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There are a lot of brokerage companies on the Internet vying with one another to advertise their brokerage services in the sphere of trading, offering the most favorable conditions. However, investors with different trading experience and especially beginners should not be in a hurry to choose and believe in the beautiful "cover". If you look closer, more than 96% of representatives of the financial sector, in particular brokerage companies and dealing centers, are typical scammers. Their task is not to develop their company and not to help traders at the exchange. They just try to siphon money from the clients. Such black middlemen, such as the so-called Goldflame brokerage project, first lull their clients, promising them big profits, and as soon as the client deposits the money, they start their main "game". We are talking about contrived problems, which prevent the client from withdrawing his and his earned capital. Do not believe the promises of swindlers. They do everything possible to ensure their own benefit. 

Doubtful online office Gold Flame Ltd, does not lag behind hundreds of scammers who actively practice the standard methods of deceiving trusting users. Inviting to work with professionals and promising successful trading, the swindlers forget to specify that the company exists under the management of professionals, but not at all in trading, but in fraudulent schemes.

Goldflame: an intrusive scam broker review review

In our objective review, we tell the truth about the fraudulent project Gold Flame Ltd, which does not pay customers money. This is an indisputable fact, the proof of which are the reviews of real traders and other facts, which were pointed out by the results of deep monitoring. 

Before you entrust your time and money to a broker, it is important to find out as much information about it as possible, based on the data from verified sources - financial regulators with an untarnished reputation, for example, as well as honest thematic reviews, which are confirmed by facts.

Types of trading accounts offered by Goldflame 

Goldflame offers potential traders to become members of its platform, buying any trading plan out of the five offered, the prices for which start from $250 (Start trading account). 

Goldflame: an intrusive scam broker review news

The minimum deposit amount for the Bronze account is already several times higher and makes $4001. Those who like Silver account will have to spend at least $15,001, and those traders who make a starting deposit of $60,001 will be able to open a Gold account. To purchase a package Platinum invites large investors who can make an initial deposit of 100,001 U.S. dollars.

By the way, the fact that the minimum deposit on the Goldflame platform is $250, but not $100 or $150, as you might see at brokers with a positive reputation, is an indication that this company employs intermediaries for financial transactions to make financial payments. In other words, the company may not have its own account but it has invented a money chain for the payments that is cleverly concealed by swindlers. In the case of litigation, the trader has no documentary evidence that he has transferred the money exactly to the broker Goldflame. As practice shows, the company to which the account is opened, usually has nothing to do with the broker, and it is impossible to find it, because it is fictitious.

Also, the firm Goldflame talks about the bonus offers - some kind of trading bonuses designed for those who dare to become their clients. In fact, such offers are not a gift, but dubious and very risky. In practice the so-called broker's generosity hides a mercantile calculation. The broker just "forgets" to say that he will most likely ask for the return of the "gifted" money (possibly with interest) at the moment when the trader decides to withdraw his earnings. 

As for the trading accounts, Goldflame broker is so greedy that he offers his clients to manage not one but several trading accounts at a time - just as long as traders make deposits.  

The broker tells obvious cliché phrases, saying that the more money the trader deposits on the account, the higher his reward will be. Only a beginner would believe this lie. An unsuccessful bet or trivial loss of money through the fault of a fake platform - and the account is already zeroed. It does not matter how much there was - $500 or $50,000. This brokerage project is very suspicious and the more we learn about it the more we are sure that such a scammer should not be trusted with a single dollar.

Goldflame Trading conditions

According to the information posted on the official website, GoldFlame is supposedly presented as an investment company. The creators of this project promise to help investors in successful trading. 

According to the organization, they work exclusively with online professionals. Among the list of benefits offered by GoldFlame are trading platforms.

Clients have access to MetaTrader4, which is in demand among traders, as well as various trading tools. 

By the way, only those investors who replenish their trading account with at least $4,000 can take advantage of this offer.

GoldFlame never gets tired of boasting that it can provide its clients with access to the best trading conditions in the industry. GoldFlame presents itself as a broker who actively uses innovative technologies in trading. That is, the GoldFlame con artists emphasize that their trading activity differs from the majority of their competitors by reliability and high quality.

