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The way of investing is risky enough, so it requires if not yet practical, then theoretical knowledge and increased attention to detail. The result of participation in trading largely depends on the choice of a trading platform. For example, how to understand: is the brokerage company ApolloFinances - real, serious or fake, behind which scammers are hiding? 

In this case, it is better not to check cash experience and definitely not to trust ads, but to study an honest, unbiased professional detailed review, based on an in-depth inspection of the activity, site and the legitimacy of the project as a whole.

Read our disclosure review of the ApolloFinances project carefully, so you won't get caught in the nets cleverly set up by scammers, money hunters for naive traders.

Types of trading accounts offered by ApolloFinances 

To join the trading, a trader is offered to choose any of three tariff plans named after highly demanded and precious metals - "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold".

Review of the scam brokerage project ApolloFinances review

The minimum deposit amount is specified in the amount of $250. 

A beginner would not suspect such a rate, but an experienced Forex market player would notice the threat hidden "between the lines".

As a rule, fraudulent projects prefer to set such an amount. Let's explain why.

As practice shows, such an amount is evidence that the broker works with intermediaries, "sharing" the profit with them, while the client pays for everything. 

Visually, nothing changes, the trader stays on the chosen platform, but very few people pay attention to the fact that the details, which the company sent to make an initial deposit and subsequent replenishments, specify a different name. Often the client has no idea how many chains the deposited money goes through.

That means that all the financial transactions are carried out through third, front people so that in case of any problems or lawsuits it would not be legally possible to prove that the money was transferred to ApolloFinances broker. 

When choosing the Bronze type of accounts, the client does not receive the support of a personal manager. In general, the range of its possibilities and privileges is very limited.

As for the Gold account, which requires the investor to deposit at least $10,000, the conditions here are not generous either.

In general, information on the account types is quite scarce.

Most often, scammers who run such projects prefer not to go into details. It is sufficient to specify the amount of the minimum deposit and focus on the benefits, because usually the investor does not see more of his money - the practice of capital withdrawal is so small that it can be said that this does not happen at all. 

ApolloFinances Trading conditions

The site is intended for an audience which speaks English or Polish. 

Project participants are offered to trade CFD (i.e. using derivative financial instrument for underlying assets, which allows earning profit from increase/decrease in price of underlying commodity/security, stock) and Forex. 

The broker is ready to act as the intermediary when trading the standard set of assets: stocks, futures, precious metals, energy sources and currency pairs.

Review of the scam brokerage project ApolloFinances news

Unfortunately, often the promotional information on the site is not realized beyond numerous promises. And yes, ApolloFinances is exactly the second option. There is no actual trading here. Fraudsters just masterfully create an artificial picture, a show, in order to arouse traders' trust and swindle their money.

ApolloFinances mentions a high liquidity. It's worth dwelling on this point for a while. 

Different types of MetaTrader 4 platform are offered for work. Such platforms are very popular in the field of online trading, but, as a rule, they are very popular with the companies, behind which the scammers stand. The developers of this terminal provided the Depth of Market, that's right, but the data it displays is directly dependent on the liquidity providers. There is no information about it on the broker's official website.

ApolloFinances Licenses

An important point when choosing a broker who you actually plan to entrust your money to is, of course, the question of its legitimacy. It is very important to understand whether the company that offers financial services works in the legal field, whether it has a license and what kind of regulator controls its activities. 

On the official website, in the relevant section "Documents", there is information about anything but screenshots or at least links to the main document of the company.

If you turn to the section "Contacts", you can see that you can contact the company only

  • via the feedback form on the website;
  • send an email to the address of the support service;
  • call (surprising that the country code of the phone number refers to Great Britain), although the address listed in this section is somewhere in the ocean, in the Marshall Islands, i.e. virtually inaccessible.

What did the information in this section give us? On the whole, nothing. As a rule, in such companies, if you have any problems, you can write letters to them endlessly. Swindlers get in touch only at the beginning of cooperation, when the potential client is ready to deposit money.

Moreover, it is impossible to check the broker on the website of the regulator, which includes the Marshall Islands. The site is blocked.

We continue to "dig" as it is important for us to know about the registration. 

For the most attentive users, there is a mention in the footer of the homepage that the ApolloFinances brokerage project site belongs to MGX Consalt Group LTD.

The majority of experienced brokers strongly recommend not to contact fake brokers which have the certificate from the fictitious regulator PIPSEC. The black regulator absolutely does not protect the traders' rights, but it actively hands out licenses for exchange activities to such crooks as it is.  Therefore, the further you stay away from them, the safer your capitals will be.  

In the "About Us" section the broker extols itself as a world-known company with the experienced professionals.

It is strange to read such information, because in Google search I have found several mentions of the company with such name, and one of them is the link to the main site, and a couple of others look like obvious advertising, where ApolloFinances, are presented as an expert. 

And how long has the site existed, if there is almost no information about the broker on the web? Let's check the domain name of the ApolloFinances project site through a special service for checking domain names and IP addresses registration WhoIs.

As expected, the domain of the site was registered only a few months ago, in February 2021. Most of the data is not entered. 

The broker presents itself as a company worthy of attention, talks about its own superiority in the background, which is difficult to compare with the modest site design, lack of legal documents and registration.

Moreover, the information on their website about fame is knowingly false. 

ApolloFinances Reviews online

We were able to find reviews on the official page of the broker itself. Of course the texts are laudatory and they strongly recommend potential clients to cooperate with this broker. In custom (or personally written) reviews lure investors with promises of profits even with small investments.

Since the project has just appeared (according to the registration of the website domain name), this may be the reason for the absence of any mention of the project on the traders' forums or in the public domain.

It can also be assumed that the parent company, which is mentioned in the footer ApolloFinances itself, owns several similar fake projects, which are created as fly-by-night projects with the task to lure money from gullible investors.

As soon as the goal is achieved, the project is immediately renamed and the scam resumes, but already with an untarnished reputation.

This is what scammers usually do in networks, promising the mountain of gold, but do not fulfill a single word given.

A typical approach of "scammers".

Safety and security of funds with ApolloFinances. 

The company does not assume any obligations to traders.

In fact, the swindlers notify the client that he acts entirely at his own risk.

And from whom to look for support if the broker works without a license, carries out financial operations through front men.

Legally it does not exist. It's a ghost that appears when he wants to take the clients' money and disappears when the client wants to withdraw his capital. And when problems arise, the scammers simply dissolve, to be reborn in a new guise and start all over again.



ApolloFinances - is a young company whose site has only been in existence for a few months. In fact, there shouldn't be any complaints about young projects. But when it comes to money, one wants to approach the issue of financial security as seriously as possible, and ApolloFinances is not able to give any guarantees. The conclusion is that we are facing a typical project of swindlers and scammers. This fake broker is engaged in deluding the naive users ready to invest and earn on the stock exchange. The scammers provide knowingly untruthful information, operate without a license, provide no guarantee of safety and reliability.

Apparently, this is the approach - hastily create a cheap website, run a couple of laudatory articles, and "process" inconsiderate traders.

If you want to have your money safe, do not believe the tales about fast earnings even with minimal capital and no risk - there will always be risk when working on Forex. However, it is in the trader's hands to make the right decision and minimize unpleasant consequences and financial losses.


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