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License: no Regulator: no

his company has a chance to be considered reliable, legal. After all, this is how it declares itself on its official website, as well as on other third-party resources. Or it is just advertising, deception, custom articles, comments and reviews that have nothing to do with reality, and the capitals of traders who cooperate with this brokerage project are under threat. The thorough check of the facts, registration and real client reviews is the reliable basis for the objective review, which we suggest you read in order to avoid cheating at the trading platforms in the future.

Types of trading accounts offered by DeltaMarket 

Carefully examine the information on the main official information site, and then check it, because the company can tell anything on the site, embellishing and deceiving, to look better in the eyes of potential customers who are willing to carry money.

The site is bilingual, created for English-speaking and Russian-speaking users.

Let us see on what terms you can become a member of the DeltaMarket platform. 

The website of the brokerage project offers 4 types of trading accounts (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). 

Scam broker DeltaMarket review review

These are the traditional names of tariff plans, as well as hundreds, thousands of other legal and fraudulent companies in the field of trading.

As for the spreads, they start at 2.8 pips on the base trading account. This is a high figure and extremely unprofitable. 

In fact, only for the two most expensive types of accounts there is a minimum value of spread that can be called as profitable. But both types of accounts are blocked because of the very high minimum deposit requirements. 

The minimum deposit is specified in the Bronze plan and is $250. The platform offers to pay the deposit by credit card or cryptocurrency/Bitcoins.

What do the minimum deposit amounts for opening trading accounts tell us? An experienced trader might note that the Bronze trading account is absolutely useless in terms of profit plans at all, as it implies a minimum spread size.

For comparison, a Gold trading account (spreads are at least 1.5 pips) requires a deposit of $10,000 or more. Every experienced broker will tell you that the requirements and conditions are absurd. This is the way the swindlers usually do.

Moreover, the size of the minimum deposit at the site at $250 often indicates the presence of third parties/companies in the relationship between the trader and the broker. We are talking about intermediaries, through whom the broker makes money transfers in order to confuse the route of money flow. As for the trader, he remains unaware of such manipulations, but until he decides to prove his case in case of problems. Here is where the surprise awaits him - he will not be able to document the transfer of money to the broker with whom he has a user agreement - he is initially "tampered" with a fake account number. Alas, this is a common practice of swindlers in trading. To avoid being cheated every trader, especially beginners, should know about this trick. As for the DeltaMarket project, the data presented on their website are very worrying, so we continue .

DeltaMarket Trading conditions

The company advertises itself as a world center of digital trading.

Scam broker DeltaMarket review news

Among the proposed methods of payment on the platform, you can use a debit / credit card, work by money transfer. 

DeltaMarket offers are different depending on time of day, ie the period when the trader wishes to start trading. For example, daytime investors may only use the simple web platform and trade CFDs. This stage does not involve MT5, but the broker offers access to the standard versions of the MT4 mobile applications. 

As for the underlying assets at DeltaMarket, their liver is traditional for many similar companies: to trade CFDs, the trader can choose any of the many popular currency pairs Forex, energy (oil), precious metals (gold), stocks and bitcoin / cryptocurrency pairs.

If we are talking about leverage on DeltaMarket platform, here is the ratio of 1:300 (currency pairs); slightly below is the leverage for Crypto currencies.

Leverage is limited to 1:300 for all account types.

A big mistake most investment novices make is to look for brokers that offer high leverage. It is a mistake to rely on a broker's generous promises of large profits and to believe that such a high leverage will make it easier for them to earn. These are false hopes and the reality is more brutal.

The broker blatantly lies and fails to mention that trading with high margin is extremely risky. 

The result is a rapid loss of invested capital by traders. As for the broker, he always stays on the plus side. The more clients he deceives, the higher his profits.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, it is possible to withdraw at least $50 from a credit card (this will take an average of 5-8 days). As for the other withdrawal options, there's not a word about them.

It is strange that the DeltaMarket brokerage site has such a long withdrawal period: for comparison, a traditional bank transfer takes no more than three working days.

The scammers do not say whether there is a commission fee. Apparently not, but this is certainly not accurate and the trader may still be very surprised.

The lack of important information on the DeltaMarket website greatly undermines the credibility of the site and significantly reduces its level of reliability.

The broker reserves the right to collect taxes from its customers and prescribes this information in the rules. However, it does not explain what these commissions are related to and for what purpose. 

In fact - this is the usual fraudulent operations of fake brokers, which apparently is DeltaMarket.

The registration process on the site is almost instantaneous. However, as most customers note, problems arise almost immediately. It is not always possible to gain access to the entire user platform: it was required to verify the account with the broker, but this did not happen. This is probably a certain "face control" and for some users the broker does not want to grant the rights of the client with the full, extended status. This is probably how companies that value their reputation check customer backgrounds, screening out those that appear to be insolvent and won't go to make a deposit.

It's unlikely DeltaMarket is driven by such motives, and the company conducts such background checks.

DeltaMarket Licenses

Broker DeltaMarket is not an independent company, but a project. In the footer of the site DeltaMarket states that they are a subsidiary of BI-Global World group, which is managed by several firms with registration: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960.  By the way, the contact phone number is listed with the UK international code: +441507243012. 

As a check of the domain name of showed, the establishment date of DeltaMarket (at least the company's website, i.e. its main trading platform) is less than a year ago, in August 2020. 

The update is dated February 2021, as evidenced not only by the site checks domains WhoIs, but also noted in the footer of the web resource.

The broker deceives, saying that he is a well known global company which works in Europe and Asia and cooperates with the best banks in the world.

Broker DeltaMarket refers to the license, under which it allegedly operates. Registration is listed in the Marshall Islands, that is, in an offshore zone. The license number is also noted here, but it all refers to the parent company, not the brokerage project DeltaMarket itself. This means that DeltaMarket is a typical scam, an unregulated Forex broker, who hides behind someone else's license.

However, investors who are just learning the field of trading will be useful to know an interesting fact: the Marshall Islands have no regulator of the Forex market.

This means that even with a registration, the company has no right to offer FX services to their customers. DeltaMarket is a swindler.

Inspection shows that DeltaMarket operates without the control of the regulator, so it is extremely risky for deposits. 

DeltaMarket Reviews online

Internet filled with bespoke reviews, which praise the project 

DeltaMarket. However, we were able to find reviews on thematic forums really real customers who share unflattering reviews with others.

Traders talk about the lack of customer support, stealing money and the company's refusal to withdraw money from clients.

The sad experience of ex-clients of DeltaMarket can help many traders to avoid meeting with these scammers.

Safety and security of funds with DeltaMarket

The site of the strange scam project can not find information about fund safety and security.

The best option - do not invest in the areas of this company.


DeltaMarket is not a reliable broker, but a fraudulent project. The site owner chose to use the paid service and hide his personal data. The project is very young, but it seems that the company has been working for a long time, but under different masks, i.e. the same people and the project names change frequently in order to attract more and more gullible users and take their money. By the way, the site is made cheaply and is not optimized for search queries - the scammers are not interested in its development.

Beware of DeltaMarket, save your money!


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