Is it worth cooperating with the online broker Kiplar?

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Providing personal data to numerous resources on the Internet, the user runs the risk of encountering fraudsters. The risks increase many times over for those who have decided to devote their time and money to the sphere of online trading. How not to make a mistake when choosing a broker company? Only honest reviews by independent analysts, "blacklists" on third-party platforms and reviews of real traders will help to avoid the sad experience of being cheated.

What is hidden behind the glamorous "facade" of Kiplar brokerage company, which actively attracts potential traders?

Choosing the broker company which works online requires a serious approach. Before opening a personal account on the website and conducting financial operations, it is important to find out in as much detail as possible about the company, you are going to deal with in the near future. Superficial evaluation of promises, conditions, risks can lead to negative results and strictly "punish with money". The result is a large army of deceived traders. 

Probably, users who have fallen into the trap of Kiplar swindlers, just didn't know about it, believed the commercials, were flattered by attractive terms or were arrogant to their luck and ignored the preparatory process of testing.

This is what the scammers are counting on. Every day there are more and more exchange schemes, and the scammers themselves are becoming bolder and more inventive, while remaining unpunished. Only by joint efforts can we effectively fight the fake participants of the trading sphere.  So, below we tell in detail why traders warn against cooperation with Kiplar broker, because its advertisement insists on the honesty of the company, the most favorable conditions and financial security for the resource users?

Kiplar online broker's business card

When acquainted with the brand Kiplar on the Internet, there is a mixed opinion. It can be said that the creation of the site, the purpose of which is to form a positive attitude and increase the loyalty of the audience, worked on "excellent". There is everything here: high quality design, informative pages, an emphasis on the benefits of conditions and the simplicity of the process of cooperation. At first glance, everything seems fine, and there is nothing to worry about. 

But why is the network literally replete with negative feedback? What is it: active competitors or a "cry from the soul" of deceived traders who strongly recommend not to contact this company to save nerves and capital?  

Now just the facts. 

About the registration and documents 

Kiplar broker claims to be a reliable company with wide opportunities for those users who decided to get involved in trading. In more detail, the promise is:

  • the protection of personal data and the financial security of the trader will be at a high level;
  • users have access to trading on the MT5 multifunctional platform; 
  • traders will be able to choose a variety of modern trading instruments on the site; 
  • traders can use the leverage (up to 1:400) and so on.

What's the reality?  

The company began operations in the first days of 2021. So as not to lose some of its audience because of the very "young age", the company has decided to keep silent about the launch date on its website. We have to look for the data on the Internet.

The company is offshore, has registration number 25797BC202 and operates under the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This fact is alarming because, as practice shows, offshore registration is used by those who plan to cheat. 

The apprehension is confirmed by the more thorough check: Kiplar LTD is not listed among officially registered offshore companies. It turns out that the broker has deliberately provided false information on the site.

Online broker Kiplar LTD has no license and other documents which can confirm the legal conduct of trading activities. Instead of the traditional package of documents, which a company is supposed to have, the company refers to a list of internal "legal" (by their own estimate) documentation. It should be noted that legally it is just a paper that has nothing to do with official documentation.

In other words, in the case of disputes, it is virtually impossible to achieve a legally fair result - it is a ghost company, without licenses and certificates. 

About the registration address.

Kiplar's brokerage company listed the following address in the "Contacts'' section: Business Centre, Suite 76, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Often these are the addresses given in the buildings of anthills by companies that deliberately want to hide in the crowd and make it difficult for anyone who tries to find them.

Is it worth cooperating with the online broker Kiplar? review

About support service

Instead of being on the trader's side and trying to help him in every possible way, as expected of a support service specialist, on the site of Kiplar brokerage company one should not expect any help. Most users say that if there are any questions, they have to deal with low-qualified personnel who mislead traders with false promises of high profits and favorable conditions. Moreover, questions about the withdrawal of funds usually remain unanswered. And users, respectively, without the promised earnings.

About Kiplar LTD social media accounts 

How many subscribers should there be in social networks accounts, for example, on Instagram of a prosperous and honest company (this is how the brand describes itself) that operates (for a year - as the company itself says, although we found out that in fact it's not more than a month) in a popular nowadays field of online trading? A thousand, two, ten or a million? For Kiplar LTD that number is 69. In comparison, Kiplar LTD's competitors which have earned the reputation of reliable companies can boast of several thousand subscribers.

Is it worth cooperating with the online broker Kiplar? news

About user authorization

If in cooperation with Kiplar LTD the procedure of withdrawal of earned money is extremely problematic, the "entrance" into the ranks of the company's customers is easier to carry out. Within a few minutes any Internet user can log in to the site, specifying his personal information (name, mail, phone, country, date of birth, etc.). That's all.

About the trade offers 

If you read about it, you`ll see just advantages...

Kiplar LTD vividly describes that the platform is an excellent place to trade currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, energy. For the convenience of traders are available 5 types of accounts for trading in the most favorable conditions. 

The company promises fast execution of orders, a wide range of depositing/withdrawing options, availability of the mobile version, etc. 

In practice, as Kiplar traders themselves say, the result does not go further than advertising promises.

About the feedback from real traders of the Kiplar platform

Without going into details, it can be confidently noted: the vast majority of reviews left on the net by traders who have had the honor to be in practice acquainted with Kiplar LTD are extremely negative. Basically, there are stories about financial fraud from the broker with recommendations never to contact this company.

About the "schemes" of fraud  

In fact it's nothing new. The promise of "golden mountains", opening an account and depositing funds by a trusting user ($250-10,000), blocking his account and losing capital. A classic scheme of deception in the network.

To sum it up 

The online brokerage company Kiplar LTD is a typical representative of network scams.  In practice, the only purpose of the company is to rob as many users as possible. Know about it and tell the facts about Kiplar LTD to all your friends.

Read relevant and useful information, trust the sources with an unstained reputation. Protect your money and let your trading be honest and profitable! 

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