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Are you planning to earn on Forex or are you interested in the possibility to make profit with stocks or binary options? Paying attention to the sphere of online trading, investments, strategies - in general, to everything that gives you a chance to get extra money, to increase profits? Then be careful and get ready to protect yourself from numerous scammers who offer services of intermediaries to enter financial markets in the form of online brokerage services.

It is very difficult to suspect a scammer, especially on the Internet today. All the online brokers and those who only pretend to be them, try to look attractive, create sites, which seem convincing outside, but empty and uninformative inside. Like, for example, a certain project called Fine Investments, which is located at and offers brokerage services to traders online.

Fine Investments scam broker review review

Fine Investments presents itself as a company with a team of professionals behind it and promises revolutionary opportunities in the field of trading. This is an overt deception which attracts newcomers, because every experienced investor knows that in exchange operations there is no guarantee of profit, and any promises are just lies which conceal the fraudsters. 

Potential clients are promised very profitable conditions, enticing with prospects and high returns, offering bonuses and convincing about safety and support at every step, at any request of an investor, who puts his money into trading operations on the trading floor. 

Fine Investments scam broker review news

Websites of companies like Fine Investments are literally imbued with love and attention to customer needs and demands. In practice, however, communication with the company is interrupted at the stage when the client encounters problems, or decides to withdraw their money. Then the plaque of civility disappears instantly, clients are very often confronted with rudeness and accusations against them, and then the connection with the company representatives is cut off, and the money disappears accordingly.

As practice shows, the more generous promises and brighter advertising, the more likely it is that the trader is faced with a swindler whose main goal is to steal as much money of his clients as possible, rather than to fulfill all the conditions of cooperation advertised on the website. Moreover, the vast majority of the projects not only try to fraudulently obtain traders' finances, but also operate illegally. This means that there is no such broker legally, all payments are carefully hidden, and the trader remains robbed and defenseless before the dexterous tricks of the liars.

Our objective review of Fine Investments and many other similar companies, helps to unmask the scammers, points out the obvious and hidden risks to protect online traders from financial losses and disappointment.

Types of trading accounts offered by Fine Investments

Let's start the review of activities, status and reputation of Fine Investments online brokerage project by studying the information about their trading accounts.  Clients of this site are offered seven types of trading accounts to choose from - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, Platinum, VIP Exclusive and CEO Managed. 

The first two accounts - Bronze and Silver, according to the Fine Investments managers' recommendations, are the ones to which beginners should pay attention. The starting deposits here are stipulated in the amount of $2,500 and $5,000 respectively.

The trading account Gold is designated here as Client Choice, by selecting which the client should deposit at least $10,000. 

The Premium and Platinum Fine Investments trading accounts are offered to clients called TOP Traders, expecting to receive a minimum of $25,000 and $50,000 from them, respectively. For the remaining two trading accounts VIP Exclusive and CEO Managed, the minimum deposit amounts from $100,001 and $500,001.

As we can see, the appetites of Fine Investments' management are simply enormous. For example, for comparison, the licensed brokers worldwide with a positive reputation set the lower limit of the initial deposit in the range of $100-150. It is a significant difference for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with online trading. Naturally, one can argue with the statement that the larger initial capital, the higher the profit in case of successful investing. However, it is the scammers who bet on the excitement and lust for profits of traders. And, as numerous reviews show, as a result they lose large sums of money, which are safely and according to the obvious plan settled in the pockets of swindlers.

There is actually no information about conditions. There are some insignificant advantages for those who are potentially ready to invest thousands and tens of thousands of American dollars in a dubious platform, whose management has not even condescended to describe in detail the trading conditions for each tariff plan.

Only after a detailed study of the T&C section, as Fine Investments calls Terms and Conditions on its official website, it was possible to see the leverage: 1:400. And the figures are not so sure, because they are mentioned as an example of profit calculation, but not as a traditional description of the conditions, as every trader would like to see. Even if these figures are correct, the Fine Investments platform does not guarantee its clients anything but high risks. For example, the respected regulators monitor the brokerage companies that are issued licenses so that the leverage does not exceed the 1:50 mark. On the official website is a completely different picture.

Fine Investments Trading conditions

Fine Investments started the story of trading conditions with the advertising of their trading platform, which they called an innovative one.

In fact, the standard set of offers, typical of almost all brokerage projects that offer services online. All items are listed as advantages, but in fact - empty information. For example, in the 21st century, one can hardly be surprised that access to the trading platform is available on all possible digital devices - smartphones, tablets or computers.

But the mention of 1,000 assets is troubling. Other than that line, there is no explanation of what exactly is included in the list listed on Fine Investments' home page.

It's likely that brevity and secrecy is a hallmark of Fine Investments, as it hides most of the information. Here is further proof of that.

The company claims that it does not accept clients from the United States, although all of the minimum deposit amounts are specified in American dollars. It also says that the refusal is set for the citizens of a number of other countries, but it does not specify which ones. However, there is an indication that the details are in the sections "Risk Disclosure" and "Legal Disclaimer". That's the trouble, but the first section does not have a list of countries. The second section can't be found on the website at all.

There is also a mention of payment systems but this pretty much concludes all the information on the trading conditions. 

Fine Investments Licenses

This highly questionable broker does not mention the registrar, the license number or any registration documents. There is an empty phrase that the company is certified.

But that's all about legitimacy. 

The company assures that it is engaged in financial trading on the territory of the United Kingdom. More than that, the company presents itself as the leader in this area in the said territory and thrives year after year. 

The contact information section states that Fine Investments' office is located in Manchester. A check on the internet showed that there is a multi-story office building at the address listed, but no company signage or list of organizations that have an office there. So the data is irrelevant and does not confirm the seriousness of the Fine Investments project. There is still an email address and one phone number listed for contact. 

Fine Investments tries to convince users of its leadership and authority, which it strengthens from year to year. But the site doesn't even say a word about the project's foundation date. Let's see what the domain name verification service WhoIs will tell, because without the site, the online project would not be able to provide its services.

Here is another evidence of Fine Investments lies - the registration date of the site is August 03, 2021. We are not talking about any leadership and long-term practice in the field of trading.

Because Fine Investments doesn't state the information about the documents itself but assures that it is operating in Britain, let's try to confirm or disprove the data given on the website of the FCA regulator.

Interesting, but it's not even surprising that a respected regulator in a country where brokerage projects are under strict control has no data about Fine Investments and, of course, the license was not granted. Another lie from the scammers who organized the project Fine Investments.

Fine Investments Reviews online

Mentions, reviews or reviews of real customers in the network could not be found. The only exception is the site Trustpilot. However, all of the reviews are the same and everyone praises the broker.

The question is: how can these reviews happen and can be true? Especially after what I managed to find out about the project, which lies from the pages of its official website and has no license to operate.

Safety and security of funds with Fine Investments

In continuation of their lies, Fine Investments even devoted a whole section to praise texts about how safe and secure to work with them.

As the review shows, traders' capitals are seriously jeopardized when working with Fine Investments. 


Fine Investments is not a brokerage organization, but a stupid fake created by swindlers. Scammers brazenly lie about everything. They provide services and talk about non-existent leadership, while they themselves don't even have a license. This project will not let its clients make money and has no right to guarantee traders' reliability and safety. Fine Investments has absolutely nothing to do with the respected online segment of the financial market.

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