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Choosing a reliable broker for the sake of successful activities in the field of online trading, users have a huge chance to meet not with a competent intermediary, but to become a direct participant in the investment scam.

In order not to become another deceived trader, it is enough to carefully consider the candidates for cooperation, read reviews, and check the availability of documents. In other words, you need to consciously approach any financial project, use all tools, mechanisms and resources to not only keep, but also multiply your money capitals.

Just such a full and objective review, devoted to the questionable brokerage project Emerging Markets Group LTD, we offer for those who are planning to invest in trading.

A brief introduction - at first glance, the company offers a high-quality attractive website, created in the "spirit of the times" - well chosen color scheme, pages full of bright appealing slogans and phrases that promise absolute safety and great profits in financial matters, guarantee comfort and support to every client who believes in Emerging Markets Group LTD.

Overview of the investment scam project Emerging Markets Group LTD review

Advertisements of the official site, of course, are designed for beginners who are making their first steps on the online exchange platforms.

An experienced investor understands that the reality is quite different from the attractive and tempting offers. In order not to look like chatterboxes, we have set forth all the facts and confirmations of the lies of the swindlers, who lead the so-called brokerage project Emerging Markets Group LTD. 

Types of trading accounts offered by Emerging Markets Group LTD

Developing the package offers, the company, apparently, decided to take the middle segment in the trading sphere, i.e. not to call the sums in millions of dollars as the deposit start fees.

As this dubious broker notes on his official website, his clients have the opportunity to pick the best possible plan for themselves.

We are talking about five types of accounts.

Overview of the investment scam project Emerging Markets Group LTD news

Each tariff package is specified in euro currency and differs in a set of conditions, for example, from 25 to 300 available instruments and the size of the threshold to enter the trading platform of Emerging Markets Group LTD.

The basic conditions are typical for all brokerage projects and are equal for each client. We are talking about such features as:

  • personal account manager services;
  • transaction insurance;

It is true that each tariff plan assumes the right to a different number (3-15) of insured trades, the number of which depends on the selected account type.

  • availability of fixed/floating spreads (this condition is enforceable in part or in full according to the assets involved in the trading session.

If a trader pays the "admission fee" to the trading platform through one of the first three accounts (Beginner, Silver, Investor), he also receives the right to use microlots in trading.

The higher the initial payment, the more "bonuses" the company prepares for the client, trying to lull the vigilance of users by means of gifts. 

For example, traders with the package Investor (starting deposit of 5,000 euros) are entitled to insurance and credit from the company, if necessary. 

There is a welcome bonus of 50-70 percent of the deposit amount for Premium account holders. 

If the trader plans to trade with the Gold account type, he/she can count on the support of a personal analyst.

As an additional source of income Emerging Markets Group LTD offers its clients to participate in an affiliate program of Emerging Markets Group LTD on the following conditions: 

  • the client receives a certain payment from the broker (the amount is fixed);
  • remuneration is credited without any commissions;
  • the client is guaranteed a transparent statistics of charges. 

According to CPL program conditions, clients get commission accrual for each lead (potential client).  The more active the participant is in the program, the higher the remuneration promised. All conditions are not disclosed on the website, because the broker calls them individual.

Despite the fact that everything is so beautiful, clear and profitable, it is important to know that the minimum deposit of 250 Euros, says, rather, that the broker has hidden intermediaries, of which the trader will not even know. This is done in order to create a convoluted chain of money transfers, so that not a single check will catch this company in a fraud.

In addition, the vast majority of services will remain as promised.

Scammers also keep silent about the fact that accrued bonuses (up to 70% of the initial deposit amount) cannot be withdrawn. In other words, before withdrawing the profit earned through these accruals, they must be returned to the company in full. For the majority of beginning traders such news turns out to be extremely unexpected, because they expect quite different figures.

On the whole the information on the trading accounts is prepared by swindlers quite well. The only question is that the offered services will not be provided in full, and the money may not get to the traders.

Emerging Markets Group LTD Trading conditions

Before proceeding to the review of trading conditions of the Emerging Markets Group LTD platform, note that the site is offered in two languages - Russian and English.

When reading the text, you have the feeling that it is difficult to understand. It looks as if the person who wrote it, had mixed up his thoughts, and the level of English let him down.

What have we finally managed to find out about the trading features promised by the broker? Emerging Markets Group is the guarantor of favorable cooperation conditions and tells about instantaneous transactions when the money appears in the clients' accounts within several hours after depositing in the account. 

