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It is not an easy task to detect a scammer among numerous offers of brokers in the sphere of online trading. Most of the projects have attractive websites with impressive slogans and words, super profitable offers and generous promises.

Sabatel Capital scam broker review review

There are hundreds of scam brokers who hide behind successful trading operations and worldwide fame. A striking example is the hero of this review - a certain company Sabatel Capital, with a strange website address In fact behind this cover, as well as behind many other similar fraudulent projects, there are no brokers. Only voice on the phone, and not always, at best chat or email, as well as the website is what a trader has to deal with when deciding to cooperate with an online broker. However, beginners, for example, do not even realize that the resource demonstrates not real trading platforms and transactions. In other words, such a dubious broker as Sabatel Capital does not issue a single transaction anywhere. In front of clients' eyes is just a fake trade, where swindlers put up indicators that are profitable for them. In order to make the trader deposit more money they stimulate him by showing the growth of profit. When the client forms the request for withdrawal of the funds from the broker, he is shown a sharp decline, nulling the accounts, writing it all off on his own mistake or a technical failure which is not the broker's fault. Some brokers even pay the client a believable loss of his capital on the exchange, but many just block his account and disappear. By the way, many even reappear after some time to cheat on new amounts, promising to restore the lost "deposit", but on condition of another replenishment of the deposit for the same amount. If the client believes, the situation repeats again. Then the project with the same name disappears altogether, gets another name and moves to a new address. It just starts from scratch, as a brand new company without negative reviews and tainted reputation.

Unfortunately, many investors learn only from their own experience that they have dealt with swindlers, but not with reliable intermediaries. For those who want to spread the ground and save their money, it helps to read reviews and actual detailed reviews, like the one about Sabatel Capital, a suspicious brokerage company.

Types of trading accounts offered by Sabatel Capital

At first glance Sabatel Capital's site resembles the very first computer games - primitive font and visuals. And later it turns out to be even less informative. Users are lured by lucrative promises, but do not provide really important basic information for traders.

On the home page we see that Sabatel Capital invites you to join its platform and open an account. 

Sabatel Capital scam broker review news

But on this phrase the information about trading accounts ends. For example, Sabatel Capital broker doesn't even mention what types of trading accounts or account types are available on the Sabatel Capital brokerage platform. It's impossible to understand what the minimum deposit size should be when you want to enter the platform - nothing is known. In other words, scammers offer to register first and then tell you about the conditions. But in this case, even if the conditions do not suit the client, the scammers have personal data of potential investors, made in the registration form. Using this information scammers, who smell profit, practice psychological attacks on users, regularly call and write, persuading to make at least some amount. 

This is the first signal to think about whether it is worth cooperating with such a platform, because even the approach to the creation of the official site shows low competence of its creators and lack of respect for their own clients.

One gets the impression that we are dealing with crooks.

Sabatel Capital Trading conditions

On their website, which is available in English and Polish, Sabatel Capital offers to join the field of trading, where everything is even simpler and clearer than on other platforms, which traders have dealt with before.

Scam broker tells about the profits and rewards, as well as different technical and financial advantages, which are guaranteed to everyone who becomes a client of Sabatel Capital. 

Users say that here he puts on the world's largest markets, 4000 of them. 

Sabatel Capital promises the best spreads and zero commissions in the world. However, you should know that trading is an area of serious risks. The result of trading even at reliable brokers with a positive reputation depends on many factors and the respectable companies will not give any guarantees. Moreover, as we know brokers earn on commissions. And here Sabatel Capital promises not to charge any commission. It turns out that there are hidden fees on the platform. There is no way to find out about it, because Sabatel Capital doesn't give any figures or explanations. 

But, if you want to know in detail, this shady brokerage firm charges fees from its customers for unclosed positions, which are left for the next day. But it is said not on the main page, but in the Terms and Conditions section.

