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It is very difficult to find a reliable broker for online trading, because modern financial marketplaces are full of pseudo companies, which pretend to be brokerage projects that you can trust. Today let's talk about one of the representatives of such a category of scammers. That is a company Xglobalfin, which raised itself on a pedestal on its own, with absolutely no objective reason. This so-called brokerage project is working exclusively in their interests.

A lot of promises and each of them is better and brighter than the previous one, however, they have nothing to do with reality - almost all of them are not implemented. 

Scam broker Xglobalfin true review review

Offering its clients to interact with commodities, indices, forex trading, the broker refuses to withdraw money, taking the traders' capital for himself. The scammers are so cleverly deceptive that an inexperienced user who is just taking his first steps in the field of trading almost never manages to recognize scams at the start-up stage, for which they end up paying dearly for their erroneous choice of an intermediary in trading operations.

Our objective review, which is based on in-depth verification of facts, documents and real customer reviews, will point out the false points that are hidden behind the bright advertising and allow many newcomers not to fall for the tricks of swindlers and avoid many problems if they have to meet similar swindlers in the future. 

By studying the information on the official site of the project Xglobalfin, we can show that this company does not work so transparently and is not as reliable as it wants to present itself. 

Types of trading accounts offered by Xglobalfin

The site is offered in several languages: the user can choose the best version in English, Italian, Spanish, German or Greek. However, in the footer there is information that site services do not apply to America and Japan, as well as residents of these countries and their residents.

Scam broker Xglobalfin true review news

What is spelled out as clearly, so it is the main requirement for users - that the potential client is of legal age. 

As for the size of the minimum deposit as a start-up capital, there is no clearly defined amount. Under the terms of the tariff plans offered, the size of the entrance capital is set in the range of $500-5000, $5000-7000, $25,000, $100,000, depending on the selected package.

There are four trading accounts on the website. In order to become a member of the trading platform Xglobalfin, the potential trader must register and then verify the data submitted, and then choose an account. It may be a trading account with a minimum range of acceptable deposit. After that, any of the selected accounts will be opened. 

Clients can deal with such types of trading accounts as Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP CLUB.

For the last two there is a certain rate. In general, the creators of the project did not think through the trading conditions - they are identical for almost all trading accounts, regardless of the size of the initial deposit of $500 or $100,000. Namely:

  • availability of all trading instruments;
  • daily analytics;
  • support of technical experts;
  • a variety of exclusive updates, etc.

However, those who choose the most expensive package can still count on a personal assistant. A little privilege, as for the investor with the size of the starting capital of 100 0000 dollars.

As a rule, such ill-conceived and unbalanced offers from projects, behind which there are crooks.

Therefore, when receiving a minimum of information and privileges, you should not hurry to deposit money on the platform of the selected broker - everything may not be as rosy as you would expect.

What concerns the so-called brokerage project Xglobalfin, then here the promises are more like a template - profitable trading deals, security of personal data and user assets, the reliability of the trading platform, impeccable service.

Such slogans of the hero of our review remain on the pages of its official website, with no intention to materialize, or rather to cooperate with clients. An experienced trader would have no illusions, but beginners regularly find themselves in the risk group, so scammers miss no opportunity to trick this category of clients for money.

Xglobalfin Trading conditions

Trading platform at declares that it is ready to enter into cooperation with traders of different categories - customers with experience in trading and absolute beginners. 

By the way, it doesn't say anything about the possibility of opening a demo account on the site in the section with information about other types of trading accounts. The data had to be fished out by studying other pages.

According to Xglobalfin's claims, forex trading is available on its site. 

The broker talks about the cooperation with clients in the long term, and also informs about the implementation of modern approaches to investing on the platforms of financial markets. 

Traders are lured by access to traditional liquid assets, including futures, currencies, indices, stocks, commodities and forex.

Here, the scammers, of course, cheat - to guarantee a stable income in the field of online trading on the stock market - this is a deliberate deception of customers, but newcomers believe such information and, as a result, remain broke.