Emerging Markets Group states that the services of their company can be used by citizens around the world. However, citizens who are residents of the United States, as well as those who are in Israel and Turkey will not be able to register. 

Emerging Markets Group LTD acts as a financial intermediary, which wants to help traders to earn and trade in the Forex market, as well as on the market floors, where contracts for difference are traded. 

In addition to the trading offers themselves, the service also offers market analysis and training. We will not talk about the quality of the educational part of the project, because it will take more than a week to check the result. Moreover, the training offered at such so-called brokerage sites are superficial, to put it mildly. It is certainly not worth it to rely only on this knowledge in the future.

Offering advertising for beginners, Emerging Markets Group LTD addresses its commercial offer to traders with experience. It is trading different types of cryptocurrencies, fiat, indices, commodities and stocks. 

Clients can take advantage of more than 300 trading instruments (of course, if they pay for the entrance at least 50,000 euros, because the conditions for other trading accounts are much more modest).

The company takes the opportunity to use the information area of its official website as a job board (web and SEO specialists, Internet marketers, etc.).

confirmed by phone. Reviews about the broker We could not find any comments about the service emerging-markets-group.com on the Internet. This is most likely due to the recent domain change.

The website is not very informative on the whole. They are cookie-cutter - you can easily find the same phrases used by other companies in the same niche.

Emerging Markets Group LTD Licenses

How trustworthy are those who organize and control this brokerage project? This question can be answered by checking the legitimacy of the company.

The official website of Emerging Markets Group LTD does not have a separate section where you can find all details on the documents, which give the company the right to work in the field of financial services.

However, the texts of other sections repeatedly mention that the company is operating legally.

It seems as if they are trying to convince not only their clients but themselves that they are working legally.

Emerging Markets Group LTD notes that it is regulated by the Bahrain Capital Markets Authority. 

This seems strange. It works in the market of Russian- and English-speaking countries, shows that they have an office in Britain, but are regulated by the rules of the financial market in Bahrain. 

Incidentally, the organization is listed in the registry of legal entities of Great Britain under number 03977490. 

Emerging Markets Group has been on the market for over 20 years, providing management advice. 

In 2005, the company changed its name from EMG GLOBAL LIMITED to Emerging Markets Group LTD. It also changed the direction of activity and engaged in financial markets management.

Let's check the data on the site of the above-mentioned regulator.

By the way, the name of the regulator is not what the broker indicates on its site. It is The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) - it acts as the sole regulator of Bahrain's financial sector, covering the full range of banking, insurance, investment business and capital markets activities.

By the way, the hero of our review was not licensed there. Other information is missing, which is a huge disadvantage.

Let's look at the history of the broker's domain - emerging-markets-group.com. 

It turns out that in the era of mass digitization an online broker may work without a website for many years, about 20 years, as the scammers tell themselves.

We see that the project site is not more than a couple of months old - it was registered in May 2021!

Often change the domain scammers who have something to hide - bad reviews with a link to the site, for example, etc.

It is possible that the scammers behind this project simply found a financial institution and launched a site with a similar name to raise their profile and steal as many customers as possible.

The documentary check has shown that the site is presented by swindlers. The company has no documents to operate, much less take the money of the clients, promising a large income!

Emerging Markets Group LTD Reviews online

The Emerging Markets Group Limited company on its website talks about a lot of experience, and appears to be one of the largest brokerage organizations in the world with not only an office in the UK, but a number of subsidiary companies that offer services on the platforms of currency and stock markets.

However, despite this, there are simply no reviews about the company, which is located at emerging-markets-group.com. We were unable to find any in English or in Russian.

It's a typical fraudulent scheme to get a new domain in order to remain a mystery in the eyes of users but without any negative feedback.

Safety and security of funds with Emerging Markets Group LTD

This questionable brokerage project says about the high level of security. 

It says that the platform uses special programs that encrypt all the personal and financial data.

It says that there is no fact of hacking.

This is natural!  No one is interested in hacking a one-day site. But you should not trust them with your money either, because the broker is illegal, and this means that from the point of view of the law it is an invisible company.


Emerging Markets Group LTD is a scammer who has only made a website, but the information there is false. The project has no documents, so it is risky for traders. Do not work with the scammer Emerging Markets Group LTD, so as not to be upset about your financial losses in the future.


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