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The international sphere of online trading is literally flooded with offers of brokerage companies run by scammers, thieves and liars. Only several sites among hundreds of offers may turn out to be really reliable. It is an insignificant percentage of the legitimate brokerage projects, which offer high-quality exchange services intermediaries on their Internet sites, where you can entrust your money. The vast majority of sites, unfortunately, hide scammers who are guided by the only goal - to lure and steal more investors. As soon as the number of defrauded clients becomes obscenely huge, the fake international broker, which generously described its advantages and boasted of its popularity, instantly turns invisible - warns of bankruptcy or disappears without warning, to be reborn in a similar fraudulent project, but under a new name.  As a rule, such fake stock brokers are created for a few months.

It is about such a project we will tell in our review. The subject of this review is a dubious company with a strange name QBIG INVEST, which makes itself comfortable on a simple budget site with the address qbiginvest.com. 

On first acquaintance with QBIG INVEST we see a broker which tells about its intention to become a long-term partner of traders. 

QBIG INVEST scam broker review review

A simple unpretentious site in English and Vietnamese. It seems that the page was created by a non-professional in a hurry, using free template website builders. Here, users are traditionally offered to get involved in the trade and get rich without any effort. However, before you decide to invest in this dubious platform, and trust this project in general, you should read a detailed review that will tell about the reviews, provide facts and check the legitimacy of the company QBIG INVEST.

Nowadays, for a beginner in the field of trading, it's difficult not to get confused by the variety of names and advertisements, promoted by different projects, calling themselves brokers. Everyone, without exception, praises themselves, saying that they are the leaders in the industry, the most reliable, honest and successful, and cooperation with them will make a trader rich. But the result of such cooperation is much more sad than promises and the number of defrauded clients increases every day. 

A trusting user of the QBIG INVEST project site sees only a fraction of the false promises. Read carefully the review of QBIG INVEST to understand why they cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Types of trading accounts offered by QBIG INVEST

On the QBIG INVEST platform there are several types of trading accounts, or rather three with strange names - Fixed, Standart Variable, Zero VIP.

QBIG INVEST scam broker review news

Specifying the important information for the potential trader, the creators of the site allow themselves to make mistakes. For example, naming the type of trading account Standart Variable, already in the next line indicates it as Standard. The presence of hard-to-read texts, mistakes in words, inaccurate numbers and data - all this is clear evidence that the site was created for the purpose of financial fraud. 

So, let's go back to the types of QBIG INVEST trading accounts. Here is another problem: the site specifies the leverage, the description, but for some reason there is no mention of the minimum deposit amount. 

By the way, the Terms and Conditions section indicates that it is possible to open not only a real, but also a demo account. 

There is also a detailed description of the demo account, which does not require investment, but the information about it is not mentioned in the main section on the types of trading accounts. 

Except that demo account is another favorite trap of fraudsters, which inexperienced users almost always fall for. By using a demo account, the trader is always in the black. The reason is that the trading platform is under the absolute control of swindlers, who decide themselves when and what indicators to draw. The presence of positive charts encourages users to open a real account with a real money deposit. 

In Terms and Conditions there is a section called Account Size.

But even here there is no information about the minimum deposits when selecting the types of accounts offered.

It seems that the QBIG INVEST broker hides more details on purpose, in order to force the curious trader to register and share if not the money, then his personal data which the scammers often sell to the similar projects.

All this looks more like a typical fraud and deliberate concealment of important information which is usually provided by reputable brokers in the public domain, rather than unique offers, as QBIG INVEST promises.

QBIG INVEST Trading conditions

The website provides the minimum standard general information, where QBIG INVEST promises instant payments, professional advisor support five days a week, training, low spreads, zero spreads and so on, according to the standard list used by all scams. 

Also, like many others, QBIG INVEST did not forget to mention MT4, attaching the standard description of the platform features. In fact, QBIG INVEST cooperates with websites offering "software for automated trading", which is yet another alarming sign, because such resources are actively used by swindlers who have robbed many credulous traders of their money.

All this is billed as an advantage of this company over other projects. However, every online broker has such promises without exception. Moreover, this dubious broker QBIG INVEST gives no explanations, its website is uninformative and inconvenient to find any information, which, alas, is often simply missing. So you can go through each item - the remarks will be the same.

For example, the leverage offered at 1:400 indicates the high risks for the investor, not only the possibility of earning high profits, as QBIG INVEST tries to tell you. For example, regulated brokerage firms have ten times less leverage as required by respected regulators.


In the section about QBIG INVEST, it is indicated that the project is registered in St.Vincent and Grenadines. 

There is no address. But it is not very important, because the impression of the broker is already negative, since one of the most remote offshore zones is chosen as the registration place. All this significantly reduces the already low reputation of QBIG INVEST. 

By the way, QBIG INVEST was not lazy even to attach the photo of the license.

The company was issued the license on April 28, 2021.

It should be noted that the companies which even have licenses from offshore regulators are not trustworthy. The practice shows that the protection of traders when cooperating with such brokers is at a very low level. In order not to lose money investors had better not choose such dubious companies as QBIG INVEST as an intermediary in exchange operations.

But the problem is that in the Terms and Conditions section, there is a completely different license number.

Such a situation often happens due to negligence of swindlers who rush from one project to another to create a new one. Another clear sign of a financial scam.

Let's check what the domain history of qbiginvest.com will tell us. The WhoIs service will help us check domain names.

We see that the site was created two days after the offshore license was obtained.

In the contacts section, there are only email addresses of the contact center service. The platform has created all the conditions for one-way communication, so that customers do not bother them with their problems. The absence of an office, phones - another reminder that we are in front of scammers.

The information on the website that qbiginvest.com with the project QBIG INVEST is a leader in the financial market is shattered by facts, when a detailed review of the real facts about the project is made. The company is not even a year old yet, it is registered offshore, has a cheap website with bugs - these characteristics hardly match the leaders of the online trading sphere. Typical scammers work the way QBIG INVEST does.

QBIG INVEST Reviews online

But in the matter of reviews all is silent. It's noteworthy that even after several months of its presence on the market QBIG INVEST failed to attract the attention of its customers. There are two variants - if this broker has no clients at all, or they carefully watch that there is not a single review about their activities on the Internet.

Also, there are no links and references on third-party resources, not counting several review articles, which expose the cheater and liar QBIG INVEST, just like in our review. 

Safety and security of funds with QBIG INVEST

Like most similar companies, QBIG INVEST takes no responsibility for the success and integrity of trading on the platform.

Cooperation with offshore brokers such as QBIG INVEST guarantees problems for traders. On its official website QBIG INVEST can eloquently guarantee the safety of their clients' money, but the reality has nothing to do with it. 

All the risks and problems are borne only by the clients. QBIG INVEST reserves the right to ignore everything and is not responsible for anything.


QBIG INVEST is a typical unprofessional greedy scammer who is stingy not only with a good website, but most likely with the withdrawal of his clients money. 

QBIG INVEST is a broker which we definitely recommend to avoid, because it has no decent documents, it will not become a reliable partner, which means it is not a part of the modern regulated financial market.

Moreover, its website contains false information, and the resource itself is so uninformative and cheap, that there is not even the amount of minimum deposits to enter the trading platform, a normal description of the trading conditions and other important information for traders.

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