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License: no Regulator: no

Online project InvestFlow presents itself as a broker and offers investors to take advantage of innovative tools in the world of trading. 

Review or exposure of a scam broker InvestFlow review

The official InvestFlow website states that the brand has brought together a team of professionals and is generally an experienced and promising intermediary for traders. If you were already excited to finally find a reliable broker, we hasten to disappoint the readers of our review - the information on the InvestFlow website is just an advertisement, in fact the company is not at all what it claims to be.

It is far from being a reliable and innovative brokerage company. Perhaps, if we are talking about fraud and masterful deception of clients - then yes, but if you are counting on honest and profitable trading operations - you'd better pass by InvestFlow. After reading our review, we hope that the legend invented by swindlers will not work even for absolute beginners in the field of trading and they will not be able to deceive anyone and steal money again. 

Traders who have the slightest idea of how a real broker's site should look like, would agree that the official InvestFlow page is made in a hurry and is a cheap boilerplate. It seems that the scammers have activated a mass dump of similar online projects, as everyone can make sure by the huge number of analogues that have appeared in the past 24 months on the Internet.  

Types of trading accounts offered by InvestFlow 

This pseudo broker is trying hard to prove itself as a reliable and trustworthy company in online trading. But behind this mask there is a "black" motive to lure as much money as possible from those traders who have believed in their advertisement and entrusted their capital. 

Unlike similar projects, InvestFlow's plans are not named for precious metals. Here, the trading accounts are called Basic Accounts, Trader Accounts, Business Accounts and Corporate Accounts.

In order to become a member of the InvestFlow trading platform, scammers offer to use one of the trading accounts.

Review or exposure of a scam broker InvestFlow news

The minimum deposit amount that would allow you to make your account is $250. Of course, for this area of the market a couple of hundred dollars is not a significant amount, especially if the trader expects to increase his capital. Nevertheless, such a figure often indicates that there are more participants between the broker with whom the trading agreement is signed and the client, i.e. intermediaries through whom the fake broker will carry out transactions. The trick is that the trader is definitely not informed about that. Practice shows that this information "pops up" when the defrauded investor starts to deal with the broker that is cheating and stealing his money. There is no way to prove anything documentary: thanks to the hidden intermediaries it turns out that the client has not transferred any money to that broker, and, therefore, there can be no claims to him.

The minimum amount of the initial deposit for the most expensive trading account called "Corporate Account" is $100,000.

InvestFlow Trading conditions

InvestFlow emphasizes that they serve traders as professional analysts who have years of experience in trading. They assure that they can easily cooperate with experienced traders, as well as with beginners who are just making their first steps and are still poorly versed in the market.

As we can see, on its website the broker gives almost no valuable information directly about the principles of working on the platform. In the sections of its website it mainly focuses on enticing advertising slogans and laudatory descriptions.

The company promises that they have the support of high standards in software. It also says that traders are provided with comfort and high quality trading.

As for trading operations, the broker promises its clients unlimited opportunities and access to global markets.

This is a lie. Such projects, i.e. those that offer CFD trading do not take traders outside their platform at all.

InvestFlow Licenses

The project is hosted on According to the service that checks domain names and IP addresses, where we check information about the history and owners of the Internet resource InvestFlow, it is clear that the project is very young.

It was launched less than a year ago. Naturally, the broker himself does not mention this. On the contrary, he lies, talking about his years of experience in trading, etc. In such a way he does not want to reduce the number of potential clients who may not want to cooperate with a broker who has been on the market recently.

Now let's move on to the main part of our review - the in-depth verification of legal information.

InvestFlow's website has a semblance of it rather than full-fledged data. According to the broker's own story, the project is owned by a certain Dominican company. If you examine the information carefully, you can even find a listed registration number. However, in reality, this company has absolutely nothing to do with the pseudo-broker project InvestFlow, so there's no point in even mentioning its name in our review. Moreover, the name of the company referred to InvestFlow appears on the sites of other similar fraudulent projects.

Now for the residential address.

The scammers set their sights on a highly developed European country and for more credibility registered their project (at least on their site) in the Netherlands. 

Who knows, maybe it's true. Since we have doubts, let's check whether the relevant regulator has registered such a company, i.e. whether InvestFlow has a license to conduct brokerage activities in the location specified on the site. Financial companies that offer services in the Netherlands are subject to the AFM regulator.

As one would expect, such a company was not registered. 

InvestFlow also refers to offshore regulations in its Terms and Conditions section.

It should be noted that this location is particularly popular among fraudsters. Even if the company is registered there, the FSA regulator will not intercede for a defrauded trader.

In general, the documentation check shows that we deal with another pseudo brokerage shell without a license or any other official documents.

InvestFlow Reviews online

In spite of its young age, the company InvestFlow has already managed to "feed" a large number of negative reviews on the Net. But everything is in order.

As for the contact information, the scammers offer them to write emails to any of the five specified addresses. The broker implies that the email addresses listed on the website are supposedly intended to classify customers from different countries. In reality, as real, but former InvestFlow clients write in their reviews, the same person will answer everywhere, who simply uses the most available online translator. Moreover, the answers come very rarely. That is, if the client asks questions "to the point", i.e. ready to invest money, he can count on an answer. If, however, the letter contains a complaint, the response will be completely ignored.

Moreover, the company was caught changing its name. After that, traders cannot withdraw their money. However, let's face it, all the facts indicate that no one planned to pay out the money anyway.

You can keep pointing out reviews of defrauded clients, but their subject matter is unchanged. In fact, there is already enough information to form an opinion about the InvestFlow project and call the company a scammer. Based on the results of our review, we insist that it is strongly not recommended to invest even a minimal investment here. As practice shows, InvestFlow is simply pouring money from their trusting clients with enviable consistency. And the "cat and mouse" game does not last long here - the trader loses the money almost immediately after entering and funding his trading account. 

Fraudsters skillfully deceive their platform users by cleverly swindling them out of as much money as possible. It only ends when the client realizes that he is dealing with a swindler.

What can I say, check potential brokers and look for reviews of real traders in order to minimize the risk of being cheated as much as possible.

Safety and security of funds with InvestFlow

Since the company operates without licenses, traders should not count on legal protection or support for their capital. 

Moreover, if you carefully read the information on InvestFlow's website, it is clear that the broker himself warns about the lack of any liability on his part.

The information is given with mistakes even in English. It seems that the text was simply translated by a robot, i.e. the automatic Internet translator.

And by the way, the support of consultants is also denied to traders who chose the InvestFlow platform.

Are you sure you still want to work with such a broker and risk entrusting it with your financial well-being?


InvestFlow is nothing more than another scammer hiding behind the mask of an experienced and popular broker which works according to the latest trends and innovative trading technologies. A banal scam for money and nothing more. In order not to become his victim, do not believe the advertisements on the website. Read objective honest reviews. Listen to the reviews of real traders. Verbal promises only put your guard down, while facts quickly bring you back to reality. Take a closer look at who you plan to entrust your money to - InvestFlow has no legal grounds to be in the market. The company has no history and no real faces. It's a scammer in an invisible hat. 

We insist that no cooperation with InvestFlow is out of the question, or the list of defrauded investors will only be updated with more complaints.

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