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Gloffix has joined the list of offshore scam brokerage projects. Contrary to the advertisement on its official website, among users - real traders from different countries - Gloffix has a negative reputation as a scam broker. As a result of a detailed review, there is a strong opinion that the purpose of the so-called Gloffix brokerage company, like many similar fraudulent projects, is to steal money from credulous clients - investors who have ventured to cooperate with a deceitful thief. The proof that Gloffix is a fraud is plentiful and all of them are detailed in the text of this review article.

Reading the review up to the end will let traders avoid an unfortunate experience with swindlers and understand why this project is not worthy of attention. Confidence in Gloffix is undermined by active lying and deception of clients on the part of its managers and their employees. 

Naturally, on first encounter, it is almost impossible to suspect the company of fraud, as the company's website is filled with beautiful promises and offers for customers.

Offshore scam broker Gloffix detailed review review

Gloffix touts itself as an experienced and globally-recognized trader. It praises itself in order to blunt the vigilance of inexperienced traders who are taking their first steps on the trading floors.

Offshore scam broker Gloffix detailed review news

At the same time, every experienced investor understands that advertising is not to be trusted when it comes to finance, especially when large sums of money are at stake. The results of the disappointing documentary check and the huge number of negative feedbacks are undeniable proofs that Gloffix is not worth dealing with if an investor does not want to lose his money due to cooperation with a dubious company that plays the role of a reliable broker. Judging by the number of reviews of defrauded clients, alas, the scammers still manage it perfectly well.

Paying attention to the key moments when choosing a broker, such as: peculiarities of the account types, trading conditions, documents, reviews and guarantees of the personal data and clients' assets safety, you can choose a reliable broker without wasting your time on swindlers.

Types of trading accounts offered by Gloffix

After the registration procedure Gloffix gives each of its clients access to five trading account types. 

Accounts differ not only in terms of conditions. On the website trading account types are separated by colour. This can be seen not only visually but also in their names - Classic, Silver, Gold, VIP and Black.

The minimum deposit amount is stipulated for Classic account type and is equal to 250. Although the owners of Gloffix were not able to decide on which currency it would be more profitable for them to specify the account amounts. That's why traders can decide for themselves what is more profitable for them - US dollars or euros. The highest minimum deposit amount is set at $200,000 or euro. Probably the scammers do not take into consideration the fact that currencies are not equivalent, but clients are of course free to make their own decision.

Now consider what Gloffix tells us about leverage. Not every account has a 1:100 ratio, the higher the minimum deposit amount, the greater the leverage ratio. For example, for owners of a VIP trading account with a minimum deposit of $100k or euro, Gloffix offers a leverage ratio of 1:400. These are the usual figures for typical scammers, who are not even shy about making such offers to their clients, who believe in their trading platform. 

Those who are new to trading should be aware that higher leverage translates to higher financial risk. For example, brokerage companies that are licensed by reputable regulators will not allow themselves to set a leverage higher than 1:40.

As for the dubious brokerage project Gloffix, its figures are 10 times higher than allowed. This is yet another proof that by agreeing to cooperate with Gloffix, a trader will have to deal with high-risk bets and put his capital at serious risk.

If the trader is interested in the most expensive Black account, Gloffix will announce individual leverage.

20% is the same level of stop-out option for all trading account types. But the Senior Account Manager service is only available to those traders who will purchase a VIP or Black account.

The minimum volume per trading session is 0.01. These values are valid for all account types.

There is no more useful information on trading accounts. The information given in the presentation table is clearly insufficient for a trader who is willing to invest.

It is possible that Gloffix does it on purpose to confuse experienced traders and attract newcomers.

Gloffix Trading conditions

The site is offered in four languages - English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

When examining the website of this dubious broker in detail, we see that among its offerings and promises, the emphasis is on trading style.

