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The Fitrex project is a kind of trading platform, which claims to be the best in the sphere of online trading. The experience of reviewing numerous brokerage projects that appear like mushrooms after the rain in 2020-2021 allows us to note that absolutely all companies say so about themselves. Unfortunately, after an in-depth check of indisputable data, it turns out that the vast majority of so-called online brokers turn out to be swindlers. The typical fraud of slick and ruthless deceivers in financial services deprives money and nullifies the trading accounts of a large number of users who would like to invest their capitals during exchange trading sessions.

Fitrex, to which this review is dedicated, has also unfortunately disappointed with fraudulent schemes and a low level of reputation. 

In general, to avoid losses and regret the wasted time and too high price paid for your credulity or inattention, it is necessary to find out one of the key questions of online trading at the initial stage: how reliable the broker is. 

The question is whether the broker is honest with his clients, whether the promises placed on the website are true, whether the presented information corresponds to reality and whether the company, which undertakes the role of intermediary, has a license for the right to engage in financial activities. 

Traders can find the answers to these questions in our objective reviews, each of which focuses on a specific company. 

For example, if Fitrex's claims are to be believed, clients can take advantage of thousands of assets. Moreover, the company promises several funding methods and withdrawal options for its clients. They present their trading process as fast and quite reliable. Platform participants are promised that they can fully rely on the support service. Traders are promised social trading combined with tight spreads, etc. In other words, Fitrex is calling for cooperation, promising a "golden mountain." 

Fitrex scam broker platform deep and equitable review review

The reality, however, is radically different from the promotional presentations on Fitrex's official website.

Read on why you should not trust the company Fitrex and why this project has acquired a reputation for doubt, despite the outwardly attractive and seemingly well prepared marketing strategy and enticing phrases. 

Be very mistrustful of the laudatory stories and be careful with your investments, lest you lose all your savings.

Types of trading accounts offered by Fitrex

The Fitrex trading platform offers several plans for users who choose the project as an intermediary in financial transactions.

However, even with the desire and money to invest, not every country can become a customer of the so-called Fitrex brokerage project. Information about this is shown in small print in the footer of their official website. 

The broker does not want to see on their trading platform representatives of the following countries: Belgium, USA, North Korea, Iran, France, Britain, etc.

Fitrex scam broker platform deep and equitable review news

What does it mean, etc.? The list of the countries is not indicated completely, where exactly the potential client can find out the information, the broker doesn't specify. Also it is not known on what principle the list was compiled.

So, for everyone else Fitrex company offers three trading accounts, as a way to become a member of the trading site - Standard, VIP and Premium.

The presentation of the information, which is basic to enter the platform, is presented in a strange and uncomfortable way.

It is not specified in which currency the amount of the minimum deposit for each tariff package is calculated. What is known is that the numbers listed are 250, 2,000 and 35,000.

It is only clear that customers can deposit in currencies such as euros, dollars and GBP. Quite a strange offer, given that the broker Fitrex denied access to the platform representatives from Britain, where it is customary to use the pounds.

We conclude that the section on the trading accounts is uninformative, the data submitted by the broker is totally incompetent. 

Potential investors should seriously question the professionalism of the broker they are going to entrust their money to, if even getting full information from him about the trading accounts was a problem.

After all, a broker who is interested in the development of the project and values its reputation, is simply obliged to provide transparent data to its clients, to achieve a trusting relationship on the way to mutual profit.

Fitrex Trading conditions

Fitrex speaks of its commitment to enhancing the trading experience of traders who have become their clients. The organization calls its trading conditions impeccable, worthy of a first-class rating. 

Among the CFD Trading Room offerings

The scammers who run the Fitrex project require depositing money exclusively in two ways:

  1. to use their bank account (directly);
  2. replenish the cryptocurrency wallet.

Also, among the cooperation offers, clients have access to the Bundle Trading Room

In order not to be cheated, it is enough to find out as much as possible about your future trading partner. 

