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Investors are a category of people who have achieved some financial success and intend to multiply their capitals. As a rule, such people are analytical, cautious and pragmatic.  A large percentage of investors turn to the sphere of online trading to make money with the help of different assets. However, not everyone succeeds in this branch of investment. The reason is not the lack of experience or knowledge. It is the traders' lack of vigilance and numerous cheaters, who are hiding on the other side of the monitor or smartphone screen. Presenting themselves as brokers, swindlers have nothing in common with reliable exchange intermediaries.

For example, the RallyMarkets project, as well as many other swindlers, among the many tricks, apply a standard and time-tested scheme for attracting and further working with clients. Victims are found through social networks or by using the database of their fellow scammers. Potential clients are attacked with offers of passive income and showered with promises of almost instant enrichment. If a trader agrees to make an initial deposit, he is redirected to a fake terminal, where he is offered to make several profitable deals and to feel the success and simplicity of the trading process. The first deposit is the hook, and every new phone call or correspondence helps fraudsters to make the most detailed psychological portrait of a client and determine his level of financial literacy in general and trading in particular and his willingness to invest. 

RallyMarkets does its best to attract traders. 

RallyMarkets scam broker review review

These are loud promises of guaranteed earnings, assurances of their own honesty, guarantees of transparency, and tales of solid experience. Due to the false, artificially created impressionable result, the client almost no longer resists the offer of swindlers to invest a little more money for the sake of fairy profits. Moreover, he has already felt how easy, simple, clear and profitable it all is. In fact, there are no real transactions on the RallyMarkets trading platform - traders are not taken to the real trading floors. Scammers personally manage the process: they draw charts, for example. As a result, at a certain stage they start demanding from the client to switch to a bigger game by increasing the amount of cash contributions. The trick with the scammers is that they are unwilling to part with the money that ends up in their accounts. As soon as a trader mentions that he/she wants to withdraw profit, swindlers come up with dozens of reasons to refuse or even block the account of such a client.

Our detailed objective review will tell you about the reliability of RallyMarkets. When preparing the review, we rely on the key data from the company's official website, legitimacy checks and real customer reviews.

Types of trading accounts offered by RallyMarkets

As stated on the official website of the project, RallyMarkets offers its customers to choose from three tariff packages - Discover, Premium and VIP.

RallyMarkets scam broker review news

Apparently, using such names for trading account types RallyMarkets hope to impress traders, in particular newbies. 

As a matter of fact, there is nothing unusual in the offered tariff packages. Even on the contrary, the information is alarming. 

The Discover account type implies a minimum deposit of $500. For comparison, the legitimate respectable brokerage companies all over the world set the lower limit of deposits at the level of $100-150. And here it is clear evidence of intermediaries for the hidden financial chain, but not about the possibility to earn more on the overstated rates.

Moreover, the types of trading accounts are offered in wide increments. For example, the Premium plan requires a minimum deposit of $2,000, while those wishing to become owners of a VIP plan will have to pay from $20,000.

The section on trading account types is sparsely informative with questionable benefits. There is no information about swaps and spreads. In the first two tariffs the leverage level is 1:400, in VIP and at all - 1:500. 

This is an alarming signal and high risks for the trader. Among experienced traders, such a high level of leverage is referred to as "deposit killer". At these rates, the client's account goes to zero in just a few hours. The laws of trading require that a broker should not expose the leverage higher than 1:50 - this is noted by every regulator. 

Too high a leverage is a direct further confirmation that such an exchange intermediary does not bring trades to the real market. 

RallyMarkets promises each client a personal manager. However, at these exchanges this is more of a financial threat than an advantage - such managers are interested in making the client invest as much as possible. They do not act in the interests of traders, but in the interests of their bosses - the scammers who run the project.

Account replenishment and withdrawal, which happens very rarely, is possible via debit cards, bank transfers, the Japanese payment system JCB and the Ozow payment service. 

RallyMarkets promises no commissions. It is strange, because legitimate brokers earn on commissions. As a rule, under such conditions, in the process of cooperation clients face hidden payments, which will be demanded by the platform.

As a result, when working with dishonest brokers, whose website makes everything attractive and profitable, traders lose much more, and most money charges become a surprise to them.

RallyMarkets Trading conditions

If you believe the information on the main page of the official site, the project RallyMarkets has a track record of 15 years and is represented in 55 countries. The broker talks about the wide range of assets available for trading.

This exchange intermediary, or rather fraudsters who hide under such a mask, provides the opportunity to trade a standard set of assets - currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies, using the Web Trader terminal, which has versions for PC, Android and iOS.

RallyMarkets actively advertises the benefits of cooperation with them. It tries to be convincing in its reliability, high profits and stability of payments.

RallyMarkets scammers practice a cunning bonus policy, which is aimed at freezing the movement of funds. Bonus accruals do not belong to the client - the company declares them its property. As stated in the terms and conditions, to withdraw profits from the registration accounts to which the bonus is added, if the profit is more than $ 300 (the equivalent of this amount). As soon as the client meets this requirement, the broker comes up with another obstacle and refuses to withdraw funds.

 In fact, the abundance of attractive statistics, increased efforts to appear crystal-clear and excessive advertising are more alarming than attracting experienced users who intend to invest in the field of online trading.

Platforms such as RallyMarkets are designed for inexperienced beginners and their money.

RallyMarkets Licenses

The legend stated in the footer of the official RallyMarkets website states that they are a property, a project of Ribova Holding Investments (PTY) LTD, which is registered in South Africa.

A check on the website of the relevant regulator confirmed that such a holding company had been issued a license.

The detailed information shows the address of the holding company, but it does not match the information on the RallyMarkets website.

The registration form states that the holding company has no representatives.

Moreover, there are no copies of documents on the website that indicate the legal ownership of RallyMarkets by Ribova Holding Investments or any legal relationship between them.

This means that RallyMarkets is a dubious virtual project, which exists only on the Internet and carries out financial operations without any licenses. This is a typical fraud.

In the "Contacts" there is an e-mail, phone number, a feedback form and the address of the crooks' office in South Africa, but all these data are fake. 

A check showed that the specified coordinates were a driveway between private houses in a small community in the province of Gauteng.

RallyMarkets claims 15 years of experience. However, a check with a specialized service showed that this is yet another lie.

The domain name of the site was registered on April 15, 2021. And without a site online platform can not carry out activities. Unless the scammers exist under different addresses, constantly hiding and reborn.

The authors of the project are brazen cheaters. The site's attendance is practically zero, and the traffic counter does not even manage to generate statistics.

RallyMarkets Reviews online

In preparation for the review, we found that neither Google nor Yandex know anything about the hero of our review. We managed to find one review.

It was negative. A former client shared his negative experience of meeting with scammers and warned traders against cooperation with the project RallyMarkets.As we can see, all the facts and evidence of fraud, also confirm the reviews of clients of this platform.

Safety and security of funds with RallyMarkets

The site even has a special section devoted to the safety of funds.

Despite the active belief in safety and security, the experienced user will not see the prospects with RallyMarkets.


RallyMarkets is a typical online financial scam company presenting itself as a reliable exchange intermediary. Such a company does not deserve even the slightest attention, because it cheats on everything, has no license, hides important information, offers questionable trading conditions and, moreover, has nothing to do with Forex.

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