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How does an investor choose a broker that will be a reliable partner in online trading? Of course, experienced traders have their own techniques for recognizing scammers. However, any conclusion should be based on up-to-date information, which can be obtained through reviews from real traders and honest, unbiased reviews. There are many companies online offering online brokers and one is better than the other. Some have been on the market for many years and have earned a certain reputation. The others may not have a single online mention of themselves. 

To assess the different types of companies that provide services in the field of trading, you can't do without a detailed in-depth analysis, the results of which will allow you to tear the masks from the fraudsters. 

This review is dedicated to just such a case. Meet TRENDSMACRO.

Types of trading accounts offered by TRENDSMACRO

The official site of TradersHome has a separate section devoted to "Accounts".  

Scam or trustworthy partner: TRENDSMACRO online broker review review

Here, the trader can find out everything about accounts and everything that is connected with them. I.e., at this page, you can find general information on the following profiles: account types, Real Accounts, account verification features, deposits and withdrawals.

A trader can activate any of the four packages, choosing the best conditions for himself.

Scam or trustworthy partner: TRENDSMACRO online broker review news

According to the broker's offers, the price of "admission ticket" for transferring to trading operations, i.e. the trader's minimum starting capital is $250. However, when choosing this package, the trader will not be able to rely on the support of experts. For this purpose, the deposit must be a minimum $2,000.

As practice shows, setting such tariff the broker obviously cooperates with intermediaries whose specialization is processing of non-trading transactions, i.e. depositing trader's account and withdrawal through such persons or companies. 

If such information means nothing to a beginner, an experienced trader will read between the lines that clients of such a broker will not be able to make a legal refund (in accordance with the MPS guarantees.) Simply put, a user simply will not be able to document his money transfer to the company, because no transactions actually take place with him.

In this case, the maximum amount of the starting deposit broker-fraudster offers from 50 000 USD, which can simply disappear from the account at any time, and in this case, no one can prove anything.

TRENDSMACRO Trading conditions

The broker presents itself as an effective guide in the sphere of successful online trading, which brings its clients to a new level of trading.

This is evidenced by the basic information, which is presented in the "About Company" on the official website of the company.

Only after reading this information, it is possible to declare that this broker is a fraud. As practice shows, such general phrases, vague data are used by swindlers who cannot operate with concrete facts, counting on the fact that the newcomers will "bite" into the advertisement, which is a fake in the end.  

What does TRENDSMACRO offer? 

As traders know, CFDs and Forex currency pairs are derivative financial instruments. Every trade operation on the stock market is carried out with securities (i.e. by the method of actual buying/selling).

Now about the broker's income. The basis of the company's profit is commission fees. TRENDSMACRO declares the absence of commission for trading transactions.

What does it mean? It suggests a clear conflict of interest. In other words, this fact simply demonstrates the absence of any security guarantees for the traders' funds when they work with TRENDSMACRO.

When describing the conditions, the broker focuses on the advantages of cooperation, but specifies what exactly the client can expect.

The same applies to the mention of the minimum spreads. Naturally, the scammer does not specify what they are. 

What the site talks about in more detail is the networking principle: "bring a friend, get a reward for it.

This means that the broker does not intend to build long-term cooperation and promote the growth of mutual profit with the client. The main thing is to lure more investors and receive start-up deposits from them. The scammer does not even mind to share for the sake of a larger profit.

The fact is that there is no mention of the order processing technology in the user agreement. Also there is no data about the liquidity providers. The scammer counts on the fact that most brokers will not be interested in such details. This may mean the following: it is not excluded that the trades are made on the pseudo-broker's internal servers.

After studying the trading conditions it seems that the broker TRENDSMACRO is interested, above all, in cooperation with inexperienced, beginning traders who are not yet aware of the importance of information on most of the positions. 


Telling about new levels of trading and mentioning the modern tools of conducting profitable trading operations, the swindler TRENDSMACRO does not refer and, of course, does not provide any screenshots of any document confirming the legality of his activities.

