KIEXO Scam Broker Review: are the suspicions justified?

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We want to introduce experienced and novice traders with another company, the broker KIEXO, which has already gained a reputation as a scammer. But why KIEXO are called the scammers? The reason is that they so convincingly offer traders to get an invaluable experience in trading on the financial markets! So, let's find out. To do this, step by step we will trace the way of the company from the trading offers, availability of licenses to the reviews of the real participants of the trading sphere. 

In this review we show the real face of the fraud project KIEXO without any trimmings in the form of advertising or paid, praising reviews, made and posted at the request of the scammers.

Types of trading accounts offered by KIEXO

The broker offers eight trading plans. Six of them are provided for advanced users of the online trading sphere. The amounts of the minimum deposits for these tariff plans are set in the range of 10 thousand - 5 million dollars. 

KIEXO Scam Broker Review: are the suspicions justified? review

The beginners are allowed to start with the minimum deposit of $2.50. 

KIEXO Scam Broker Review: are the suspicions justified? news

Serious investors who are ready to invest in the project at least $10 million, the broker offers a VIP trading account. 

In other words, you either invest less than $3 and have a chance to make so-so profit, or entrust the broker 10 thousand at once. Advanced users, who possess millions, are offered even to invest in large amounts.

KIEXO Trading conditions 

Before saying anything about the conditions, let's assess the site of the dubious brokerage organization. From the first seconds you see the web page of KIEXO, it is clear that the company has chosen not to spend much money on a web resource. The statements about the high status of a solid brokerage organization on the site do not correspond to what we see. Pages are loaded long, you have to wait. Especially contrasting such a site looks on the background of the minimum deposit amounts operated by the broker. As a result, potential traders have to seek information on a typical template with unpretentious images downloaded from stock sources and typical advertising slogans. 

As for the description of trading conditions, there is no specifics. KIEXO swindlers do not offer detailed trading conditions. It seems that they do not know how the platform must work, because their main goal is to take the trader's money, without going into details. Instead of a clear description - an abundance of general phrases about world domination, the great mission of the broker and similar text garbage. All of this is the traditional presentation of a low-brow scammer who swings for the big score.

The trusting investor is lured by attractive start-up deposits and beautiful promises of great profits. At the same time, a newcomer is unlikely to notice that the site does not mention such important indicators as:

  • the amount of commissions;
  • swaps;
  • spreads.

Unpleasant news awaits traders who trusted KIEXO for "dessert". 

It is known that it is possible to trade such assets as: currencies; stocks; indices; commodities and energy commodities; cryptocurrencies.

Without full information about the peculiarities of working with a broker, the prospect of making money with a fake financial intermediary is rapidly approaching zero.

KIEXO Licenses

KIEXO presents itself as an international broker "with a solid history" that can be trusted. What is in fact? In front of us is a scam, a cheap project launched, like dozens of other fake sites, in 2020. 

On the website of the broker KIEXO data that it is a company with experience in the field of trading, experienced professionals who have been serving customers around the world for many years (as proof, the site has the ability to choose from several languages). 

The official legend of the scammer is shattered by ruthless facts. 

Judging by the mentions of the broker's name online, the period of operation of the fraudulent project barely reached 6 months. Check the domain registration on the site WhoIs, which will prompt registration information about the owners of domain names, IP addresses and offline systems.

What do we see? The domain registration for was recorded in 2014. However, this address was not associated with the brokerage firm represented at the time. This is obvious, as one would be able to find any mention of the company earlier than 2020 on the internet. 

There is definitely a "smell" of deception here. It is very likely that the scammers bought an old site, upgraded it, and at the end of last summer the fraudulent project went "into the masses". 

Let's move on to the legal framework to find out how legal KIEXO is.

There is a section on the site devoted to legal terms. But the navigation on the site is so awkward that you have to make an effort to locate the information you need.

The section with legal documents (photos) in all the language versions of the site is in English only.  This is usually the format practiced by crooks.

Let's go further and find out the details of residency and the peculiarities of the regulation of activities. 

The footer of the official site is filled with information about the brand owner. The owner of KIEXO is a private company registered offshore St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are big doubts that the structure has official status. The project is very similar to many other brokerage organizations, which carry out illegal activities, hiding behind the so-called "registration" somewhere on the islands. It suits the scammers very well, since St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a limit to the database of legal entities. Just a paradise for scammers like KIEXO.

In other words, the data listed on the site cannot be verified to confirm or deny with 100% certainty.  And the mention of registration in "black" offshore already says a lot about the honesty and reliability of the broker.

Now about the license. 

The KIEXO broker operates illegally, since the company does not have the necessary license. Since the website of the brokerage doesn't even hint at a license and there is no mention of the regulator, we decided to "dig around'' and check in the database of the regulator, according to the location of the office.

Here's the response to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority.

We became convinced that KIEXO is a scammer who relies on the gullibility of inexperienced traders.

KIEXO Reviews online

Despite the fact that the company is on the market recently, its reputation is already very negative. 

Of course, there are many accolades on the web, but they are very similar and seem to be made under copy that makes you doubt that they are written by real traders. In contrast to those that testify to scams.

Positive, even promotional reviews are the merit of marketers who are hired by the scammer KIEXO.  By praising the KIEXO scammer, they are trying to stifle the truth. As a rule, good reviews can be found on paid sites. This is exactly what scammers do. On various sites and thematic forums where real traders communicate, the situation is exactly the opposite. 

Not a single positive evaluation of the experience with the broker can be found there.

Traders from different countries who write in different languages are united by their negative experience of cooperation with a scam broker.

The former clients urge to refuse cooperation with this offshore broker as it is not possible to achieve stable results with it. Scammers are simply not interested in the client's benefit and will do everything in their power to leave those without funds. And when there are too many negative reviews, they will disappear to revive with a new name and continue their scam.

The rating of today's review hero is sunk by reviews from real traders. The reviews are filled with mass complaints about the inability to withdraw money and the inability to contact the support center. 

Safety and security of funds with KIEXO

The broker does not provide any guarantees of financial protection for its clients. Only general phrases which saturate all the information on the website.

As a rule it is all intended for newcomers in the field of trading. Tempting offers lead inexperienced traders to believe that the broker is honest and ready to work exclusively in the interests of users. The scammer reinforces all this by supporting newcomers at the beginning of trading. The beginning trader sees that he is given access to trading operations on the world markets and hurries up to make a deposit, regularly increasing the amount of investment.

Unfortunately, advertising is not a reliable custodian of savings and the safety of investors' capital entrusted to KIEXO is at risk.

All promises do not go beyond words, but many people find out about it after they lose their money. 

And it does not matter what type of trading the client chooses: independent or paired with a manager. As soon as the trader decides to withdraw the money, the consultants stop communicating with them and the trader's account is empty or completely blocked. 

This means that investing money in such a platform is too risky. 



KIEXO is a lowbrow scammer who does not only make money but also tries to take their clients' money by deceiving them. Contrary to the advertising the site is full of, there is no talk of financial success for clients. Only the swindlers of KIEXO make money by robbing their traders.

Accusations of fraud, a lot of negativity from real traders who can not withdraw their money and get help from the company's customer service, the lack of documents and untruthful info on the website - all this led to the collapse of the company's rating.

Stay as far away from this offshore scam company as possible!

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