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TimeX io seems to be a suspicious company, the activities of which raise serious doubts about the reliability, honesty. The name of the project is TimeX, but with a similar name in the network, there is also an organization that specializes in clockwork and, it must be said, is very popular in searches. Therefore, in our review we will name our main character by the site address - TimeX io, so that there is no misunderstanding and confusion.

When choosing a reliable intermediary for upcoming trades, traders are especially interested in whether the cryptocurrency market dealing company TimeX io returns investments and profits to its clients? How accurate is TimeX io's adherence to the terms of its client agreement? Is TimeX io a legal organization, and if so, where was registration done, etc.?

So, getting answers to these and similar questions, we had to admit that TimeX io is more suited to the role of a rogue crypto exchange than an intermediary with which to trade profitably and make good money on startup investments. Since our review is based on the analysis of information from the official website of TimeX io, checking the legitimacy of activities and, of course, on the reviews that real customers leave on third-party resources, then, jumping ahead, we tell that our fears and suspicions regarding this company are well founded, since the facts of their criminal activity and filing false information are enough for that.

Having fully read our objective and fact-corroborated review, current or potential investors will understand what exactly the scam of one of the representatives of the cryptocurrency market platforms TimeX io is expressed in. 

Types of trading accounts offered by TimeX 

The official site of the project TimeX io has no information about the trading accounts, as it is customary for the majority of similar representatives of the online trading sphere.  

Review of the scam brokerage project TimeX review

The company suggests potential customers to register first and only then to get access to more detailed information. 

It's a strange approach for a respected financial company (as it presents itself), which deals with cryptocurrencies. Every trader wants to know what they have to deal with before they share their personal and contact information with the online resource.

It is known that clients can make deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat. This information may please investment novices and traders who are just getting acquainted with the exchange platform. However, as soon as the euphoria of the offer of seemingly comfortable conditions passes, the client learns that acceptance of fiat deposits is only possible by bank transfer. 

As TimeX io itself points out, their management is doing its best to expand opportunities for users as soon as possible by integrating other methods of depositing/filling deposit accounts. 

For comparison, many competitors of the TimeX io project have long been actively offering their customers payments through credit and debit cards, etc. And the hero of our review is still only limited to boilerplate slogans.

Review of the scam brokerage project TimeX news

Taking into account the proposed algorithm of work, it should be noted that TimeX io is far from the leaders of the sphere of online trading with the use of cryptocurrencies. This is a typical entry-level exchange. For new investors, however, there is an opportunity to start directly on the platform, and there is no need to buy a wallet elsewhere. There is no need for that.

TimeX Trading conditions

As for trading conditions, the information is quite scarce on this subject.

Once again, the TimeX io company limits itself to slogans, bright promises, without "shedding light" on the specific conditions that the trader will have to deal with immediately after entering the platform as an authorized client.

It is known that the platform supports trading of reference digital coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Dai, etc.

In addition to the main basket of digital currencies, traders are encouraged to include several types of exotic altcoins in currency pair trading or to use them in exchange transactions.

Talking about its advantages, the TimeX io platform focuses on the speed of transactions, promises security and comfort. 

The following brands are listed among the partners:

It is possible that the reference to a reputable partnership is designed to distract newcomers from the lack of key information that could be more important and useful on the trading platform.

However, upon closer inspection, it's not all that simple and unambiguous. The stylish design and famous names on the main page of the resource can not outweigh the lack of information and false data, on which we will elaborate below.

About Liquidity

TimeX io promises a high level of market liquidity. True, does not report specific figures. It talks about reducing commissions for liquidity providers, but, again, does not specify by how much.

About fiat currencies

TimeX io is positioning itself as an ideal alternative to banks and encourages traders to zero out their traditional bank deposit accounts and bring capital to their platform - where it will be gladly accepted. This, of course, would look tempting if the user understood the level of profit. But otherwise - just unsubstantiated advertising and nothing more.

