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When deciding to become a participant of online trading it is important not only to invest properly, thinking over every step. An integral and extremely important component of successful trading is the preparatory stage, when the future trader chooses a broker. 

For this purpose it is not enough just to browse the official site of the brokerage project - it is the advertising, the business card of the brand, which subsequently is planning to earn on its clients, including your capital. 

The site of the broker Aura4Finance may be beautiful and informative, as well as multilingual and intuitive, but often, as in this case, almost does not coincide with reality. 

Online scam broker Aura4Finance review review

In the process of selecting a broker it is very helpful to dot the "i" points with the reviews of real clients - if there are any, of course. Otherwise, as in the case of the so-called brokerage project Aura4Finance, you will only end up with complimentary articles. False articles are easy to detect - they are too "sweet", they smell too cloying and deceptive. With experience, you'll instantly recognize the lies that the financial scammers behind online brokerage projects are struggling to offer you under the guise of truthful facts and favorable promises.

Types of trading accounts offered by Aura4Finance 

This project offers four types of so-called investment packages to its traders. The dubious brokerage project gave the following names to its tariff plans: Faster, Progressive, Middle, Configurator, which are designed for 1, 2, 4 and 1-24 months respectively.

Online scam broker Aura4Finance review news

For the mentioned investment projects there is no certain minimum deposit amount. In other words, when staying with any plan, the investor himself determines the optimal amount of the initial deposit in the range of 10 - 100,000 dollars.

Nevertheless, there are interest rates set for each investment package, which, however, are not too different from each other and are at the level of 3-4.4%.

Payments can be daily, at the end of the month, etc.

In general, much information could not be gleaned from the above data. Some typical phrases, dry figures. It is unlikely that the novice user will be happy to get such an informative minimum.

Only one thing is certain: the platform is interested in every user who is ready to deposit at least $10 into their "money box". 

According to the experience of online brokers' reviews we can say that this practice is often used by scammers, for whom every dollar is important, because cooperation, unfortunately, rarely goes further than the first, so-called "introductory" stage, when investors make contributions.

Scammers who run such projects are often not interested in the withdrawal of funds at the request of their users, inventing various reasons that are not true. Basically, the scammers report that the user made some mistakes, so the withdrawal is not possible, or they say about a technical failure, disruption of the Internet connection, etc. Such brokerage projects solve such "problems" in a typical way: by blocking traders' accounts, "draining" their deposits and earnings. As a result, the broker gets rich on the so-called cooperation, and the trader regrets the spent time and money.

Based on the information obtained, there is a high probability that the brokerage project Aura4Finance behaves in the same way. 

Aura4Finance Trading conditions

In a welcome to users of its site, Aura4Finance describes itself as a professional international company that invites traders to join its cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The information in the first paragraph is formulated strangely: it looks like machine translation or like phrases written by a user who only learns English as a foreign language. What do we mean by that: the words are repeated and intertwined in an unnatural way. And this is the official site of the company, which pretends (according to their words) to be the first among the competitors in the sphere of online trading!

Next, the creators of the brokerage project try to tell in detail about what their clients can expect, but it does not come out very informative.

Since in the main section of the site we have learned little that would help us as potential traders to form an idea of the platform Aura4Finance, let us look for more useful data in other sections.

In the top of the site we see that the company divides its customers into categories - leaders (CEOs), investors, visitors to foreign exchange platforms, etc., to which it offers cooperation on various terms.

In fact, it does not matter for trading whether you are a leader or an ordinary trader, because the actual conditions look the same.

Such a division is more like a desire to attract attention, to show your importance. As a rule, this is one of the favorite moves of swindlers, who do not develop their own trading platforms and services, but exercise in psychological techniques - play on the ambitions of their visitors. 

By the way, such a move is successful - many "bite" to such attractive slogans and become victims of dirty manipulations, realizing their true essence, when they remain without money.

For example, examining in detail the terms of cooperation for the representatives of the "investors" category, we immediately see a clear deception.

The sphere of online trading is an investment which is always connected with risks. Here the broker assures his users that they are guaranteed to receive a profit and even indicates the percentage they can count on.

There are a lot of fraudulent projects that hide under the mask of online brokers, but all of them stand out with bright advertising slogans, attractive offers, bright promises. More often than not, experienced investors see such scams and try not to get involved with such unnaturally profitable projects.

People who are new to this kind of business usually have no experience in recognizing real proposals and do not trust projects that are obviously going to fail. The reviews of our clients and such detailed objective reviews like ours, which we compile relying not on emotions - like - dislike, but on the facts and checks, will help you in this.

Aura4Finance Licenses

On the pages of their official website, the company Aura4Finance assures that it works absolutely legally. 

In the section "Documents and offices" there is even a screenshot of the certificate, its number and a link to check it.

After receiving dubious information in other sections of the site it is hard to believe in this project, because modern technology allows you to recreate anything.

The seal is not visible. The verification is offered by the broker himself at, there is even a link.

We know that the broker must be regulated by a recognized regulator.

Since it is stated that the office of Aura4Finance is located in the UK, in London.

The second office is listed in Hong Kong. Strange that there is no address, only information about the first address is duplicated.

So, if the address of the brokerage company is in England, all brokers (if they are not legal) must have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority - FCA. 

Let's check this information on the official website of the regulator.

Alas for the broker, but the regulator did not license this company.

For the purity of the experiment we checked the name in two interpretations, as Aura4Finance and as Aura 4 Finance LTD.

In two cases, the result is negative.

In other words, the company may be registered as an organization, but has no right to offer financial services to traders as a broker.

Aura4Finance is a fraudulent company which pretends to be a legal broker under the guise of kitschy certificates, although this is not true at all. For investors, this means that their capital is at risk - the regulator cannot protect them: legally, the company does not exist.

So what does the domain tell us? 

Using the WhoIs IP and domain name history checker, we found out that the site did not appear until February 2021. To become a world-famous company in a highly competitive niche in a couple of months with a site like that is nonsense.

Here again we "caught" the so-called Aura4Finance brokerage project in a lie.

Too many negative "red lines" gathered around this project during the creation of our detailed review. We would definitely not recommend messing with this company, much less investing on its platforms.

Aura4Finance Reviews online

Users who have had personal experience with the fraud broker Aura4Finance share the same opinion. 

People tell about the false information provided by the scammers.

For example, the user writes a negative review, but it is presented as an excellent one, thus unjustifiably raising the rating of the scammer.

Since the site is multilingual, the reviews are provided in different languages, but they all have one thing in common - a negative attitude towards Aura4Finance.

Safety and security of funds with Aura4Finance 

There is no question of safety of funds when working with Aura4Finance, as the broker is unregulated and is essentially a fraud. Investors who decide to work with Aura4Finance do so at their own risk, exposing their funds to danger.


Aura4Finance is a real typical scam company which claims to be a world-known broker, but has been operating without a license and had only registered its site a couple of months ago. Moreover, there is too much false information on the official website of this project. You certainly can't make money with such a broker, but you can lose money very quickly.

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