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Today there is a huge number of fraudulent online brokerage projects on the Internet. The scammers practice the same schemes to defraud their clients. For example, the hero of this detailed review will be a certain company FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED, its creators are trying to present as a reliable exchange intermediary in online trading.

All as one, such scammers are attractive in appearance, but empty and uninformative in content sites. They offer generous promises of super profitable conditions and entice with the prospect of high profits, bonuses and other financial delights. 

FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED scam broker review review

As a rule, if the brokerage company is managed by swindlers, who are interested in hiding the fact of their illegal activity, the users see the colorful characteristics, which swindlers are generous with on such sites while describing their brand. A striking example of using this approach is the project FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED.

FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED scam broker review news

In order to attract more people, scammers may not limit themselves to their website, but also hunt for potential clients through phone calls and letters to personal email addresses or messengers. It is quite easy for such financial scammers to collect users' personal data. If a user has registered at least once on the site of such an organization, he will often be "in the work" of swindlers. Often the data is simply transferred by scammers of similar projects, although each company's website promises not to share confidential information, including contacts, with third parties. Traders are offered great earnings on investments. The user is "caught" by the pleasant voices of the operators, the victim's sympathy for the former deception from the brokers, the ability to listen and to cheer him up. In reality it is all a good game for the sake of profit. As a result, the trader invests in the platform and at first it seems that he is able to raise profit. In fact, the clients of fraudulent projects are blind participants in a carefully prepared scenario where they are supposed to generously share their money with fraudsters. The scammers, in turn, keep their clients on a fake trading platform, do not let them enter the real exchanges, fudge the indicators to make their clients want to invest even more. When a client requests the withdrawal of invested and earned funds, the scammers come up with various reasons why this task is not possible, they stop communicating, block accounts, and finally they just change the name and open a new company with a clean reputation. This process is endless and leaves a huge trail of deceived investors. 

In order not to join the ranks of victims of fraudulent schemes of fake online brokers, carefully read reviews, such as this one, which is dedicated to FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED .

Types of trading accounts offered by FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED 

On the FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED website at, the broker offers several options for trading accounts to choose from. Information on the minimum deposit amount stipulated for each plan, as well as a list of conditions for their owners, can be found on the main page of the website.

In total we see 6 types of trading accounts - Beginner, Silver, Investor, Premium, Gold, including those with minimum deposits in the range of €250-50,000. 

There is almost no information about the conditions. We only know that the more you invest, the more instruments you may have at your disposal. However, it is not known what these instruments are. Only their number is specified. 

An interesting fact is that there is a separate section on the site devoted to the types of trading accounts for the clients of FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED. It is noteworthy that here they have not only other names, but also the sizes of the minimum deposits.

For example, the plan with the minimum deposit of €250 is not called Beginner, as indicated on the main page, but Newcomer Portfolio. The second Silver plan, here called Silver Portfolio, has a minimum deposit of €2,500, and not  €2,000. On the homepage, the plan with the minimum deposit of €50,000 is called Gold, but in the hotel section it is Golden. As for the trading account type, it is absent here and has been replaced by the Black VIP Portfolio with a minimum starting capital of €100,000.

Such a difference in information is a clear sign of incompetent attitude to their clients, which is a typical characteristic of fraudulent exchange intermediaries that offer services in online trading.

It is not clear what a potential client is guided by, what data is relevant. 

Moreover, the requirement of the minimum deposit amount from €250 makes one wary. This may be evidence of hidden intermediaries, through which the broker creates secret channels of money transfers, so that it is impossible to trace their movement in the future. By comparison, most reputable online brokers set the amount at no more than $100-150.

All in all, having no idea about the amount of leverage, commission fees, a detailed list of instruments and other important indicators, it is hardly worth investing your monetary capital in such a dubious organization.


It is indicated on the website that the clients may use WebTrader, but it is not clear which one. As something special, they talk about the broad opportunities to trade not only through the PC, but also using the tablet and smartphone. 

In the 21st century, this is a dubious advantage and has long been a common option for all traders, regardless of the choice of platform.

FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED is also known to offer trading in all types of currencies and CFDs. As elsewhere, the section is low-informative, there are no explanations.

Even in the description of the trading conditions we could not find any information about leverage and the amount of commissions, which are the source of profit of all normal brokerage projects. 

But there is a list of features that FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED considers as its advantages. For example, SMS alerts, welcome bonus, free training.

By the way, money transfers through a local bank can be considered rather a disadvantage and a great risk to the safety of the money of the clients of this dubious broker.


This dubious broker, which is located on the Internet at has no photo documents and no mention of their regulator, which allegedly registered their activity and issued them a license.

In the footer of the site and in the contacts section there is a registration number and information that the company is based in London, UK.

Two phone numbers are also listed, with FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED reporting that one is in Britain and the other in Singapore and an e-mail address. The modern capabilities of IP telephony are so great that with a number from any country, one can even call from one's own office hundreds of miles away from the place to which it supposedly belongs. So mentioning the United Kingdom is unlikely to improve the reputation of FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED .

By the way, when checking the information about the registration number FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED on the official website of GOV.UK, as a registry of licensed companies in Britain, found an organization with the name FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED. 

For maximum accuracy, let's refer to the website of the registrar of brokers in the UK.

They did not issue a FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED license. The problem is that the number is the same, except for one digit - 0, which the scammers - the hero of our review - put in front of the real registration number. 

It is true that the real company FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED has the license. By the way, the registered organization FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED has a different email and actual address, and the company was licensed back in 2006.

And the hero of our review is a typical fake clone without his own name, license or even address.

Telling of worldwide recognition and relevance, FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED registered its website on June 07, 2021. 

Everything said is a blatant lie and an ugly publicity stunt. Not only is the domain too young, the owners have chosen to remain incognito. The project is designed to take their customers' money. 


Most likely, FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED is a typical representative of the fraudulent side of the online trading sphere, the owners of which abuse the "rebirth" of their scam - they often change the addresses of their project sites and divorce gullible people for money. 

The former clients of FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED themselves also speak about it.

Traders who have already encountered fraud on this site are trying to warn the others.

Apparently, scammers can't always delete real reviews, so they practice posting their own custom praise. Here are vivid examples of such tricks, the artificiality of which is immediately visible even to inexperienced users.

As we see, not only do the facts check documents and information on the site, but even the users are screaming that the site can not be trusted!  

Safety and security of funds with FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED 

All their promises are typical lies.

With FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED, investors' capitals are at great risk. Scammers lie about everything, have no license, and therefore cannot guarantee traders reliability and safety.


FINANCE AND CURRENCY LIMITED is not a brokerage organization, but a fake, fraudulent project which steals from its clients and has nothing to do with the financial markets at all. 

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