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A certain company called EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED, which is located on the Internet at, declares itself as a reliable and profitable partner in exchange operations.  In fact, it is an acquaintance with another broker, which doesn't even try very hard to hide its true nature. Apparently, the main calculation is made for newcomers in the field of online trading, who are not fully aware of the difference between the reliable and fraudulent brokers.

From the first glance one can see that the creation of the site requires minimum financial effort.

At the main page of the official website of the project bright promises and eye-catching advertising. 


These techniques are typical for hundreds of other online scammers, hiding under the mask of reliable brokers. Such appeals and promises have no-failure effect on the vast majority of new traders. As a result, inexperienced investors lose their money and scammers easily achieve their desired goals.

Our detailed review of EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED is not just an anti-advertising project. It is a warning, backed by facts and explanations, not to get involved with such fraudulent brokers. After a careful full reading of the review, potential traders will have no illusions about EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED and it will become clear why they definitely should not trust their money capitals.

As the research of the presence of the dubious project EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED on the Internet showed, they turned out to be the old scammers. The scammers who run this fake brokerage run this project, only on sites with different addresses. The main purpose of such actions is to steal from gullible people again and again, promising them a promising future.


Every phrase is formulaic and unsupported by facts. None of the assertions can be fully verified. By the way, the swindlers are not trying to do this. Bright advertising is enough for them, especially this method has never failed so far, because not all traders read objective reviews. In the end they pay dearly for their carelessness.

Today the address of a fraudulent site is  It is possible that a few months ago the swindlers presented the same thing under a different logo and they are not going to do it in the future. 

Looking ahead, it should be noted that the reviews of real customers indicate that this trading platform is engaged in swindling large sums of money from their clients, but it is not possible to get it back.

The experience of writing reviews confirms that the scammers very often change the addresses of the sites, but the scheme of deception is left unchanged. Read carefully why it is extremely dangerous to invest in a platform like EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED.

Types of trading accounts offered by EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED

The site of this dubious broker offers several types of account plans for traders to choose from. Only five types of trading accounts - Beginner, Silver, Investor, Premium, Gold. 

Deposits are accepted in euros. The minimum deposit size is €250, and the maximum amount of the starting deposit is €50,000 and is specified for Gold trading account types. 

The minimum deposit amount is a rather high amount, when compared to the conditions offered by legitimate brokers with a good reputation. For example, as a rule, at such sites the minimum starting deposit does not exceed 150 dollars or euros.

As a rule, the higher the amount, the more intermediaries take part in hiding movements of funds after the trader transfers the deposit to the broker according to the specified details. This fact is a negative red flag for the company that seems suspicious from the first minutes of acquaintance.

It seems that the specified table of EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED describes in detail the conditions provided for each type of trading account. But it does not say anything specific. For example, the amount of leverage is not specified. 

This information is hardly found after thorough study of the site pages. This is very strange, because this is important information for investors. 

So, ExpertFinancialSolutionsLimited provides access to leverage at a ratio of 1:200. This figure is at least twice as much as the limits set by most regulators today. 

Only fraudulent brokers who expect to attract as many clients as possible do so. It is the next red flag saying that one should be extremely careful with the companies which offer such conditions. In nine cases out of ten with such a broker, the trader will have financial problems and ExpertFinancialSolutionsLimited is no exception!

Setting such a high first deposit, scammers hope to cling to the client as tightly as possible.


EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED website is offered in two languages - English and Polish. The second language was added quite recently.

Registration on the site is almost instantaneous - it takes only a few seconds. This shows a lack of care on the part of the broker, who does not thoroughly check the individuals who enter its domain. At the same time, it is a signal of excessive greed on the part of scammers who are interested in any client's money.

There are many indications on the platform that the project is run by scammers. In the section on trading conditions, users are greeted with a boilerplate phrase with promises of benefits, reliability and comfort.

There is no description of the tools and features of working on the platform. All this we have seen many times on the sites of similar fraudulent projects. Just some fictitious statistics, figures that do not correspond to reality and are simply stated to attract attention, enhance their image and importance in the eyes of potential customers.

We do not know what trading instruments, but the site claims that EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED offers over 150 of them. The same applies to the possibility to use currency pairs, which, according to the managers of this dubious brokerage project, there are 42 on their platform. 

These are just numbers, with no proof. 

But what is real when cooperating with EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED is the absence of real transactions. This is repeatedly stated by former clients of this fraudulent brokerage company in their reviews. As in many similar brokerage projects, the con artists show their clients the drawn charts. 

As for deposit methods EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED accepts cash deposits via credit cards through popular payment systems.

When you get acquainted with the suggested web trader, here we see the same variant as with hundreds of unlicensed brokers: all scammers brag about this trading terminal. It's a classic scam - it's used solely as bait.

In the process of its use it turns out that the service is not available, certain functions are not active or other similar problems. And if you carefully study the Terms and Conditions on the official website of EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED, it turns out that for any failure or malfunction of the system they disclaim any responsibility.

On the whole, the promise of real profitable trading is implemented by EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED as an illusion, a show. Sooner or later the trader is persuaded to invest big, luring by the prospects of big winnings. The result of such a big game is an equally big and fair financial failure. 

If the investor has had the misfortune to deposit any amount into the account of fraudsters, forex scammers start literally blackmailing the invested money. They use different methods - persuasion, threats, recommendations, demanding to pay imaginary insurances and commissions, saying that it's impossible to withdraw money without them. But this is another deception: this is the way swindlers get more money from their clients.


The website doesn't say a word about the documents. There are no copies, photos or license numbers.

There is only an address with a location in London, where the hero of this review is allegedly registered and works.

When we checked, we were guided by an address in Great Britain. In fact, this is a classic tactic of unlicensed companies, in fact scammers who try to look better than they really are. The reality of the registration is not confirmed. Let's move on to checking the license, which, judging by the business address, should have been issued by the respected British regulator FCA.

A check on the regulator's website showed that EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED not only has no documents. 

It turns out that the regulator has blacklisted this brokerage company as one that uses someone else's name and is a clone of The FCA officially warns about this on its website. 

When checking the details of registration via the domain name and IP address verification service WhoIS, we managed to find another lie by EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED.

On the official website, in the About section, it says that the project was created in 2016. Perhaps it is about some other company, which is managed by the same swindlers, because the date of registration of the site is August 02, 2021.

If it's an online broker, it can't exist without a website. We observe a mismatch between the story and the facts of 5 years.

The company claims to be an expert and legitimate for many years. And not anywhere, but in the heart of Great Britain. All this would be impressive if it were true. But now we are dealing with a typical fraudster.


Despite the fact that the site is only in English and Polish, negative comments from Polish traders prevail among the reviews. 

In English there are no reports at all.

On the whole, there are few reviews about this dubious broker on the web. However, as we can see from the negativity created around, and for a couple of months of presence on the Internet, the fraudsters have managed to deceive the trusting traders.

Safety and security of funds with EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED

No matter how much the scammers insist on their website, the safety of funds when cooperating with them is out of the question.

Although the scammers try to convince you otherwise. 

And those who carefully read the potential brokerage broker will see that the promising phrases on the main page cross out the clauses in Terms and Conditions, which are rarely seen.

EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED is not going to notify anyone about any changes - if you want, you promise, and if you want, you may change your mind, without any explanations or announcements.


EXPERT FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a completely illegitimate broker, who hides under the name of someone else. Cooperation with such a company is a risk for any trader. The company has a frivolous website, filled with false information, which is confirmed by the facts obtained as a result of the verification in the preparation of this review.


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