TimeX io indicates, as its own advantage, the ability to work through any device - smartphone, desktop PC, tablet or netbook. However, this information is presented at such a low level - for the amateur, to be honest ("Trade from the airport toilet"), which does not significantly reduce the already low level of audience loyalty.

About bonuses and incentives

Acting like a typical pyramid scheme, TimeX io encourages its customers to bring their friends to the platform.

Bonus interest is offered for motivation. And, naturally, the more people you invite and the more active they are, the more you earn as a trader, whose "invitation card" works.

As many have already realized, the site is offered in two languages - English and Russian.

However, advertising itself, the company claims to attract customers from 62 countries, and in general, has achieved high rates by many criteria.

All this is strange to see, especially with so little information. Most likely, except for bragging con artists have nothing to offer, because every statement on the official website TimeX io is not supported by numbers and facts.

Knowing this, an experienced investor is unlikely to trust such a platform with their money.

TimeX Licenses

Based on the data of the official website we see that before us TimeX io appears as a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Australia, the launch of which began in mid-summer 2019.

Strange choice of location for registration, for a company that plans to work with Russian- and English-speaking users. What is this - a desire to hide over the ocean to avoid inspections and physical appeals from dissatisfied customers?

Sounds like a typical scammer scheme.

Let's check the Australian regulator's website to see if TimeX io is licensed to engage in financial activities or not.

TimeX io has not received a license from the Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The implication is that it has no right to offer financial services while pretending to be a legal organization.

As it turns out - the official legal entity that does business with clients on behalf of TimeX io crooks is Chrono Timex PTY. LTD. Mentioning that the company is licensed also confirms ASIC.

The connection between the companies is of course indirect and TimeX io is a standard team of swindlers who specialize in scamming users for their own money. It seems that beautiful pictures allegedly their team posted on the site, but the facts are inexorable - the company operates illegally, and, accordingly, there is no guarantee that all promises will ever become real for all users.

Contact with representatives of TimeX io is possible only through messengers. As for a company that operates in 62 countries, there are not enough channels of communication with customers.

And what can tell about the domain of the site timex io, in fact about the resource itself we have already made up our mind - a typical approach of swindlers: a minimum of useful information on the site with shades of fashionable design. Let's turn to WhoIs.

We see that the site has been operating since 2017, not 2019, as the information we provided online above. However, there is no data about the owner of the domain. This is usually what crooks who prefer to be unrecognized do.

After checking the documentary evidence, we are convinced that TimeX io is just another fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange that cheats users in a big way.

If a trader is counting on profitable trading - he will not find it here, instead he can only get theft of his capital and frustrated nerves.

TimeX Reviews online

It is strange that a company, which has been on the market for several years, has not many reviews online, and most of them are not favorable and are available only in Russian.

Monitoring of thematic forums in search of at least one review (positive or negative) in English did not give any results.

From the reviews that I was able to find, one thing is clear - you should not deal with - it is a scam.

Users complain that the company does not withdraw money, so it is not worth the trust.

Swindlers who hide behind the name TimeX io are financial scammers, divorce people for money.

Even an investment in the site's TimeX io 5000 dollars can be a loss-making deposit, because the scammer at any time will stop responding to the customer when it is not profitable.

Customers' money losses range from $500 to $75,000 - This is how a trusted intermediary works!

Safety and security of funds with TimeX

If you carefully read the client agreement, you can see that the scammers absolutely absolve themselves of any responsibility for direct and indirect losses of their clients. 

They are not responsible for anything.

The scammers repeatedly remind their traders of that.

All the problems, according to the company, are caused by the negligence of the client.

This means that there can be no security of funds and trading in general.


TimeX io is a scammer who deceives his clients, steals their money and does not withdraw the invested capital and earns interest in the cryptocurrency market. TimeX io.comes forward only when it benefits him. In general, it conducts illegal activities and cheats not only in relation to traders, but also violates the law.

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