Invexeo – a true review of a typical scam online brokerage project

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Every day more and more users in the network are interested in online investments, stock trading of different assets. In parallel, dozens of new brokers appear, ready to cash in on users' desire to become investors. Despite the fact that online trading cannot be made 100% risk-free, the event can become profitable for all parties, if, of course, their goals are mutual.

If we talk about brokers, their earnings directly depend on the volume of traders' investments. Brokerage projects use all kinds of advertising slogans, tricks and technologies to attract the so-called "wallets".

Invexeo – a true review of a typical scam online brokerage project review

And what does an online trader need from a broker whom he chooses as an intermediary in upcoming exchange transactions and to whom he decides to invest his money? 

Firstly, the investor wants attractive conditions, a wide range of which will give him the opportunity to multiply his capital. 

Secondly, he expects that the broker will be faithful to his promises and will adhere to the rules of fair mutual cooperation for the financial benefit of both parties.

Third, an investor wants to be sure that the selected brokerage company employs professionals capable of providing competent assistance, qualified and prompt support on technical or any other issues related to work on the provided trading platform at any time.

All this is possible if you initially make the right choice of a broker out of the hundreds of proposals on the web.

For example, the decision to work with a project Invexeo, located at, has a high chance of a quick collapse of the hopes of exciting and profitable trading, as well as the financial losses. 

Why? We have left the answers in our review. Read carefully, so that you won't become another victim of sly swindlers, who actively advertise these brokers as experienced ones, offering profitable trading.

Types of trading accounts offered by Invexeo 

Probably to stand out among the competitors (both with a good reputation and with a negative), which usually have no more than five types of trading accounts, the so-called brokerage project Invexeo offers users to become members of its trading platform, choosing from nine types of tariff plans. More precisely, only 7 - (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, VIP) are listed as the key types of trading accounts.

Invexeo – a true review of a typical scam online brokerage project news

The minimum deposit is set at €10,000 in the Bronze package. The maximum amount of the minimum deposit in the VIP trading account is €1,000,000.

As for the eighth trading account, it is an Islamic account.

There is not a single word about the ninth type of trading account in the corresponding section. However, perusing the other pages of the official website of the broker Invexeo, I managed to find information about another opportunity, the so-called "key access" to the trading platform. It turns out that you can do it much cheaper, paying for the "entry" is several times less than what is offered in the basic types of trading accounts.

It remains a mystery why the broker decided not to indicate this type of trading account in the main list? By the way, we found something else. It is noteworthy that the minimum deposit amount is specified in euros for all trading account types specified in the main list, and in dollars for the so-called Basic trading account.

What is it? Mistake, an intentional decision or the usual low quality of information, typical of the majority of fraudulent projects in the field of online trading? Probably, we won't get the answers to these questions, but we will note this fact as one of the "red lines" Invexeo, which are not in favor of this broker, because companies which offer financial services and set such high rates have to care about the quality and relevance of the information offered.

Invexeo Trading conditions

As the information on the site says, the project Invexeo offers training, and the most favorable conditions for trading transactions and the best trading tools - just put your money in the bank broker.

Access to trading indices, commodities, forex pairs, CFDs on shares and crypto coins is open here. You can also take advantage of the industry standard MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms. 

Investors are promised tight spreads,and leverage as high as 1:200. That was the default leverage we were offered, when they opened their trading platform. In any case, these figures are also another reason to think about the "purity" of the broker. As we always emphasize in every review, the respectable regulators will not allow their licensed brokers to set a high leverage. The average ratio is considered to be 1:30. Invexeo, on the other hand, offers almost 10 times that, which points to it as a scammer that either operates as an offshore broker or does not have a license to conduct financial activities at all. 

In spite of the fact that the website is available only for English-speaking users, the trading accounts are partially specified in euros and the broker himself positions himself as a platform for traders around the world.

Invexeo Licenses

As for legal activities, the broker himself assures that he works officially.

At the same time, it claims that the site is not subordinate to the regulators.

The regulation of the pseudo-brokerage project Invexeo site can be called anything but legitimate: there are too many "red lines" that make you cautious and investors with their capitals are better to avoid these companies. 

We checked out the Global Financial Authority. 

Despite the presence of a website, a description of the mission and other boilerplate information, traders should not be mistaken about it. Legally speaking, the so-called Global Financial Authority simply does not exist. 

In fact, every sovereign state regulates its markets in different ways, the main of which are considered the state financial regulators, which try to protect traders as much as possible (from the risk of negative balance, unlawful actions of brokers etc.). 

And if, as in the case of the hero of our review Invexeo, the broker does not have a license, the trader is always better to avoid it - such brokers actively cheat their clients because they know that they cannot be prosecuted and punished for scams with the money of traders who trusted them.

If you believe the address and phone numbers listed, Invexeo is located in London. In other words, if the company is legitimate, it must have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which exercises official regulatory authority in the UK.

However, the UK regulator did not issue a license to such a broker. 

Let's check another piece of information that the service checks domain names WhoIs.

On the pages of its official website, the broker talks about the company's years of experience in the field of trading. Perhaps this may be true, but only this project had a different name, as in its current form, the company's website was registered a few months ago - the specified date of registration - February 17, 2021.

And here again the "red line" - the so-called broker on the website is lying to users on and off, only to achieve their goal - to rob as many of their clients as possible. 

Working with such a broker in the field of exchange trading is more than risky. All the facts that we were able to find out, show that we are dealing with a fraudster, but not with a reliable broker.

Invexeo Reviews online

Our fears are confirmed by the numerous negative reviews of customers who were not lucky enough to avoid meeting with scammers and false brokers Invexeo.

After the broker has seized their money, traders can't get the truth - there is no one to protect them, because the company turned out to be illegal. The defrauded investors regret that they did not take care to verify the data in advance. That would have helped to save their money.

The platform does not withdraw money from users, it makes excuses and alternates them with numerous promises.

People who have had experience with the fraudulent company Invexeo complain about various problems, but everyone agrees on one thing: this broker does not have a license, steals money from traders who work on its platform and constantly lies to users from the pages of its official website.

One thing is clear - you can not make any money here, but you can lose a lot.

Safety and security of funds with Invexeo 

As soon as a user registers on this platform, leaves his contact information, he will not rest from intrusive advertising from the project Invexeo. After a close encounter with this project, not only the peace of mind is threatened, but also the users' money. 

Investing with such an intermediary is simply dangerous - the broker conducts illegal activities, which are not regulated by the recognized regulators, so it is invisible to the law.

If a mistake in profit forecasts is acceptable for newbies and experienced traders, this situation can be corrected, the risks can be minimized with experience. But the wrong choice of broker for online trading can be really fatal - the probability to lose everything at once is very high. 

By the way, Invexeo has a reputation as a broker that not only ignores but also removes requests for withdrawal of funds, so the money on this platform is in absolute danger.


Invexeo is a young project run by scammers and financial swindlers who work illegally, have no licenses and who cheat their clients and steal their money.

Based on the results of our current review, we highly recommend not to cooperate with the so-called fraud brokerage company Invexeo in the sphere of online trading.

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