web trader, Mobile trader, PC trade.

It should be noted that the Web trader can be used via a browser without downloading software to your PC. Despite the offer to use Mobile trader, the company keeps silent about the list of supported devices and software. This means that the PC trade option will require installation on a PC. However, there is no detailed description or even the name of the terminal, its features and advantages. 

ExBrokerc dealing center allows customers to use 6 ways to deposit - Visa, MasterCard, cryptocurrency wallet and others. 

The platform accepts U.S. dollars, euros and Russian rubles. Processing time - from 30 minutes (cryptocurrencies) to 3 working days (SWIFT). For payments via bank plastic - instantly. Promising the ease and simplicity of withdrawal methods with fees solely from payment systems, ExBrokerc glosses over the fact that its goals do not include withdrawals for clients.

ExBrokerc Licenses

ExBrokerc dealing center hides the country of registration and location. The site does not have a separate Contact Us section. In the footer there is only the data with the phone number and in the upper left corner of the site with an e-mail address, which can be supposedly used to contact the support service.  It looks like there is a one-way communication that is cut off at every force majeure or simply at the broker's request. For example, when a trader tries to call to somehow negotiate a withdrawal of their own funds or solve other problems.

By the way, there are no documents either. There is only the client agreement, which has general typical wording, no specifics and in general it is not clear with whom the trader concludes the contract and transfers his money.

Also the date of registration is unknown. The ExBrokerc project prefers to hide information about top management and employees.

Since it is not clear which regulator to check data on registration - apparently the project operates illegally, without certificates and licenses, let's turn to the domain name verification service and check information about the creation of the site ru.ex-cbc.com.

The company's domain appeared in 2018. However, on the web archive the first information about the company appeared only in 2021. Clearly the service is much less than three years old. Most likely, the domain was bought by scammers to organize the activity of a dubious financial project on it. It's a popular practice among financial scammers in the trading industry.

Only very inexperienced traders may not understand the consequences of depositing your account with an unregulated dubious broker.

If we talk about the user agreement, every broker reserves the right to block a client's account, for a variety of reasons. However, when cooperating with an unlicensed broker, you can immediately say goodbye to the balance on the account.

The absence of registration documents, the low level of information content of the website, the lack of full contact information and information about the company and its management, force people to give up trust in this project. 

Feedback about the project on the page ru.ex-cbc.com also serves as evidence of fraud. 

ExBrokerc Reviews online

The first references on the Internet and reviews dated July 2021, but it has not prevented the company from gaining a negative reputation.

If you ignore a bunch of bespoke reviews that are all made like a carbon copy, there are enough dissatisfied customers, especially when you consider such a small period. Many complaints come from Russian-speaking traders. For example, such as:

I don't know what to do with this company, but I have a lot of suggestions.

Safety and security of funds with ExBrokerc

ExBrokerc broker is an illegal dubious project, a typical Forex "kitchen". There are high risks for traders' capital. Moreover, there is no question of trader's money withdrawal to the real market. ExBrokerc is spinning traders' money solely on their accounts.

The trader sees only fake charts in his personal office. While the trader is trying to increase his income, his money is withdrawn to the accounts of swindlers explaining it by unprofitable trades.


ExBrokerc are swindlers who will do anything to steal their clients money. The scammers will not let you get back your deposit and your earned profit, except that they will throw crumbs of about $20 for the sake of higher deposits of their clients. Investing in this company is extremely dangerous for your capital.


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