In fact, alas, the offers are empty talk and the GoldFlame platform itself is an obvious impertinent scam.

This Forex trading organization tries to look convincing by offering several trading account managers, experts in various fields and analysts. It seems that the company is trying to cover every trading service for its clients with advertising. It would seem: what's wrong with that? Unfortunately, scammers usually do this, and consequently the object of our review is a negative indicator, because they take the right to make a decision for the client. For example it is not accepted to do so in the rating legal brokerage companies.

brokers are not accepted.

Looking ahead, we note that this fraudulent company provides knowingly losing trading tips and recommendations which have a negative impact on the future trading activity and the GoldFlame client's purse.

GoldFlame traders zone assures that clients get absolute access to their portfolio. In fact, This broker does not even allow his clients to do the real exchange trading operations - everything is happening on his separate platform, the indicators on which are often "adjusted" in order to show the most attractive figures to investors. 

GoldFlame provides an xcritical web interface for trading operations with various functions. In fact it is not enough for MT4.

As for the spreads, on the EUR/USD currency pair, it is 2 pips. The limit of GoldFlame leverage is 1: 200, which is almost 10 times higher than allowed by the respected (not offshore) financial regulators.

Goldflame Licenses

From the pages of its website, the brokerage project tells its clients about its great experience, the existence of official registration in Hong Kong.

And the control of a reliable regulator.

Turning to the IFMRRC site, we could not find a section dedicated to verification of licenses. Nevertheless, the link on the broker's website with the license is active and instantly takes you to the alleged site of the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center.

While the company talks about its tremendous track record in the market, we see that even this certificate was issued in December 2020. In other words, the project is not even a year old.

It was possible to find out that the company, which, in fact, manages this brokerage project is not in Hong Kong, the Asian capital of stock transactions, but in the Marshall Islands. If you read carefully the Terms and Conditions, you can find out that the broker himself says that the company's regulator is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

If we talk about contacts, which are offered to customers, there is a phone number with a London area code.

Some kind of shady brokerage project looks doubtful. 

By the way, the company is listed in many blacklists, where potential traders are warned about scammers.

Let's see what story the domain name of the site tells us.

It is true, we can see that the registration date of the domain is fixed in 2007. But this does not mean anything - scammers simply bought a domain with a good history and a long registration. Proof of this is the recorded fact of a change of ownership, dated February 2021. 

It is impossible to find out anything about the company's management, as well as liquidity providers - the site does not provide such data.

Based on the data that we managed to find out about the aspects of the hero's activity (though Goldflame is more suitable for the role of the anti-hero) of our review, we emphasize the dishonesty of this company.

These are not ordinary words - these are conclusions made after analyzing the official website, checking the availability of documents, contacting the regulator, etc. The managers of Gold Flame Ltd are deceiving the clients of their project and are not going to give the clients their earnings. The profit is guaranteed only for the creators of the fake project.

Goldflame Reviews online

So far, there are almost no reviews on the web about Gold Flame Ltd. Despite the fact that the site is offered in several languages - English and Polish, I could only find reviews in Polish.

Traders point to the broker's refusal to withdraw money and the general incompetence of the obsessive service.

Negative comments are literally stitched with appeals not to contact such a broker as Goldflame.

Safety and security of funds with Goldflame

Goldflame brokerage project does not protect traders' capitals. The other goal is to rob as many investors as possible, disappear in order to come back to the sphere of trading but as a new brokerage project. 

It's worth to read the Client Agreement to understand better what kind of broker Goldflame is:

  • the company reserves the right at any time to limit the list of services rendered or to terminate their provision. 
  • the company is not liable for any material losses, no matter what has caused them to clients, etc.

What is it? Talented management, a brazenly unscrupulous attitude towards investors.  Most likely, the most appropriate assessment of this dubious online brokerage project is quite a clever fraud, a clever scam of ingenious scoundrels who stop at nothing, if they have already decided to cheat and steal.


GoldFlame is a company which operates illegally, deceives its clients, tricks and dodges. This so-called investment organization is listed in the blacklist of brokerage projects, so they cannot offer anything positive to their clients.

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