In the "Contact Us" on its official website, the broker, as well as in the footer indicates the presence of the main office in the Marshall Islands. It is not a fact that in reality at the specified (incomplete) address is aware of such a company.

Google search indicates such an address as offshore, which can be referred to by anyone - there is no way to check the accuracy of the information. This is the common practice of scammers, which, as the check shows, includes TRENDSMACRO.

Since everything is clear with the actual address, let's see what the website of an independent service WhoIs, which allows you to check the registration data on the owners of domain names, IP-addresses and autonomous systems, and tell about the fact of registration of the domain of the company.

Not everything is clear with the dates of domain registration.

We see that the domain was registered in the fall of 2020 and was renewed in February 2021. These figures do not match the data on the official website of the company itself, which states that it has been operating since 1999.

The company assures that it covers the largest markets in Europe, where the main currency is euro, but offers to trade only in dollars. There is no mention of the presence of broker's offices in Europe or the United States.

Now let's try to find out the legitimacy of the TRENDSMACRO activity in general and about the regulator, which should have registered the existence of such company in particular.

Such countries as the Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Seychelles are subject to the regulator The Private Investor Protection for Securities and Exchange Registration System. 

While previously regulators did not register companies that operate offshore, since the spring of 2017 the PIPSEC organization, like other regulators of financial markets on the world stage, protects traders and investors from working with fraudulent brokers. That is, if a TRENDSMACRO broker is honest to its clients, it should at least have a license and a PIPSEC certificate, which confirm the right to conduct business. Although most traders believe that PIPSEC is a black regulator, which will not protect the trader, even in the case of issuing a broker some document. This puedo regulator enjoys a low level of trust among traders.

We should note that PIPSEC is nothing more than an anonymous website, which has no legitimacy whatsoever. The site doesn't even open, which makes us believe even more that TRENDSMACRO is a fraud.

What's more, there is no documentary proof of the factual existence of TRENDSMACRO as a legal entity at all.

All the facts can be called a clear proof that TRENDSMACRO - fraud, which knowingly deceives gullible users and novice traders.

TRENDSMACRO Reviews online

The site is presented in English only.

It is surprising that the company, which talks about the experience since 1999 and the domain, which indicates a registration date of 2020, is mentioned neither in the Google or Yahoo search engines, which are actively used by the English-speaking population of the planet.

It is important to understand that when choosing a broker for long-term cooperation one should never be guided by traders' reviews! An inexperienced user is virtually unable to distinguish real comments from well-thought-out advertising of dubious services of scammers. 

Moreover, you should run away from a broker that offers to invest up to $50,000 in a platform, but at the same time has not a single mention in the network and, in fact, is invisible in the age of global digitalization.

The only important thing for an objective assessment of a company's reliability are facts, and the only reference to TRENDSMACRO is the official site, which, you will agree, is a dubious source of data and makes us cautious.

Safety and security of funds with TRENDSMACRO

On the website, the broker promises traders the safety of trading, reliable cooperation and guarantees the safety of capital. However, if you carefully read the Terms and Conditions section, which unfortunately only a few traders do, you can see that the broker TRENDSMACRO doesn't assume any obligations, it doesn't have any documents (which we have already found out). Moreover, the scammer even warns that at any time he may block the trader's account without explaining the reason. 

The broker writes that he is obliged to keep the trader's personal data. These are general phrases, which are not supported by any data on the basis of which the client may become confident in the veracity of TRENDSMACRO.

In fact, the scheme of the swindler is typical for 90% of similar swindlers in the field of trading. The most positive variant in this case - the trader begins to incur losses. Trusting the capital to such a broker, the trader will not even understand how his money disappeared and why his account is blocked.



TRENDSMACRO is a typical online trading fraud company. The proofs received after in-depth inspection are more than enough for us to consider TRENDSMACRO to be a financial swindler. In general, each section of the site offers vague, non-specific descriptions, general phrases. If the site simply has little information, then outside of the official site there is no data about TRENDSMACRO at all.

To summarize, we can clearly state that TRENDSMACRO is a scammer who deceives users. 


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