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Earnings on the Internet through exchange operations in the 21st century has become a trend. This can be explained by the uncomplicated process, the lack of special knowledge and skills requirements, as well as by the possibility of obtaining a good income and chances to increase the amount of one's capital. The main problem is finding a reliable intermediary, i.e. a trading broker. The popularity and rapid development of the industry have become an area of increased attention of swindlers, con artists and representatives of other dishonest brethren.

The reviews of the real traders and detailed objective reviews of the brokerage brands, projects and companies can significantly reduce the percentage of defrauded investors and warn inexperienced traders, who are just starting their way in the field of exchange trading.

The hero of today's honest and therefore very useful review is an online brokerage project called Tetra Invest, which has every reason to suspect fraud against its customers, traders from all over the world, who understand English, because the site is monolingual. 

At first sight one may notice at once that the official site looks rather simple, it is possible to say in a template way.

Types of trading accounts offered by Tetra Invest

The site looks incomplete. It seems that some sections are not yet included. For example, if the trader wants to get information about the types of accounts, the pages of the official site of the broker Tetra Invest are not verbose: the data are presented in brief, theses.

Review of the scam online brokerage project Tetra Invest review

So, what we managed to find out: the offer of this obscure broker consists of four types of accounts.

The minimum entry amount for the trader to the trading platform is $250. For this he gets access to 100 instruments and pays commission fees. The second plan has a minimum fee of $2,000. Not only is there a larger starting fee, but the broker also promises to give access to 200 open traded instruments and bonuses. For those investors who want to choose the Premium account type, they will have to pay the broker a minimum fee of $5,000. For this, the trading floor will give access to 300 instruments, bonus offers, and no brokerage fees. It is possible that this is a publicity stunt by con artists who want to placate customers with their generosity, just to blunt their vigilance.

If the investor trusts the online broker so much and is ready to open a deposit account from $25,000 and above, then he has the right to opt for the "Gold" plan.  In this case, the broker promises special privileges. For example, no commissions, more than 400 tools for trading, plus bonus incentives, as well as training materials.

Review of the scam online brokerage project Tetra Invest news

As a rule all this is not so important for the investor as confidence in the reliability of the broker. And with it there are still many questions.

But about the hidden nuances the broker, of course, will not tell you anything. These details are best learned after reading our review to the end, as well as after studying third-party sites, where there are not custom praise articles, but real customer reviews.

By the way, the information on conditions of deposit of the trading account, and also about a conclusion of means Tetra Invest does not inform in this section or in any other. Instead, the firm preferred to just get off with advertising and meaningless phrases like: the withdrawal procedure is fast and does not cause any problems. This is a lie confirmed by users on the network. 

If you try to find a list of payment systems, you will fail too - there is no data. As we can see, even when preparing its main calling card - the official website, the broker shows incompetence even in minor details. One wants to trust such brokers in the field of trading less and less with his money.

Tetra Invest Trading conditions

After getting acquainted with the way presents the information on its official website, there is an impression that we are dealing with another broker whose only task is to take the money of its clients. 

The website design, but not the content, is the only thing we can give the brokerage project a positive mark for. Unfortunately, a successful facade will not protect and will not multiply the money invested on the Tetra Invest trading platform. 

Among the assets that the platform offers to trade indices, commodities in the world-famous stocks, stocks, and currency pairs Forex, etc.

Tetra Invest does not offer its clients to enter into transactions with CFDs (a derivative financial instrument that involves working exclusively with the prices of the underlying assets, rather than directly with the assets. Also it does not work with cryptocurrencies and is not represented in a number of countries, including the USA, France, Ukraine etc.

The broker insists that the maximum return from trading operations is possible only after the trader becomes an authorized member of the platform. Till that moment the broker will not disclose the details of conditions and details of trading operations.

At the same time, the broker points out the complexities of working with CFD options and offers to use the demo version. 

Such practice is characteristic for the doubtful brokers. In practice it looks like this: register, deposit money to the account and we will disclose the details. If our conditions don't suit you, it's your problem - nobody will return your money.

Registration on the platform involves filling out a template form - exactly the same as that of hundreds of fraudulent brokerage projects. This only confirms fears that is a shady broker.

Upon inspection, it was possible to discover two functional web-traders - a plus, which was immediately followed by a bold minus - the traders provide completely opposite sets of data.

The first option is considered popular among unlicensed brokers and gives a spread on the most popular currency pair EUR/USD of 3 points. As for the web-trader MT4, the spread that it has given us according to the same input was not more than 0.8 pips. 

That's all well and good, but we're not supposed to fix the difference between the two trading platforms. As a result, the trader simply will not know which spread value is correct. 

Now about the leverage. On the broker's platform it is limited to 1:100. Surprisingly, there are differences in specific individual assets between the two web platforms. 

The broker considers its achievements/advantages to be 

350+ assets, no deposit fees; spreads from 0,03; comfortable conditions for making profit; full 24/5 support.

By the way, as soon as the investor plans to withdraw his money from the Tetra Invest platform, problems begin to fall on him like from the horn of plenty. Only some people are lucky to see their money and that, more often several months later. The majority never reaches the desired result, i.e. the broker simply does not return their money.

Moreover, the broker Tetra Invest in every possible way tries to prolong the procedure of the conclusion of means for half a year, and it means that the client loses the right to apply for the return of means, i.e. the money forever remains in pockets of swindlers Tetra Invest.

The broker promises clients prosperity.

In reality, the investor will be cheated. If the client put his signature on the Managed Account Agreement or MAA, the broker gets the right to manage his client's account at his own discretion, and the client becomes a powerless account holder and simply loses his money.

To prevent this from happening, by no means trust Tetra Invest and do not link your trading operations with it. In reality the trader who has had the impudence to trust the broker Tetra Invest should not believe the advertisement, and as soon as possible make the request for a withdrawal of means because at such too secretive brokers the clients' money is in danger. And we haven't checked the license yet.

Tetra Invest Licenses

The information on founders or heads of the project says that the brokerage project is owned and operated by Seabreeze Partners Ltd, 

It was barely possible to find out that the broker operates from an offshore zone. The official registration address is 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica.

This is a favorite habitat among scammers, especially in the field of trading. Also, the site has no data or links to official documents that allow the broker to operate.

In the footer of the site there is a user agreement and data about the possible risks. The information is worth reading, of course, but it is irrelevant if the broker is not regulated.

Contacts are only a form for feedback. That's where the contact list ends. 

The website states that the company has been on the market for three years. 

But for some reason this information is not on the main page, but in the Trading section.

Let's check the information about the domain.

It turns out that the registration took place in February 2021. 

Other information is hidden by the rightsholder.

Tetra Invest Reviews online.

Reviews about the project are mostly negative. 

Traders complain about the refusal to withdraw money, deception and incompetence in the work of the project as a whole. 

Defrauded investors unanimously recommend not to contact with the broker Tetra Invest

Safety and security of funds with Tetra Invest

The broker refers to the Commonwealth of Dominica. However, it is important for every trader to know that there is no FX regulator at all. I.e. if is registered on the mentioned territory (which is doubtful), but company has no license. Respectively the security of assets the scammers can warrant only in words.


Tetra Invest is a real scammer who hides behind an international brokerage project. Never contact this company if you want to save your money and nerves.

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