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It is quite difficult for every investor, who has decided to devote his time to the sphere of online trading on the Forex market for the purpose of increasing the size of personal capital, to choose a broker. This is because the virtual trading platforms are developing rapidly, there are new names of intermediaries in financial transactions, most of which, alas, are fraudulent. We strongly recommend you to read our objective review of Mia Venture, the project located in the network at miaventure.com and presenting itself as a popular international broker.

Mia Venture scam broker review review

At first glance, the face of the project, i.e. its site is quite modern and simple. However, upon deeper analysis, it becomes clear that things are not as positive as those behind the Mia Venture name would like to portray it. Understanding the tricks and deceptions that scam artists apply to their clients will allow us to understand why we would definitely not recommend working with Mia Venture, much less trust them with money. Also, the readers of our review will understand why we call this financial intermediary a false broker. The objective information will help potential participants of the virtual Forex market who stake their real money to avoid financial disappointments and losses as well as save their time and peace of mind.

Types of trading accounts offered by Mia Venture

What is actually a so-called Mia Venture brokerage project? Let's start with the order. 

The company offers its customers a variety of account types, depending on their preferences and experience. 

Mia Venture scam broker review news

On the site, in the relevant section it is said that to get acquainted with the plans is possible before the registration, which must be done by everyone who wants to become a member of the trading platform MiaVenture.

Strangely enough, below in the same section there are not four but five types of trading accounts. 

Either the company eventually expanded the offers and did not change the information, or there was some reason to do it in the beginning. In any case, this fact shows how inattentive and unprofessional was the company in informing its potential clients, who it was going to earn on, which significantly reduces the trust to MiaVenture broker.

The minimum deposit amount (Micro plan) is $250. As a rule, brokers with good reputation set the minimum amount in the range of $100-150. In other words, according to the experience of making reviews and analyzing a big number of brokerage projects, it indicates that the broker has intermediaries, i.e. front men/companies, through which the financial transfers are made in order to confuse the traces in case someone decides to clarify the relations with MiaVenture.

In general, the information about the plans is boilerplate and does not allow you to see the "full picture" of the trade offer.

All this leads to the idea that broker MiaVenture works under the control and for the benefit of swindlers, who deliberately hide the true information, counting on the naivety of novice traders due to their lack of practical experience in trading.

The more such so-called "mistakes" are made by the broker, the greater the percentage in favor of refusing such cooperation: the probability increases that this is just another financial Internet fraudster who will gladly take money from you, but his plans do not include letting you as an investor earn money as well.

Mia Venture Trading conditions

When you go to the English version of the site, which is most likely the main one, you see that the brokerage resource Mia Venture is offered not only for those who are closer to English but also to Arabic, German and Spanish. 

In the network there is even a version in Russian, which, by the way, is not mentioned on the main official site of Mia Venture. By the way, in this version the sections and articles are partially translated: some texts are in Russian, some - in English.

Naturally, there are a lot of questions for the broker. What does it mean? Why aren't all the languages listed on the official site, and in general, which version of the Internet resource is the main one then?

Somehow everything is underdeveloped and Mia Venture hardly fits the role of an internationally demanded broker.

By the way, there is a mention in the footer of the site that Mia Venture's services are not available to residents of countries such as Canada, the United States, Japan and Britain. 

It is strange, then, that the main currency chosen then is the dollar and not the euro, for example.

The platform states that traders can trade on a real trading platform, receiving huge benefits as clients of Mia Venture. 

The site provides no real proof that clients will get on the real platform after registering, rather than spending money on its counterpart. There are really two options: there is no trading terminal, or there is the possibility of using a highly unreliable web trader. Both are typical schemes of swindlers. 

For example, if you decide to look at the TradingView chart, you will find it right in the center of the homepage. 

It is immediately clear to an experienced trader that third-party charts on forex brokers' Web sites are an indication that the company does not have a liquidity pool. 

About the spreads on Mia Venture's site

The 3-point spread is definitely not an advantage for a broker, but rather the opposite. 

About leverage

The leverage offered is 1:200 which is too high for a legal broker and very low for an offshore company which works without a license.

About assets

The following assets are available to Mia Venture clients:

  • stocks and bonds, 
  • forex currency pairs,
  • commodities,
  • spot metals, 
  • indices,
  • cryptocurrency, 
  • commodity futures. 

About peculiarities of financial operations and commissions

The broker sets the following rates for withdrawals: 

  • 3.5% (if the client uses a credit card or Yandex - Neteller - Qiwi payment system);
  • $25 (if using a bank transfer);
  • 2% (for users of PerfectMoney - Skrill);
  • 0.9% (for WebMoney transfers);
  • 7% for BTC;
  • 5% on all withdrawals (provided that there is no prior trade).

Before you start working with us, you should check all commissions, because there are a lot of them at our website, some of them are only a few examples.

$10 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

It will take 3 to 5 days to process your withdrawal request.

It is not yet the fact that MiaVenture withdraws money. We will find out when we go to the reviews of real traders. However, even with the information that we learn, it is better to refrain from investing in this project.

Mia Venture Licenses

Even a cursory glance at the website of the project Mia Venture, which positions itself as a well-known and reliable broker, feeling that the company operates illegally, i.e. without a license.

There is an address and even a license number in the footer of the site.

Let's check the website of the regulator that regulates financial companies in the specified region. This is the FSA regulator.

As we suspected, the regulator does not know about this company. 

In the main sections of the site there is simply no data, much less copies of documents for the right to operate. However, in the footer there are the names of two companies.

At the first mention the name of Max Capital Ltd. appears which, as the site says, does not work with users under 18 years old. At the second mention of a third-party company, the name of G4 Capital LLC appears, which supposedly has a license and address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is no explanation, so it is not clear what these companies have to do with the hero of our review, what this information gives Mia Venture broker clients, and how it can protect their capitals.

Let's see what the history of the domain of miaventure.com will tell us.

While the site's footer lists the year 2021, the domain verification service indicated that the resource's registration was recorded in May 2020. In the role of Registrar, a company called NameCheap, Inc., which, by the way, there is no information about on the broker's site.

There is no more data or they are hidden by the rights holder intentionally (such an option is paid and is not done without the knowledge of the data owner). 

As you can see, the company, which calls itself an international broker Mia Venture, exactly is not and certainly will not be a reliable partner and honest broker in exchange transactions. It is better not to deal with them at all, that is, this prefect is illegal and all key information is carefully hidden.

Mia Venture Reviews online

It should be noted that despite the presence in the market a little over 12 months, searching for reviews on the web about the company did not yield results. No real user reviews could be found in a Google search - in any language, which is very strange.

However, it became known that the site has problems with the registration procedure: after filling out the account creation area, the process cannot be completed. The page refreshes and the new account is not fixed, to the email box, which is specified as contact information, confirmation also does not come. 

Either MiaVenture does not want to let everyone on its platform (although on the site the invitation is addressed to all adult users), or there is another "entrance" for dedicated users, who have passed special face control. There is no answer yet. There is only speculation.

Safety and security of funds with Mia Venture

Even if Mia Venture is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it would unlikely raise the confidence ratings of experienced traders - offshore regulators, in particular the FSA, rarely protect the interests of traders.

Moreover, the project Mia Venture, apparently, still operates illegally. At least we have not found evidence to the contrary.


MiaVenture is an offshore broker or even illegal! Better stay away from Mia Venture so you do not expose your investment to the risk of being stolen.

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