The site does not have any additional programs, bonus offers or financial rewards.  

If you are going to look for additional programs or bonus incentives, they are not here. 

Summarizing the information about the trading conditions of the pseudo broker, we consider it our duty to warn investors who are just gaining experience from large investments in the Xglobalfin trading platform in particular and from cooperation with this project in general. 

Such conditions and low-informative sites are a common practice of scammers. Despite the presence of a more or less working trading site, which, in fact, has no global significance and does not improve the reputation of the project, because the current technology allows anyone who understands, easily manage it. So do crooks and the hero of our review is no exception - at the real auction their clients do not get: all of their trade is concluded within the site Xglobalfin.

Moreover, swindlers at any time can adjust the indicators at their discretion, thereby first luring as many users as possible, and then taking their money, under the guise of implementing ambitious financial plans, but not today, but sometime in the future, without specifying a clear period.

Scammers keep a sharp eye on user behavior - if a client is promising and generous, the platform won't let him go, enticing him with promises for the sake of new investments.

Xglobalfin Licenses

Based on the details we were able to find out on the pages of the official website of the lying brokerage project Xglobalfin, the company not only provides untruthful information, but also works illegally.

There is no mention of any documents of the company on the right to conduct financial activities on the pages of the official website.

Neither screenshots nor copies of the project Xglobalfin did not provide for familiarization. We are talking about a certificate of registration, a license to provide services which is issued by the official regulators according to the place of registration and activities of the company.

As the address where the company is located, is the United States, Colorado.

However, the information that the project office is located at Sweetwood Drive Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302 is not supported by the facts. Moreover, if you enter the data into a Google search, there is no building with this exact address. All we see is a private sector, an area of dilapidated and not so dilapidated cottages, most of which are for sale by local realtors. It turns out that here, too, the broker is deceiving his clients. 

In theory, if the project is located in the United States, it should be licensed by the U.S. financial regulator.

However, this project does not have such a document. The question also arises why the project categorically does not provide its services to citizens and on the territory of the country where its main office is located? There is no answer to this puzzle.

On the other hand, if Xglobalfin conducts brokerage activities in European countries, then it must have a license issued by the regulator, which supervises financial activities in the territory of the European Union. Let us refer, for example, to the Spanish regulator CNMV.

The answer is the same - there is no license.

However, in one of the sections on its website, the broker emphasizes that it acts in accordance with the norms of the Marshall Islands regulator. 

In other words, we are dealing with an offshore broker that refers to a regulator with a dubious reputation, which is not distinguished by the protection of traders' rights, and it is not possible to check the availability of this or that license on its website.

According to WhoIs domain name verification service, was registered in March 2021.

However, its site talks about the tremendous experience and global recognition.

As you can see - it's a typical illegal project, a scam site, run by scammers who prey on the wallets of gullible investors.

Xglobalfin Reviews online

When getting acquainted with Xglobalfin, you should remember that these are scammers who leave a negative reputation for themselves on the network. 

Despite the fact that the site was registered a couple of months ago and is presented only in a few languages, there are already negative reviews online that confirm the conclusions of our review.

While promising customers fair trading, first-class technical support and professional assistance, it gives nothing to customers, as they report in their reviews on the thematic forums.

Safety and security of funds with Xglobalfin

On the one hand, the company promises complete safety of data and capital of its traders.

On the other hand, the company warns that it removes all responsibility for the problems that may interfere with trade.

Also the platform warns that may at its discretion fix the data of correspondence with clients and delete them at its discretion.

Xglobalfin continues to stubbornly insist that it is a regulated company, handing out warranties and promises of "golden mountains".

We proved that all this information is a lie and definitely nobody should cooperate with this project.

Xglobalfin Summary 

Xglobalfin - is a scammer, like the many others, which is enough on the Internet. Attributing to itself almost the world supremacy in the field of trading, talking about great experience and a professional team, the project as we see it now, in fact, has been on the market for several months, does not have a license, but actively lie to customers, stealing their money.

Do not contact scam artists if you want to save your money.


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