Traders are told about the benefits and efficiency of trading when using the Gloffix trading platform.Moreover, the platform promises easy access to the trading balance from anywhere in the world. However, as it turns out, access to trading operations is closed for a number of countries. A message about this appears in the form of a pop-up window.

For clients in the "green zone" the broker emphasizes the minimum commission for the service.

By setting the leverage ratio up to 1:1000, which is such an inflated value as we mentioned before, the broker Gloffix immediately hastens to assure that the trader is protected from the risks of a negative balance!

Lies at every turn which mislead novice investors, depriving them of money in an instant.

There's more.

The broker talks about giving clients access to the best global markets. However, because the company specialises in CFDs, their clients don't even go beyond their programme.

In other words, the whole process is fake and one can only trade currency pairs, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies within the program offered.

Scammers talk about the comfort and speed of depositing on the site, but forget to tell about their reluctance to withdraw traders' earnings.

It mentions bonuses and various promotions, but experienced traders know that such offers are a favourite practice of scammers, who try to lure clients into their networks by any means.

In fact, without offering any real trading. 

We notice that there is no specific information about the trading terminal, which is another fact of fraud. The dubious company withholds information about the developers of the platform and does not mention liquidity providers. The platform is practically closed to users and can only be viewed in more detail after making a deposit. These are all clear signs of fraud.

The dubious broker has all the mechanisms in place to tweak the terminal in peace. They are actively practicing this and defrauding customers.

Gloffix Licenses

On a documentary check it turned out that Gloffix is not a company, but a project run by a company called Advaniq LTD. 

Information about this company can be found in the footer of the website and in the “About Us'' section. 

And now this company is already registered in the territory of Marshall Islands. 

The regulator PIPSEC - Private Investor Protection for Securities and Exchange Registration System has a poor reputation in the financial world, and the official website does not work correctly, not allowing to check the validity of the licenses of brokers.

The official website lists both the license number and the address, but this is irrelevant to the trader. It is almost unrealistic to check remotely. This means that the broker is offshore and there is no question of honest and transparent trading as they promise.

By the way, apart from the line that Advaniq LTD manages the online portal Gloffix, there are no supporting documents on the website. This means that by sending money to Gloffix, traders act at their own risk. In any proceedings, they are on the losing side as legally Gloffix does not exist.

Since the company does not have an active license, it means they are providing services illegally.

When checking the domain of the official website by checking WhoIs, an interesting fact came to light.

The site was registered in 1970? However, on the website Gloffix itself states that it has been operating for 10 years. If the length of service had been longer, the scammers would have been the first to mention it. Go further and find out that the company is not even a year old yet, the site was registered in October 2020.

This kind of data is already more in line with the truth. 

Moreover, the rest of the information is hidden by the rights holder. Moreover, this is a paid service which the scammers have deliberately chosen to use. The years 2020 and 2021 are proving to be fruitful for scammers who open online brokerage projects.

Gloffix Reviews online

When writing a review in general and researching a company in particular, one should pay attention to ratings and reviews. The so-called Gloffix brokerage project has a complete failure in this matter.

The level of customer confidence in the resource is at a critically low level. Clients actively talk about their dissatisfaction with the actions of the broker, telling lies and deceit on the part of the company.

Defrauded investors try to warn about fraudsters and refuse to cooperate with them.

Traders say that Gloffix's management carefully conceals information about themselves through their own software.

The resource offers anonymous ways to fund accounts.

Deceived customers say that it is impossible to withdraw money.

These are all typical actions of scammers.

Safety and security of funds with Gloffix

Based on the facts and analyses above it is clear that there is no security of funds with Gloffix.

Though, of course, in their advertising on the official website the fraudsters claim otherwise.

The information on the site is presented in error.

And in global issues Gloffix is cheating users and ripping off its customers.


Gloffix is a fraudulent company which pretends to be a broker, although its main purpose is to steal clients' money. They lie about the terms and conditions and their history, have no documents and refer to an offshore company. Working with such a broker is dangerous for capitals.

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