The Fitrex organization repeatedly talks about trust. Trust in your word is not a bad thing, but not in financial matters: guaranteeing the safety of your capital should always be your key priority. If you are not confident in this regard, it is advisable to look for an alternative solution and to change your broker. 

A broker that withholds important information, misleads and is unreliable at the information stage is unlikely to be a reliable intermediary when it comes to financial matters.

If we talk about the capabilities of Fitrex, we are talking about the web trading platform, i.e. the basic interface, which is not even "next to" the powerful software of a traditional MT4. This means that the broker reserves the right to manipulate the price readings, which means that scam artists are happy to show their clients the picture they want to see: the client will see his winnings and gains in trades. All this is a fake, just the appearance of trading, an illusion. In reality, there are no trades.

As for deposits, it is possible to do it through such payment systems as Klarna, MasterCard, Visa and by bank transfer. 

Fitrex, says that it does not charge its customers a commission, which is already strange, because it is a direct profit broker.

It is also known that there is no information about the minimum amount of cashout. If the user does not use his account, then it will be brought to the status of "inactive" after a year. It is important to know that the platform has a subscription fee of $20 to use the trading platform. If the client is counting on any bonuses, there are none, but in the future there is a possibility of their appearance.

By the way, deciding to cash out, the trader will have to meet a number of stringent requirements and not the fact that he will get his money. 

Fitrex Licenses

We turn to one of the most pressing issues - the legitimacy of the Fitrex project.

According to Fitrex, the company has received signs of distinction from various organizations and is a winner of various nominations and ratings.

In view of what merit cheaters might have been awarded, it remains a mystery. 

The company points to awards received in Europe, but this is a hoax. The company is said to have acquired the best new broker with a number of assets in Europe back in 2018. This is unconfirmed information. By the way, as practice shows, many fraudsters use such tactics to make it more convenient to steal from their own clients.

Fitrex is presenting itself as a risk-free broker. However, their only document is an SSL certificate, i.e. the proof of public key ownership (other attributes). And you need a license from a respected financial regulatory authority that regulates and licenses brokers in the territory entrusted to it

Unfortunately, the Fitrex site is an illegal organization, a typical offshore broker. 

According to the information from the official website, the broker is managed from SVG and Estonia. The creators simply created a Forex brokerage project offshore, to make it easier to operate than in Europe.

In more detail, according to the explanation on the official website, Fitrex is not the name of the company, but the trading name of the organization Irkasio Systems OU, which is the principal of the Estonian company with exactly the same name. 

The address of this so-called "parent" company is in the territory of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The regulator to which this territory belongs has a poor reputation due to the lack of competent regulation, but even on its website there is no indication that a license has been issued to Irkasio Systems OU or Fitrex.

The results of contacting the local financial authorities have been disappointing. Fitrex - we are dealing with another fraudster who works without documents

Incidentally, the company Irkasio Systems OU is known in connection with the scandal by two other trading names - Audemart and BancFX. It is known that the respected Swiss financial authority FINMA blacklisted Audemart as a company that falsely claimed to have its headquarters in Switzerland. Irkasio is associated with fraudulent brokers and is one itself.

To avoid problems, it is better to refuse to cooperate with Fitrex, as a project of swindlers and liars.

Domain information about is hidden

We didn't manage to find out the real registration date of the site.

Fitrex Reviews online

There are almost no customer reviews for Fitrex.

There are two variants: either cheaters clean up the information about themselves in the network thoroughly, or traders just don't want to cooperate with them.

Safety and security of funds with Fitrex

The platform claims to protect its customers from all sides, including from a negative balance. Unfortunately, that's a lie, too. 

Traders' capitals are in real danger here.

Fitrex is an offshore Forex broker, which openly states that they reserve the right to change the rules and in general to act as they want, without taking into account the interests of customers.


Fitrex is a deviously unprofessional scam platform that has the audacity to unreasonably claim to be one of the best brokers in online forex trading. 

The scammer has no license, the website is uninformative, and the data is fake. It is categorically not recommended to choose Fitrex in matters of investment - there are high risks of financial losses.


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