Also, clients are promised brilliant training at the highest level. Moreover, it says that a "very own trading mentor" plans to pass on the knowledge.

What this means is not clear. However, it is impossible to check the level of training immediately. There's no information about what materials can be available for Sabatel Capital clients and how many hours are reserved for those who want to learn.

As for the level of leverage, Sabatel Capital shows maximum values of 1:500. 

Not only that it means huge risks for clients, but the values are written in reverse. For comparison, at really popular respected brokers the leverage is not more than 1:40. 

The trading platform Sabatel Capital advertises is unknown. It is advertised only by Sabatel Capital scammers and nothing else is known about it.

The rest of the information is also general and unspecific.

To summarize the information received, or rather empty words which are not confirmed by any figures or documented facts, one wants more and more to believe that we are dealing with scammers. Sabatel Capital presents data about trading conditions questionably, without helping its clients to understand what they have to deal with.

Hiding behind the name of a brokerage company, Sabatel Capital's scammers are pulling completely different combinations. 

The scammers point out that they have specially developed offers for their clients to automate the process of trading and actively advise them to install programs. 

Only Sabatel Capital doesn't tell you that this is how they will exercise control over their victims' computers. This applies to programs such as Teamviewer and others. 

Such programs allow scammers to steal passwords from their clients' accounts, and reveal confidential information about traders' credit cards. In other words, to carry out financial fraud under the guise of brokerage activities.

Trusting Sabatel Capital scammers is dangerous for your wallet, and the software can become a threat to your personal data and bring real financial problems to the clients of these scammers. 

Sabatel Capital Licenses

There is no mention of the legitimacy of the company's activities on There is only a small line in the footer of the home page stating that Sabatel Capital is legal. 

The scammers claim that the legal entity of the Sabatel Capital brokerage project is Sabatel Capital with its place of incorporation in the UK.

That said, the only option to contact them is the feedback form on the website.

This is the typical practice of scammers, who do not intend to respond, but are just interested in collecting a database of potential investors.

The scammers prefer to remain silent about the guidelines on the site.

The client agreement is practically empty and can hardly be called that. It specifies only the terms and conditions of commission and rates. Its form does not even meet the requirements for such documents - even details of the company are missing.

Checking the registration of the company on the website of the FCA regulator, which operates in the UK, showed that no one gave the fraudsters a license.

A check on the governmental British portal showed that the project with the name Sabatel Capital is not on the registry of companies in England.

A check of the domain name of the website of the Sabatel Capital project also yielded little result.

The only known date of registration is July 25, 2021. In other words, the site, and consequently the project is only a couple of months old. Information about the management is hidden here as well. This is a conscious decision of swindlers, as the service is paid, but it did not stop them. It is more profitable for the owners of to stay in the shadows and hide, while they are ripping off customers of their site.

Only an inexperienced trader, who might be impressed by the promises on the website, can agree to cooperate with such a dubious online brokerage firm.

Sabatel Capital Reviews online

Reviews online related to the so-called dubious platform almost no. Perhaps this is due to the young age of the platform, or the fact that the poor site attracts very few customers.

In spite of the fact that the resource Sabatel Capital is offered in two languages - Polish and English, a few reviews that I was able to find, written by Russian-speaking users.

People write about being scammed by Sabatel Capital. Some were even lucky enough to withdraw money with the help of special companies that help traders.

All the reviews indicate that Sabatel Capital broker refuses to withdraw funds to its clients.

People are disappointed with this company and recommend not to contact these scammers.

Safety and security of funds with Sabatel Capital

We don't even have to talk about the safety of funds when getting acquainted with Sabatel Capital. The company has no license, no details and other important information. There's only a contact form on the site. 


Sabatel Capital is a typical scam brokerage project. The swindlers offer users a low-informative, low-quality site with a standard design and obscure terms and conditions. But a scam broker Sabatel Capital doesn't forget about the constant reminders about registration with which every page and section is filled.

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